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Surprising Gains


Originally Posted by pullNgrow

Hey man nice to know you are becoming motivated to try P.E. It’s given me a lot more confidence and I’m only in my 7th week I hope it will do the same for you.

Okay I can’t remember exactly how detailed I was with my routine but here is a good break down.

Week 1:
Dry jelqing: I didn’t keep count. When my dick starts to get sore I stop. I would recommend at least 40-50 jelqs at 3 seconds per jelq. Probably not much more your first week.

You will have to dig in a little here about jelqing and find what works for you. I can do dry jelqs but from what I’ve read most circumcised guys can’t or have a hard time with it. My first week I didn’t really stretch much but I would recommend it. Another thing I recommend, a good warm up. I am sorry to say I do not do this enough. I would probably have had even better gains if I had done more warm ups. All you have to do is apply heat for about 5 minutes before your workout. It makes a huge change in how your workout feels and it improves your healing time as well which can relate to faster gains.

Read this forum for an explanation of good technique on jelqing and stretching:
Jelqing & Stretching 101

Week 2:
I started doing mini workouts

Same as week one but with small workouts every couple hours. 20-40 jelqs or a couple stretches when you go to the bathroom is what I prefer to do. Maybe even only 15 jelqs actually. It depends on the day.

Week 3:
I started to experiment with fowfers:
Don’t Measure it, Weigh it.
Read that thread, Big Girtha has seen some great gains and corrected his ED. He talks about a lot in that thread, all good information.

For me I like to do them while watching tv. Just pull out your dick to a comfortable stretched length and tuck it under one of your legs. I’ll do about 5-10 minutes on one side and then switch to the other. I now do these at work as well. My flaccid seems to have improved a lot more and I believe it helps with healing faster as it encourages blood flow to the penis.

Week 4:
Everything I’ve already listed. Do what makes you feel you are growing the best. I sincerely believe perception is one of the biggest factors in PE. If you tell yourself your big. Your fucking big. Change your perception of how you view your body and make it positive. Me, every time I take a piss now, (if no one is around), I say out loud, (quietly) damn I have a huge dick. Dead serious, no joke, I really do that. Also read everything you can on here. Stories, testimonials, advice, it’s years of data put together by men who have been successful and seen results. You can achieve this as well. Post your progress, tells stories about your gains and highlights this will help you keep on track.

Good luck man

I will start the newbie routine today. I will try dry jelqing because I also have extra skin on my member, but I’m not uncircumcised.

Thank you for advice. I started the routine (or maybe it was Tom Hubbards) a year ago but didn’t keep it up. I will measure and keep a log this time. It will be nice to track and see growth. My girlfriend and I have started dieting together as well, so I cannot wait to see her reaction with a “possible” larger dick combined with more of it being revealed from weight loss. Time will tell. Thanks again.

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Good luck man, remember that PE is 50% in your head. Tell yourself you are getting bigger, and believe it. Then reap the results.

Small update, or BIG rather

Finally got the confidence to buy one of those Trojan vibrating dick rings. The wife and I are pretty inexperienced with toys and its something I really want to explore and that she’s a little shy with. But I will do anything to see that woman have a gushing, quaking, uncontrollable orgasm. I love that shit! Did not use it last night, regrettably, we got a little too drunk and just went to bed instead. However, she seems really turned on by it. Maybe tonight we will try it out.

Anyway, I pulled it out of the package to see what it looked like and the first thing she says, “Do you have to wear a condom with it, what if it doesn’t fit you?” I replied, not really processing the last part until halfway through my response, “No I’m not going to wear a condom we are fixed why would we do that… Wait, what do you mean will it fit? What, do you think I’m too small for it?” and she replies quite seriously “Uh no. I didn’t mean anything close to that. I meant the hole looks too small for your penis. Do they come in different sizes? Is this the bigger one?” I was a little dumb founded, I’m still not used to her new habits of saying remarks about me having a big dick, but I assured her they are one size fits all and it would fit me just fine. So yea, tragedy avoided. I can’t believe she actually thinks this thing wouldn’t fit me. Feels good guys. Feels really good. I did try it on just to make sure though. I wasn’t fully hard but it was really snug against the base of my dick so I think it won’t be too tight during intercourse.

I’m also hoping to try out a new lube I got. We’ve never used lube either, she’s just always been really really wet, but this stuff is edible. I want to smother her vagina in it and just go to town. She shy’s away from being eaten out, but this is something I’m going to push for because she cums almost instantly when I do go down on her.

Routine update

Going well,

Stretched like crazy Monday, felt really really good and loose. Nice flaccid hangs. I’ve really been working on my fowfers, I even have been attempting the bed fowfers while sleeping with some success.

