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Transgender and PE : -



Interesting story, I’d like to know which techniques you used to make those gains? And perhaps even pictures as proof? Not that it sounds unbelievable, just curious of how you managed to do it.

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

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I too would like some pictures.

Great supplement info, Jixe. you have named some that I have never even heard of. and I have sought this type info for _years_! I also have a mild affliction with man-boobs, mostly when I am overweight, but I have to be really very thin before it disappears completely. Your info, plus natural T-Boosting should be the answer!

So you have achieved your goal, helping someone. :D


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Originally Posted by Jixe
I never took Testo supplementation ( at least not a hormonal drug via injection ), as my body would naturally produce T.

Its hard to say if I noticed a difference in growth, since its mostly pumping I did recently. Which for me makes a great difference.

Progesterone is actually a smooth-muscle relaxant and has helped me achieve erections easier.

After 8 weeks of taking Forskolin I will also add that this is a brilliant brilliant plant and has helped me wonder with both a bit of size increase and also better quality erections that are easier to achieve and last longer, its something everyone should look into.. Its a natural precursor to every hormone in the body. :)

Do you know if having low/high levels of oestrogen & testosterone affects penis growth is it related? I imagine transgenders would have lower than normal levels of estrogen & testosterone which makes it more difficult to gain or am I wrong? Have you found it easy or difficult to gain?

thx for sharing this info- herbs are def good Im interested to try the ones you referenced

Have you had any experience using fenugreek? I read it is good for libido and erection quality.

Originally Posted by fmfrp13
I too would like some pictures.

Yes, some before and after pictures of your progress would be great. :)


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