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40 mn of edging in the morning.

A bit of edging in the afternoon.

Workout in the evening:

Thorough 15 mn warm up (I have been warming up before but did not write it down).

(5 mn bends , 2 30sec-1mn compressive squeezes, 7 mn of dry jelqs ) x 3 .The session lasted 45-50 mn, I did more jelqs at the end and each set is not particularly accurate in terms of quantity.

Switching between upward and downward jelqs see to hit the tissue a bit differently.

There’s a grip which works surprisingly well for lowish EL upward jelqs: Make Mr spock v sign with your right hand (palm facing your face), rotate the hand a bit more than 90 degrees counter clockwise, apply at the base, fold fingers .

30 mn of edging.


30-40 mn of edging, it was more difficult than before, so I decided to release.

Possible reasons why I could finally get nice erections for the past week or so:

- Sprints.
-Exciting events (vs boring life) . This seems important.
-Reverse kegels.
- Diet? Not sure, if anything I’ve been eating less quality meals.

I looked at a few sexy gifs and even the occasional porn images every few days. As long as the desire is there my imagination does not let me down, this is very positive and very different from the days when I consumed porn like the greedy bastard I am.

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Sunday :

It does look like my good old physiological and physical self is creeping up on my erections again :) .
I forgot to add sunbath to the list in the previous post. However , it had happened before without similar results.
So far I’m going with boredom / lack of social interactions or new acquaintances (little to no porn + little excitement from life makes sense in terms of ED, no fuel ) as culprit and sprints + reverse kegels as positive additions.

I edged a bit , achieved a good erection , size looked a tad bit smaller than before.


I edged in the morning, no progress in terms of size, girth looked a bit smaller than before, the fullness of the past week is gone.

Work out:

4.5 hours of ads + heat, then 20 mn of stretching (mix of straight out, straight up, over the wrist and over a cream pot) followed by 3x5mn of pumping at 4hg, each set I did a spike at 9 hg for 10-20 seconds, I edged a bit afterwards , little to no fluid build up and no girth expansion .

This is what I consider would be close to the ideal protocol to sort out my tissues in the first half of the shaft. It will be a pain in the arse to stick with it though. I hate passive PE, it haunts me for hours without doing anything. If I success in doing this daily , it will be stretcher + heat at night and stretches + pumping upon waking up.

So far the golf glove does seem to help with the grip.

I’ll do a girth session in the evening even though there is no progress.

I forgot to say flaccid stretched length just reached the belly button after the ads + heat and ten minutes of stretching, it did not lengthen past that, I’m not sure it did lengthen after more than a bit of stretching.

Monday 2:

Girth session:
Bends - squeezes - dry jelqs x 2.
2 sadsak head exercises to end the session.
It took about 40mn.
I do a thorough warm up and no warm down.

Edged in the morning , it wasn’t great . I released.
Later I’ll do one , hopefully two stretching sessions.


Thorough warm up (20 mn).
Dry jelqs 15 mn.
Ans with heat . It was a pain in the arse but I mostly need to find something which will hold the warmers against the shaft better (change of position etc…).

Stretches for 15 mn.
Pumping 3x5mn with a spike at 9 hg each set.

I have to take care of the tissue in the first half of the shaft. Unfortunately pumping and ans + heat are my best bet in this regard. I may have to drop the stretches ( and bends?) as they feel a bit painful in the area I think may be plagued by scar-like tissue.

A routine I am considering is girth work in the evening , followed by ans + heat and pumping 3 sets right after waking up.

Originally Posted by Walter5169

I have to take care of the tissue in the first half of the shaft. Unfortunately pumping and ans + heat are my best bet in this regard. I may have to drop the stretches ( and bends?) as they feel a bit painful in the area I think may be plagued by scar-like tissue.

Do you think self-massaging that area would help?

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I don’t know, I’ve checked peyronie’s forum many times and this does not seem to make a great difference but then the guys often have worst scar tissue than I. However I do it when I warm up for 15-20 mn and I think this is very positive for tissues.

Thursday 2:

20-25 mn of dry jelqs, squeezes and a couple of sadsak head exercise to finish the session.
Immediately followed by ANS with heat .


Woke up , took the ans off and did 3x5mn pumping sets with a spike at 9 hg each time.

ANS with heat was way less annoying than last time, but there still a lot of room for improvement. A lot.

Struggled to achieve an awful and small erection for a while and released.

Friday 2 :


Dry jelqs and a few squeezes for 20 mn.

ANS with heat, it only lasted 3.5 hours though, when you wake up during the night to take a piss the ans is too much work to put back on.


Hotties were out in the evening.


Woke up with a good semi, enjoyed erotic thoughts for a moment then decided to edge for 45 mn and released. Penis was full and thick, but yet not really hard.
Today will be off too.

Tried to edge an other time on sunday as I felt quite in the mood to do so: small, couldn’t get hard etc…

I did not even try to edge in the morning.
I’ll see if I do anything later on.

I very briefly watched bits of porn and sexy pics, I was not really into it but then it may have helped open my eyes to someone who passed by later on..

I edged for 45 mn with a purty good erection.

All night heat, it did not work so well in the second part of the night so that when I woke up…


the penis was not really warm anymore , I still did 40 mn of dry jelqs along with a few squeezes and bends. It went well.
As for the all night heat, either I find perfect elastic bands or I’ll have to do it for 4 hours during the day.

I edged for 30 minutes and released, erection quality was ok, so is libido at the moment. My imagination has gotten better .

I have to try edging in a standing position more, seated on the toilets with loud farts resonating deep above water level at regular intervals the training is a bit limited , imho.

Also as soon as I stand erection is very difficult to maintain.


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