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The Trials of a Newbie

The Trials of a Newbie

So after hearing about PE two years ago (when I was 17) and doing fairly extensive research across the board, I finally got the privacy to start doing PE, and so far the going is good. Below, I will post my routine, supplements, and any theory I may have behind them. But first off, starting stats:

BPEL: 6.4 inches (16.25 cm)
MSEG: 5.5 inches (13.97 cm)
FSL: 6 inches (15.24 cm)

These are the main stats I measure, though from time-t-time I may throw in others, just for clarity’s sake.

As for my routine, I decided JP’s 90-day Beginner guide would be a good starting point, BUT I know my septum needs to be broken down for me to really make progress. Because I used to dry jelq occasionally, I decided it would be okay to add a bit more stretching to JP’s recommended routine. I spend about 2 hours per day on this. Time-consuming, but the results are already showing! So here is my version on JP’s 90-day routine:

5 days on, 2 days off:
- 10 minute warm-up (cover groin region with cloth and run hot water over it for 10 minutes)

- 3-directional flaccid stretch: out, left, and right. ADDITION: Do this against LOT. My LOT is at 1 o’clock, so I stretch down, to the bottom left, and the bottom right.
- Circular stretch after each direction stretch, 20 in each direction.
- “Helicopters” - After each of the circular stretches, 20 in each direction.
- A-stretch: 30 second, angled downwards.
- V-stretch: 30 seconds, angled downwards
- Circular stretch after each stretch, 20 in each direction.
- “Helicopters” - After each of the circular stretches, 20 in each direction.

(Yes, it may seem like a lot of stretching, but I really need to break down that septum. Mine is by no means very thick, but the process takes time, so why not start early?)

- 50 wet Jelqs (50 each hand) 5-6 seconds each. MODIFIED TO 80. 50 DID NOT CUT IT.
- 30 V-Jelqs (30 each hand - 15 to the left, 15 to the right) 5-6 seconds each. MODIFIED TO 50. 30 DID NOT CUT IT.
- Repeat until each is done 3 times.

- 8 minute warm-down (cover groin region with cloth and run hot water over it for 10 minutes)

So that’s my routine.


- 2x500mg L-Argenine
- 50mg Zinc
- Multivitamins
- Super B-Complex
- 1x500mg L-Lysine

These are the recommended supplements, so I decided to stick to them, they look like they would do the job!

Additional activities and theories:

First off, I know I have to break down my septum if I want to get anything beyond the newbie gains, so I have started to do so now. However, I was concerned about how it would affect my newbie gains as it is. In order to counteract this, I have employed the practice of traction wrapping. I traction wrap all the time. Even during the rest days. Why? First of all, nobody wants turtling, and traction wrapping prevents that.
Next off, simply look at the theory behind cementing gains in any activity. If one were to go to the gym and gain a good amount of muscle, but then stopped, they would lose a portion of the muscle they had gained. These gains had not been cemented. In other words, the body was attempting to compensate for a perceived stress upon it, and hence built up the muscle, but with the removal of that stress, the muscle too is also removed. So how do you cement your gains at the gym? You maintain the same weight level, or move to high-rep exercises, and stop gaining weight. This allows your body to become used to and accept your new size. So, applying this idea to PE, why not keep the penis stretched all the time? Ideally, this would cement your gains just as you get them, letting nothing go to waste from inaction.
But how do I get the blood to flow if I am using traction wrapping? Well, you do not have to traction wrap that tight, you see. The point of the wrapping is to keep your flaccid penis fully stretched. If done properly, one could stretch out the flaccid penis, and wrap around it with a self-sticking bandage a few times. This will prevent that part of the penis from retracting. Repeat as necessary until the entirety of the length is covered. Make sure you can pee with the wrap on, as that is a good way to test if it is too tight or not. Getting an erection while wearing the wrapping is a tad uncomfortable (It happens to me practically all the time, but it’s hardly noticeable while sleeping.), but this is good for your growth, as the erectile tissue that already exists is maintaining its function, while the penis is temporarily engorged once again, but never loses length.
Some small issues are that I ave to wear this thing around college during the day, and at 6 inches full stretched, it’s not exactly invisible.. Fortunately, if you wear jeans of any sort, and a shirt that fits you, you should be able to hide it easily enough. Besides, who cares if anyone sees?
Anyway, bottom -line: The traction wrap only comes off for stretching and jelqing, then it’s back on. A of people have experienced explosive gains by doing this, so I am hoping to increase my newbie gains by doing the same.

Progress thus far: After about 5 days of this routine, I have definitely started to see results.

