Total newbie, looking for long term gains

Hi everybody!

First off thanks for the wonderful resource, I am amazed I spent such a large part of my life not even imagining there was such a thing as PE!

I’m in a stable relationship with a lovely woman who loves my cock, and while I also love it I’m looking to both increase EQ and EG - not really EL since I tend to touch her cervix every now and then now. Please see sig for measurements. That being said, I wouldn’t mind the gains either way :)

I’m currently following the newbie routine and intend to do so for a few months. However, I’m mainly looking for girth and could possibly incorporate other exercises into my routine later on, such as Ulis.



NBPEL 6.3", EG 5.3 / NBPEL 7", EG 6.5

I appreciate your help!