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Originally Posted by Walter5169
I sometimes get a minor donut , but no spots or blisters with the way I do it.

What I’m not convinced about is what people identify as fluid build up. I’m pretty sure even with just a bit thicker skin and no donut, underneath there is fluid build up. I can feel it when jelqing and squeezing, this makes me quite dubious about girth gains from pumping, but hopefully it helps even out the girth at the base.
If I could pack more of the cylinder it could be more beneficial though.

Walter I honestly think that Girth gains come from the penis being expanded under vacuum for an extended period of time. Like having a 30 minute hard on everyday. I always do bundled stretches for about 10 minutes before going into the tube. Then after I come out I do some bends and slinkys with the clamp on very loosely so the erection level is 30-40% and no more. I feel like the pumping in between helps to further weaken and push the tunica more. I have had a lot of success doing this. I have gained about .25 in Mid Girth over about 6-8 weeks.

Current 5.5 NBPEL x 5.75 Base EG - 5.25 MSEG 7" BPSFL

Short Term Goal 6 NBPEL x 6 MPEG

Long Term Goal 8 NBPEL x 7 MPEG (why not dream BIG?)

Thanks for sharing, permanent gainers from pumping have been very scarce, but gaining at the base is a reasonable target. I’m curious to see if the combination of pumping and girth work can be productive.

Today was a nice session of pumping, whatever that means. Shaft length ended just a bit over 17 cm (mark on cylinder, a bit off) at 5 hg (after cycles) , while I again reached 21 cm and above in length (real length).
However, I packed more of the tube.
First 3 inches (cylinder measurement) were packed (of course there’s pubic and scrotal skin) , and the whole right side was stuck against the cylinder (not on a large area).

I exited the tube with very little fluid build up, at least in the skin, even less than before.

I did 10mn x3 at 5 hg with two - three spikes to 9hg during each 10 mn set.

The spikes were brief.
I stayed in the tube the whole time, but decreased vacuum to 0 each 10 mn for 1-2 mn.
Afterwards it was a bit easier to maintain an erection , I did about 6 1 mn squeezes and some jelqs.

Today I went back to my favourite two handed jelqs, I basically did memento’s sessions. 4-5 mn of jelqing, Horse squeeze or something similar and repeat four times. I ended with two squeezes.

The idea of doing two such sessions during the day is spot on, it’s intense enough to gain but not too long . I still play hide and seek with the same nerve pain, but so far depending on where I focus the pressure of squeezes and jelqs I’ve been fine.

Speaking of pressure, I now make sure to focus the pressure on the ccs not the cs.

I pray to be able to continue this routine, I’ll have to see how pumping fits in there.

I did the same pump set as yesterday, a few hours after the girth session, I packed much more of the cylinder however there was more fluid build up. I may settle for one day on one day off for the pumping set.

I was much more erect and turned on in the tube.

Weird I only did a shortish jelq session with one squeeze, however when I edged later length was ok but girth was thin. I know size fluctuates a lot but at the moment I seem to get 0 temporary expansion post work out, no matter how it goes during the work out.

Also I don’t understand what happened to the poor 0.2 ” of girth I gained over more than three years of PE and had kept so far, nor to the additional 0.2” of girth I saw for a week less than two months ago.

Hanging exercise for base girth

I’m sure this would work :

sparkyx - I finally did it, I’m joining the pumpers

Then I would just have to make an ok grip higher up the shaft to try and see if I can gain girth a bit higher than the very base.
I’ll have to check this later when I gave a try to the other exercises.

I read more about O-bends and many guys have had good gains from them, usually the gains happen quick (weeks - two months) and then stop. I’ll keep doing the jelq/squeeze sessions , but as for a second session I will do pumping and o-bends. I did them today and really liked them (I was more than 10% erect though).
I also did pumping , 25 mn straight, very little fluid build up but also packed less of the cylinder than two days ago , it was expected.
I won’t have porn access as I had before so I may benefit from lower EL exercises and pumping.

I have enough info for my next PE decade now, I’ll commit to a routine and hope I can continue perform all the exercises as I please (no EQ problems or nerve pain).

I slept 6 hours and woke up with a strong wood (which lasted until I got out of bed). I started taking a HGW supplement.

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I warmed up (yes I did!!) in a very easy yet quite efficient manner: Very hot water in a cup pressed against the pubic bone for a few mn.

I then proceeded to do orange bends - semi erect bends, they were pleasant.

