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Started PE in July 2014 with jelqing/stretching.

Bot bib hanging mid of aug 2014. After figuring out, how to wrap, I
Started bib hanging : 1st wk of sep.


BPEL: 5.4 inch
BPFSL: 5.75 inch
EQ: 6/10
Lot(visible tugback reduced): 7:30
Morning wood: nothing

I tried everyday, but there r days simply I can’t do even 1 set of hanging.

Wk1: 3 lbs
Wk2: 4 lbs
Wk3: 5 lbs
Wk4: 5 lbs
Wk5: 6 lbs
Wk6 : 6 lbs
Wk7: 7 lbs
Wk8: 7 lbs
Wk9: 8 lbs
Wk10: 8 lbs
Wk11: 9 lbs
Wk12: 9lbs
Wk13: 9 lbs
Wk14: 10 lbs
Wk15: 10 lbs
Wk16-19: 11 lbs
Wk20- 29: 12 to 13 lbs.. I am currently at 13 lbs.

Angle of attack: BTC, between BTC and SD.
I do one hand jelq around 100 after hanging.
In between sets, I do BTB jelq on the inner penis.
Everyday 3 sets of appr 20 mins per set.

Added patience to my routine.

BPEL: 6.2 inch
BPFSL: 7.1 inch
EQ: not great
Flaccid length: no chng
Morning wood: no

Sometimes when I get time at workplace, I do 30 mins of BTC stretch after 8 min warmup.

Supplements I take:
Omega3 fish oil, moringa, vit b complex, magnesium/calcium/d3
Heavily limited putting lot of chemicals such as coke/soda, lot of alcohol, carbohydrates, caffeine, sugar.

Problems I continue to face:
1) major problem: I got anxiety and stress. I am dealing with by doing yoga and meditation. Long way to go.
2) I don’t know why I am not getting morning wood.
3) EQ is still not great.
4) not great sex.

I will continue my progress in this thread. Thanks a ton for lot of wonderful information here in thhundersplace.

Can’t wait to be big.

Do you watch porn?

2)3)4) are very likely to be affected by 1)

Yes. I just stopped watching porn recently.


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