Tuesday, not the workout I wanted. I couldn’t do much during the day but when I got home I did as much as I could. Still good flaccid lengths and felt pretty loose. Some spotting on the head.

NO JELQS! I focused completely on stretching Monday and Tuesday. Today and tomorrow I will do only jelqs but with a lot more reps than I usually do. Already at 50 right now and after I finish writing this I’m going to do 50 more.

On a side note, I got a boner yesterday and I swear to god from my perspective it seemed two inches longer than usual. I definitely am seeing results from the more aggressive stretching and jelqing routine I just started. I will keep my word and measure pre-workout on Thursday. I’m expecting to have reached my short term goal completely. That’s 6.5” BPEL and 5.25” MEG. I know I’m really close. My perception about my dick has completely changed. It looks, feels, and is bigger than it was 2 months ago and I just love it! I honestly feel like I have some super huge cock now even though I know statistically I’m only upper average now, but hell upper average is still above average right? THAT’S something to be proud of because I did it for myself with the help of many other men who have formed a supportive environment for like minded individuals.

Thanks guys, I will continue to update as my new experiences arise. Hoping 8 X 6 is around the next corner soon. Then I can really say I have a huge dick and not just think it.

Pull and grow. That’s the name of the game

Not there quite yet

NBPEL: 5.50”
BPEL: 6.25”
MEG: 5.00”
BEG: 5.1875”

Not as big as I was hoping to measure, but I do have some observations.

1. According to my pre-workout measurements thus far, I remain consistent in my measurements for about 2-3 weeks before making a quarter inch jump the following measurement. So my first measurement that I input to Thunders database was 5.75”BPEL this was input about 1 week after actually starting the newbie routine. My BPEL before any PE whatsoever was 5.50” So in week 1 I had a quarter inch jump. Then about a week later I had another quarter inch jump up to BPEL 6.00” I then stayed at 6.00 for about 2-3 weeks. So my next three measurements were the same. Then I had my next jump and measured at BPEL 6.25”. The next measurement after that was 6.25” and now this week I am measuring once again Pre-workout at 6.25” BPEL.

What I’m taking away from this. If my body stays consistent, I should be at 6.50” Thursday next week. Pending I actually get to workout as hard as I want to.

2. Sorry again guys, thought I had a milestone moment but I did not. My BEG is 5.1875” I found out today that the last measurement wasn’t accurate. I think I had the tape measure a little askew or something or it could be that I was swollen from a workout as well. Damn I was excited about that to.

3. I did not get to do my full reps for stretching Tuesday. It is my belief that a serious stretching routine needs to be applied today because yesterday was basically a rest day. (I’ve been training interns all week, so its been hard sneaking off to the rest rooms from time to time in order to do a decent routine.) Also Wednesday I only got to 100 jelqs and they were not of the highest quality either. So my routine this week has been less than what my penis needed to fill out to the 6.5” I was hoping to get.

4. Going by my total volume I have noticed a decrease in the jumps between each measurement. Whats this mean? Well it could very well mean that my newbie gains are slowly on the decline and that from now on I will really have to become more aggressive in my PE. I do not consider myself at a plateau just yet. However, inevitably, it seems right around the corner. I will remain optimistic, and I WILL get my 6.5” BPEL pre-workout before I hit my first plateau. NO EXCUSES!

I am not unhappy with these results. I still have made some BIG gains in a short amount of time and I am really loving my new dick. So, today I am doing an aggressive stretching routine with some jelqs as well because that’s what I was supposed to do today. For curiosities sake I am going to measure post workout to see if my BPEL 6.625” was a fluke. I still think my stretching over last weekend is why it measured so long. Lets make it that long again!

After a pretty intensive PE stretching routine today with a few jelqs thrown in I measured at:

BPEL: 6.625” <—- Good it wasn’t a fluke!

MEG: 5.00” <—— I did not do a lot of jelqing so that’s why my girth did not engorge

BEG: 5.50” <—— I think I was having some problems with tape measure placement earlier today but I measured my base as far up the visible shaft as possible and had the ruler pretty snug against my entire diameter and I got 5.50”. I think earlier today I was up the shaft a little too far.

So in conclusion. Next week my goal is to have pre-workout measurements be what I just measured after todays workout. So I want my post workout measurements today to equal my pre-workout measurements next week Thursday. Tomorrow is my rest day. This weekend I am going to hit it really hard and focus a lot more on stretches. Next week Thursday my post workout could hopefully measure at 7.00” CAN’T WAIT.

I was a little bummed at first this morning but now I’m PUMPED AGAIN!