- Erection is noticeably bigger and feels bigger in my hands. Measuring shows a 0.25 inch increase already. Girth gains are obvious, but I did not measure them. I will do a full measurement set in two days.
- Arousal not impacted, and neither is sensitivity. Flaccid hang is heavier and longer, as expected of a newbie.
- Although I was already slightly larger than the average, I felt that my penis was small in comparison to others, and this is a viewpoint held by many people, even some larger than I. So far, I feel much better simply knowing I am doing something, and my erections feel longer, wider, and harder than ever before. This has increased my confidence in daily life.

Current stats:

BPEL: 6.7 inches (17 cm)
MSEG: ??
FSL: 6.2 inches (15.75 cm)

I suppose I should also mention my goals:

BPEL: 7.5 to 8 inches (19.05 to 20.38 cm)
MSEG: 6 to 6.25 inches (15.25 to 15.875 cm)
Flaccid Length (unstretched): 5.5 to 6 inches (14 cm to 15.25 cm)
Flaccid Girth: 4.5 to 5 inches (11.43 to 12.7 cm)

That’s it for now, I’ll update in a couple days folks! Feel free to ask me any questions at all. Have a great day mates!

Alright, it’s been nearly two weeks since my last update. I decided to slow down on the intensity for nearly all exercises for 3 days, and take a four day rest period. While doing wet jelqs, the head of my penis had a painful, burning/stinging sensation all over, and I believe I was correct in assuming the tissues had not healed properly yet, considering I wear my traction wrap even on rest days. The traction wrap has increased by FSL by nearly 3/4 of an inch now, leaving my FSL longer than my BPEL at 6.75 and 6.5 (previous measurement was ballooned as it was right after a PE session). I can no longer feel a strong cord running through the center of my flaccid penis, but there is still a center composed of squishy tissue. I believe I have worn away my small septum/dorsal thickening almost completely. The gains should come easier now, but I do not expect to see any until month two. I have been looking around, and most newbie gains seems to be FSL and length/girth gains thanks to an increase in EQ. Sucks, but it’s still something, right?

Noticed side effects from supplements:
- Notably increased sexual arousal at all times, and higher testosterone levels.
- Better immune system.
- Better performance in the weight room.
- Better healing times for cuts and the like.
- Easier gym gains.
- Possible slow increase in height? (I am still at an age where natural growth is possible, so it may be a coincidence).
- More positive outlook on everything, as well as more confidence, and better ability to control thoughts and actions (more self-aware, but I think this is increased performance only due to better nutrition).

My routine is now much more stretch-heavy. I am finding it hard to keep a partial erection large enough to jelq with enough blood to make the head swell (about 50 or 60% erection level - definitely more than a semi-). Any tips on doing this? I am trying to do this no masturbation/no porn thing (called nofap, you may have heard of it), so any info. On that would be appreciated.

It has been more than 2 weeks since my last entry. I had a blocked lymph vessel in my penis due to jelqing a bit too hard, so I had to cut that out of my routine and go for a LOT of stretching. I stretch for at least one hour each day, simply doing what is said in the above routine for extended periods of time. I wear traction wrapping for about 15 hours per day now, and I can see some gains.

New Stats:
FSL: 7.1 inches
BPEL: 6.7-6.8 inches
MSEG: 5.6 inches
Flaccid Length (unstretched): 4.75 inches
Flaccid girth: 4 inches

I no longer feel insecure about my penis size, ever, but I want to reach my goals. After looking around at the general statistics, I feel like it is better to settle on the lower end of my goal ranges in terms of pleasuring women. No disappointments so far, though I wish I could jelq. Masturbation to orgasm is limited to about once or twice per week now. If I do, it’s after a long stretch session and right before I sleep, so as to take advantage of the engorgement while I do not have the traction wrap on.

If you’re someone just looking through to see if PE works, I would say you should definitely try it, but it takes a lot of work and commitment. Good luck everyone!

Gonna check around here every now and then so I can keep learning.

Great work, man.
Best of luck.

June14: BPEL 6.5; MSEG 4.9; BEG 4.7. Jan15: BPEL 6.7; MSEG 5.3; BEG 4.9.

First Goal: 7 x 5

I have been doing PE for only a month and have seen little results, but they are there.

My schedule is pretty harsh on me, so I can’t do such a religious training. I do, like, 2 days on, 2 off, 3 on, 4 off.
Got some millimeters in length and half a centimeter in girth, but I am always learning something new around and trying to apply it.

Best of luck

June14: BPEL 6.5; MSEG 4.9; BEG 4.7. Jan15: BPEL 6.7; MSEG 5.3; BEG 4.9.

First Goal: 7 x 5

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