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Trying the Linear Routine as a Complete Beginner

Trying the Linear Routine as a Complete Beginner

Hey guys. Thankful for the site and all of the great information and inspiration shared.

I discovered PE accidentally while reading a thread on Reddit because I thought I had bumped my girlfriends cervix. I doubt that now however, as it was a single occurrence in 2 years and I am very much average in size.

I have always felt slightly below average, but understand that I am more or less completely average statistically.

I am very much in love with my girlfriend and she is amazing and supportive in every way. Unfortunately, she has never had an orgasm, solo or with any prior partners or myself. She has also never masturbated much and definitely without any regularity.

I know that it isn’t logical to think, but I have become paranoid that she is not enjoying our sex life as much as I feel she should or could, despite her assuring me that I am the best she has had due to the emotional connection and the “rhythm” as she puts it. Her having had 8 prior partners, I’ve become mildly obsessed with the idea that at LEAST one of them was much better endowed and therefore more enjoyable to her. A comment that “bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better” was also quite hurtful, though not intended to be. And I probably should feel good about it rather than upset.

I go down on her frequently, but her clitoris becomes overly sensitive and uncomfortable relatively quick. Which is also new to me. So until that changes, if it can or will, I’m sort of stuck just thinking that she has had better.

Therefore, largely as a result of my own insecurities, I would like to achieve 7 1/2” BPEL (or 7” NBPEL) and 5 1/2” MSEG. Hopefully this is achievable.

Current measurements having never done any PE are:

BPEL - 6 1/8” (roughly 5 1/2” NBPEL)
MSEG - 5”

I will be doing the linear newbie routine basically as written for at least 3-4 months, at which time I may add some more advanced techniques.

Had my first session about 30 minutes ago including a 5 min warm up with a warm/hot cloth, one 30 sec stretch up, down, left, right and forward, 20 wet jelqs (sort of forward, sort of downward; having difficulty knowing what is best), and a 5 min warm/hot cloth warm down (?).

I will do my best to have 4 sessions per week with no more than two consecutive on days and no more than one consecutive off day, however on some days privacy is an issue as I live with the girlfriend and a roommate.

I have taken “before” measurement pictures, which accurately depict my starting MSEG and almost accurately depict my starting BPEL (it’s 1/8” short as I was a bit camera shy). I will post these with my first progress pics.

Thanks for reading.

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Hello Rlamp
I am new to PE also (only 2 months) and I started at average size also.
From what I understand I am older than you (I am 37) and I would like to share some of my knowledge that came from expirience.
Having a big cock will raise your self esteem and probably will make you act a little more like a man, which is more important than having a big dick.

But the key to a womans orgasm is mainly psychology. I woman does not need more than 3” inside of her to have an orgasm. Seeing a big cock will arose a woman more easily but physically all she needs is 3”.

You have to find why your girl has difficulty in having an orgasm with talking to her. I believe that she is afraid of something. Offcourse I don’t know what and you should NOT start a conversation by just asking her that!

Now for pussy licking you have to find out if she becomes sensitive or if she is having an orgasm and she does not understand it and stops you (it happens to women who have little expirience.).

I am finalising my post for now with an advice. ALL WOMEN WANT TO BE CONQUERED. And by ALL I mean ALL.

Get her out to dinner you have planed as a surprise. Make it as special as you can. When you go back home, be the conqueror. Be a little more aggresive than usuall.
Don’t make “sweet love” to her. Put in some dirty words (that you think she would like.. Different people like diferent things).
She wants to get conwuered. Psychology..

She will get wet instantly.

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