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Harusen , this is interesting.

Originally Posted by memento
‘are turned on by normal women’

Define normal.

I meant women which you see in the physical world as opposed to behind a screen in a video which may use lenses to deform the curves of their fake e cup size boobies and plastic arses further more.

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I did an other girth work out yesterday, no bends this time.

Any positive or negative PIs?

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I have stopped looking at those often. Things were okayish yesterday and in the morning, better than on my days off.

Girth session with bends.

Huge flaccid the past two days or so, desire seems to awaken at a snail pace after 5-6 days without cumming.

So on the sixth day without cumming and after having watched a few sexy gifs I later edged and it was both hard and full. I often edge while seated on the toilets (I’m sure people are glad to know this) , and it seems to help with how the shaft fills up. It makes sense as the pelvic floor is kind of stretched in this position, my overall posture is better too.

Since things look good I may do a girth work out later in the day.

Plenty of erections in the night/early morning. They were thicker too, I got out of bed and things looked very good.

I had massaged the testicles before sleep (not sure if it’s important but who knows).

It’s been seven days since I last cummed . I wonder if the daily thorough warm ups help with penis health.

I did not do girth work yesterday, so today I will.

Heavy session yesterday. Dry jelqs, squeezes, bends and sadsak head exercise to finish, more than 45 mn of pure passionate PE .

So after sunday’s session I took yesterday off, this morning will and ideas were there but I couldn’t get past hardish state anyway. If I have the time I’ll do a session later today. I’m going to take time off the forums, it does me no good .

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Dry jelqs + squeezes for 20 mn or so, then 10 mn of bends and 4 sadsak head exercises to end the session.


Edging. Nice and full in the middle (measured girth, it was exactly the same as before, length looked shorter), bendable and thinner in the first part of the shaft. I released, first time in 10 days.




Edged in the morning, felt fuller / thicker in most of the shaft bar the base.
I should tackle this problem to enhance hardness and fullness of the penis. Hours of heat (with an ads if possible) and then some stretching or pumping should help with this. I don’t see yet how to fit this in my schedule and I don’t want to pump.

Session: It went quite magical as mood and EQ were better, warm up was also quality: very hot (= too hot for the hands) washcloth + massage works better to heat up the penis than anything less.
Dry jelqs, squeezes for about 25-30 mn and 10mn of bends to end the session.


For the first time I tried all night heat with the phallosan. It was a bit of a pain to be honest, I wore the phallosan with the belt, I may try it again but SU or SD. Upon waking up I pumped 4 times 5 mn at 4 hg, I can see how the combination of both would help with base girth.

Anyway, the real PE work out will be done tomorrow.


Excellent work out, intense dry jelqs, a few squeezes and some bends for 40 mn or so. I’m ditching the squeezes and will focus on quality dry jelqs mixed with bends .
I need to sort out the unhealthy base. All night heat with an ads and possibly some pumping upon waking up may be my main weapons to attack the issue. I hate pumping though so I’ll see.


Woke up with a huge semi (way girthier than erect size). However erect it seemed to be the same. Going with the balloon analogy I need to add fulcrum stretches. A golf glove is on the way.


Edging and a girth work out. 45 mn of dry jelqs, a few squeezes and 10 mn of bends.
If jelqs performed after squeezes feel better, jelqs after bends could be even better. I’ll see that next session.


Edged for 45 mn and released. I had not done so for the last 8 days.


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