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Yes , I end up with tight muscles everywhere around the pelvis, not good for erections or .. anything really.

I remember your thread on working the pelvic floor thanks to your bib hanger.

I’ll have to look at the taoist view on it then, thanks for opening the door .

I measured girth this morning, it did not feel big ( it has been bigger a few times). It was still the same old max girth (and probably shorter). Now that I have been doing PE for a while I may just focus on stretches or edging and jelqing.

There’s the “peter dick” method, i.e. confusing the penis so it does not adapt.

It could look like this :

One week jelqs + heavy squeezes, one week jelqs + bends etc..

It does make sense since when I resumed PE in december/january I had positive hints at growth, then they vanished.

An other possibility is the need to do stretches and work on length (way more) as I work on girth (balloon analogy).

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I’ve been doing the stretching part of memento’s rapid mechanisms (How long for ? the past 10 days / fortnight? :confused: ).
The numerous warm ups and warm downs turn the routine into a tedious chore, which is a great opportunity to improve my resilience :) .

I wonder if moving a thinner fulcrum along the shaft during the session is more efficient than using a very thick one (all shaft length), as more stress would be applied on a smaller portion of the shaft.

I mostly use the e45 cream pot, which is quite small . I do a few different stretches, but 92 % of my session is downward fulcrum stretches.

At the moment the girth session is unclear, but I may settle for 1 day on / 1 day off, with 3x5 mn of pumping at the end (to improve the base ).

I noticed that if I do 15-20 mn of double handed jelqs right before pumping , my usual shaft length (so, measuring until the rim of the glans) in the cylinder is up by a cm ( 18 cm using the marks of the cylinder) very quick.

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I completed the first two weeks of my routine.

Yesterday was the last PE day of the week and also the first time I did not feel much doing the fulcrum stretch. I usually feel what Bib calls “pulling adhesions”, but not this time.

Great dry jelqing and squeezing session today, I’ll do some fulcrum stretches later.

Otherwise I’m still sticking to my routine.

Same today !

After 3 weeks of mem’s length routine, more often than not two sessions of stretches a day, and plenty of heat, I made 0 gain in BPFSL (and of course, same for BPEL and NBPEL).

I had hardly ever done any kind of stretches before.

Not my routine, if it’s two sets of stretches a day. The space in a routine is as important as the work.

That said, nothing in 3 weeks, not even an indication of growth is not good.

Stretches should be simple but they aren’t. I’m sure you have them down but the tension and the way you initiate the stretch are important components.

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I do two sets of stretches , more than 4 hours apart, and I do girth work one day on one day off in the evening or the morning, depending on EQ.

I’m a bit baffled to have made 0 progress since as I already said, I did not do stretches before.

I do have a better flaccid hang (happens with dry jelqs and squeezes).

I ease into the stretch the best I can, and I warm up thoroughly with a wash cloth.

I do think jelqs are very good for length, double handed jelqs in particular, however they do seem to lower my EQ too quick.

Don’t forget the power of a girth routine for tissue weakening and stretching in a crosswise direction. A good girth routine aids the stretching routine and vice versa. Too much stretching and not enough girth routine potentially lowers your chances of gaining. There’s a sweet spot and it probably varies a little for each person but when you find that spot you grow and have every indication of growing before you grow.

I am teaching you to suck eggs because you’ve read this already and now it.

Past performance is not an indication of future performance. The size of the penis may go down as well as up. As penises change size from second to second, the average fluctuates sometimes widely. The value of your penis may rise or fall due to the volatility of your mind.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

I thought a one on one off girth schedule would be fine as I’m still in search of good EQ (although doing better at the moment). Of course it’s difficult to know whether girth work is the cause for the lowered EQ, but I have to try whatever idea I come up with.
You can be sure if at some point I can do girth work every day I will.

“The value of your penis may rise or fall due to the volatility of your mind.”

I guess that’s for my low EQ (therefore less frequent girth work), and how you think it is connected with the perception of my own self.

As for the first part, does it contradict the advice on being a ruler whore?

You don’t have to be erect to do girth work. Even a tourniquet at the bottom of a plumped penis, placing the penis on a desk and using the palm of your hand to squeeze would provide something :)

Maybe low EQ is due to frequent masturbation? Have you tried masturbating without coming, .i.e. edging in place of masturbation. If that doesn’t improve your EQ then it has to have a physical compontent I would think. Try coming once a week but edging every day you aren’t PEing.

Contradictions abound in life :)

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I did a lot of girthwork with shit EQ, I would get ridiculously long lasting and massive flaccid size, but I coulnd’t really tell what would have happened if erect.

No, I hardly ever masturbate (well, just enough to use it and keep some desire going, I know completely cutting off cumming and masturbating is stupid).
At the moment I’m doing better (but still can’t reach proper fullness/hardness), but I cum less than once a week , it’s not as if I was 60 years old yet.
I decided to cut on the edging as it was frustrating (the reason why I made the thread on erotic meditation).
That would be edging twice a week then :) .
I’ve been searching for the root of the problem for a while, apart from shortened and tensed muscles everywhere or a PE injury, I do not see what it could be.

I realise this is maybe looking too holistically but if you have trouble with EQ, barely have sexual feelings, you could consider the possibility that you are testosterone deficient and maybe get some tests done. It’s reaching, I know, when depression anxiety etc. could easily cause the same issues as could a strictly physical problem but we’ve been around on this a few times.

One simple thing would be to take a small amount of Viagra or some supplements in the hope of boosting that impetus and allowing you to PE. I took Male Response for a while (shipped from the US) and though it contains Yohimbe, so smaller dosages were good, it worked really well as a sexual pick me up. I took that because, even after so long here, I know very little about supplements and a premix was easy but there are cheaper and more local options.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

For what it’s worth I suffer with depression and it kills my EQ.


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