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The beginning

The beginning

This is a personal log for myself to keep track of everything, stay motivated, and show others what I’m doing and possibly shoot some ideas back and forth.
(This is after doing beginning conditioning of manual exercises and acclimating with my bathmate and phallosan for about 2 months.)
This is when my actual “routine” starts, enjoy..

Started - June 1st 2016
___25 minutes wet jelq 2-3 seconds per jelq (trying to stay in the lower end of the erection level). ADD 1 minute every week to wet jelq.
___Bathmate Pump 10-12 minutes every other day.
___Extender as much as I can, I own the Phalosan and I am wearing this as much as I can.
___With this routine my off days are not set, I try to do it everyday until I feel I need a break, but I will ALWAYS take at least one day off a week minimum even if I feel fine.
___As you can see my jelq is the base of my routine as I find it is something I can do everyday and I will add more to my routine as long as I can stay consistent with it.

Start - June 2016: BPEL 6.5 MSEG 4.25

Obviously I started the first post over a month after my routine started but that is what I would have posted if it was the day I started.

Start - June 2016: BPEL 6.5 MSEG 4.25

(July 17th)
Add to my routine:
___Along with my 32 minutes of jelqing, I now started stretching on non-pump days.
___My stretch routine is every direction for a nice solid 30 second hold, circular pulls in between the direction change, and I am only doing 1 set of stretches currently

___So far (after 1 month of the routine) I am following along perfectly, except my extender usage. I was using the extender good for a few weeks but my schedule is different and I have a hard time wearing it during what I’m doing during the day when I’m not at my house. I am currently looking for a cheap(er) DIY extender on this forum that I can wear and take off easily.

Start - June 2016: BPEL 6.5 MSEG 4.25

What are your measuring plans ?

Good luck!

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

Originally Posted by Swearbear
What are your measuring plans ?

I plan on measuring once every 3 months.

Start - June 2016: BPEL 6.5 MSEG 4.25

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