Weekend update

Nice long weekend,

Really hard work outs over Saturday and Sunday as I said I would. Have not measured yet. I will not until Tomorrow.
Same routine as last weekend, I stretched A LOT. I also did 100-200 jelqs Sunday as well. I should also point out that I did fowfers probably at least 4+ hours both days. My flaccid hangs have been pretty crazy. My wife and I were sending boob and penis pictures to each other Sunday night and I have to say I looked huge flaccid.

I took yesterday off. I think I needed a rest day. Hitting it hard with jelqs and fowfers today.


I love fowfers. They make your flaccid dick look longer, (about 1.50 inches for me), and they also make it really girthy as well. So you are left with this long fat meaty flaccid that makes you feel huge. I actually was doing windmills the other day because I can now. Before I would need assistance with my hand to get it to swing but not now. I also am holding myself differently when I pee now because of the added length. I’m curious if these will help with girth gains when erect as well. I think there might be something there to it though. We will find out, but I know my flaccid girths have increased and that makes me look like I could have a 7” dick even though I don’t. Yet.

Stretching. As I’ve said before I have never really focused on a good stretching routine until last weekend. Well I can honestly say that it’s becoming my favorite workout. A Tight 2 second pull in several positions and after a few reps I can feel my dick lengthening. It gets really loose and just feels like it’s getting bigger. Almost like stretching your legs so you can touch your toes, it feels loosened up which is a good feeling. Since I’m more conditioned to PE now I have been doing some pretty tight pulls, to the point where I can physically see my dick pulling out from the base. (Caution, do not do this if you are inexperienced. I am still inexperienced but am getting more familiar with myself, but I know if something hurts, I need to stop.)

I feel more confident especially with these large flaccid gains. Taking pics of my dick is not something I do because I used to feel small. I’ve been with my wife 4 years and never sent her a picture of my dick until this weekend. That’s from a confidence boost due to PE. Likewise though, she never sent me boob pics. (What is up with us lately?) A lot of firsts in our relationship I will elaborate in a separate post pending I have the time.

That’s about it for my updates, ready for tomorrow to see if I’ve gained anything significant

Keep it up guys.

Trojan Vibrating Ring

Okay guys,

Remember when I told you about the Trojan vibrating dick ring? That damn thing is AWESOME!
I put it on and had her gasping for breath from the first second I penetrated. It takes a little getting used to because you really have to grind a lot more for her to get the full effect but your dick feels like a damn vibrator. I would highly recommend it, its 7 dollars of guaranteed pleasure for you and especially for her. It’s great for extended sessions too. If I feel like I am going to cum and I’m losing control I can pull out and massage her clit rather aggressively until I’m ready again. Usually I can get a nice g-spot stimulated gushing wet orgasm (like straight soaking that area of the bed), from her while penetrating. After I cum, I keep using it on her clit and lips to get a nice soft second orgasm through that, (which she really appreciates mind you). We use them continuously now during sex. We haven’t had sex without one since that first time, though it’s only been a week since we started using it.

I plan to continue to explore new toys and expand on our sex life together. She is loving it, and so am I.
I think that exploring our sexual relationship has been a big turn on for her. Especially since I’m taking charge in doing it. You guys should try it to. If you are inexperienced as a couple she might get a little alienated and be like “what the hell are you doing?” That’s what my wife did, but you use that thing once and she will go crazy.

I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress, but I can tell you my wife has never wanted sex more than she does now. And we just got out of an almost year and a half solid dry spell. Only having sex maybe once every 6 weeks. Ever since starting PE and having the confidence to explore our sex lives we’ve been doing it quite regularly, like 3 times per week. It’s a nice change.

Can life get any better?

Thunders Place: Improves lives!!

Seriously true! I think reading testimonials and experiences from other men have really benefited me. I think it gave me the confidence that you can only find through conversations and experiences with other men. Growing up I never had these in depth talks about love, sex, and natural dick enlargement. Well when I put it like that I understand why.. Haha

Thank you Thunders for providing a safe place for discussion among men, and thank you, all of you posters and people dedicated to supporting each other. It makes a difference.

New Gains

Okay I had this huge explanation, and then I accidentally hit a control function or something while speedily typing away an deleted my open browser.. I’m kind of mad at myself for it. Here are my new gains, I’ll re-type my explanation later when I’m less annoyed with myself..


NBP: 5.75”
BEG: 5.50”
MEG: 5.125”
FLNBP: 5.25”
FLMEG: 4.75”

MANY MILESTONES JUST REACHED! I will talk in depth in a second post in a while as to why I believe I am seeing these gains.


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