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Surprised how fast I got progress

Surprised how fast I got progress

I was really surprised when I measured today to see that I’ve already made an BPEL gain of .500 inches. I started a casual routine about a month ago, which basically involved about 2-5 minutes of stretches followed by anywhere from 5 - 20 minutes of jelqing, I always try to stay as flaccid as possible because I read that you can get more length gains and less girth gains that way. I usually did this strictly 5 days a week sometimes I’d miss a day or do 6 days in a row but I always make sure to have a break. I started out as 7.000 BPEL x 5.500 EG but always found that I’ve looked shorter than I really am. Today I measured in at 7.500 BPEL with no girth gains which I’m so happy with because it now looks longer as before I felt it looked smaller because it was quite wide. I’ve also noticed since I started my erections are so much more powerful and are achieved easier however tend to go away a bit quicker. I was definitely skeptical about jelqing and other PE before I got results, I just want to give other people confidence that it does work if you are consistent.

I’m hoping to stay well below 6.000 EG but I’m hoping to get up to 8.000 inches in length my ideal final measurements would be 8.000 BPEL x 5.500 EG I don’t think I want to gain any girth I’m definitely happy with my current measurement I feel like anything above 5.500 wouldn’t have significant benefits and might hurt the girl.



Congradulations on your quick gains. Keep it up and you will eventually get to your goal. I have been manual strectchin and using a vacuum hanger for 3 months and have only gained maybe a .25 of an inch BPEL.

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