I followed with 25 mn of pumping, with very little fluid build up again, I was just a bit over the 22 cm mark on the cylinder (slightly off). Shaft length was at 18 cm (mark on the tube) as opposed to 17 cm when I started.

Not sure but I may very well still be at 19.5 cm BPEL despite being at 18 cm or so NBP, so hopefully real length catches up with length in the cylinder.
Girth expansion was nice, packed a bit more than the first three inches (mark on the tube), as well as one side .
I’m not sure I need to stick with one day off one day on for pumping, the two consecutive days seemed to work fine. On the other hand I do not want to rely on pumping to build fake girth. I see pumping as a way to work on EQ, base girth as well as work synergistically with other exercises .

This thread is about O-BENDS.LOL

Seriously though. I used to love pumping because of the fast growth in tube, but, I tired of it fading after a short while and it decreased my EQ. Yeah, hanging should help you. I found what built base girth fastest was a few minutes of stretching each day to stress the tissues and then wearing the ADS/weight hanging. Combination got rid of my baseball bat shape in a few months.

Mm ok, hanging is the next step, more precisely swinging weights as explained a few posts above by sparkyx.

So far I think pumping is a good combo with other exercises, and many have gained base girth, or evened out their girth from pumping. The left cc doesn’t fill up properly near the base and up a few inches on the shaft, so I expect pumping to help with that.

I’ll give a go to this routine and will switch to hanging later. Blisters put me off , I’m yet to perfect my modified bib, bases on xeno’s mods .
After I was done with the research over forums I concluded hanging helps build girth, but only at the very base, 2 inches up the shaft at most. I need girth in the first 4-5 inches or so (ok everywhere). I have a few ideas to build girth a bit higher up the shaft thanks to hanging, but this will wait.

This thread is about me.
It is Walter’s place and people who come over here are longing for my posts, my ideas, my life, my negativity , my complaints .
In the future you can quote me but please don’t add text.

I’m working on EQ through diet changes (t + free t), stretches (I suspect everything is tight and short around the pelvis (that’s what she said) ), exercise and a few safe supplements.
I watched very little porn over the last three months but still significantly relapsed a couple of times times. I’m off it for a month or so, I hope to continue in this direction.

As of now I can do very little girth work, for about a week I’ve been doing jelqs + few squeezes when it is easy to perform them , I do light pumping sets every once in a while (EQ), either many 5 mn sets with 45 seconds in between sets, or twice 10 mn .
I started wearing my phallosan. I do manual stretches but not necessarily on a daily basis.
Since I can’t work on girth I figured I might as well work on length.

I also had a wet dream not long ago (so after I changed my diet ) , weird since I’ve had very few wet dreams in my whole life and about none in ages..

It’s difficult to get an accurate BPSFL measurement but I tried to after using my phallosan and stretching , I got about 20-21 cm as a result.

Just posting this for future reference, girthwork material and to increase the popularity of my progress log :D

https ://

Being off porn definitely resensitize the brain to softer stimulus!
Let’s see what happens in the next few months.

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I have been working on EQ being away from porn, practicing Erotic meditation, and eating just as well as before. One food may be making a lot of difference at the moment, I’ll see if this is proven in the next few weeks.
EQ has been excellent a few times, I just realised releasing every other day may be better than once a week or a fortnight (hornier, better EQ). A few times EQ was excellent when edging after I had cummed earlier in the day (pelvic floor too tight?).

I’m doing 20-30 minutes of dry jelqs, with a few double handed squeezes at 80 % EL in between. I use the c-grip quite a bit and like it, I’m experiencing with a “different” overhanded ok grip at the moment which puts better stress on at least one of the cc (depends of the hand). Basically you just wrap your grip in such a way the tip of your index digs into the side of the cc, while still putting a lot of pressure on the other cc thanks to the area of the palm just below the fingers. Depending on hand size and girth your experience may be different.
Of course I still use the regular overhanded grip a lot.

I’m starting to add some stretches too, I may do them only one on one off to keep good chances of a great EQ.

I don’t warm up .

I have noticed excellent expansion and feel during my sessions back in early january , I was doing girth work but also had been using the phallosan for a while.
Then it all disappeared (why? semi erect bends ? food? too many kegels during the girth sessions? no phallosan? ), back to square one . Now it’s quite positive again albeit not as much as it once was.

I try to use less kegels during my sessions, relying more on mind and stimulation to engorge the wiener, avoiding to overuse the poor pf muscles of a sitting man.

Quit sitting so much…:) . And kegels are your friend; can’t have too strong a bulbospongiosus muscle! Taoist’s internal alchemy’s Iron Gate you know…



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