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Strange injury again?

Strange injury again?

Well I have been doing PE for a month (5/1/2015- 5/2/2015)and I was ready to make my first progress thread and 2days ago while I was jelqing I was looking at my vein and I felt a strange warm blood I hadn’t pain or anything but I stopped after a little. Yesterday I tried to get an erection and I couldn’t. Well I went to the bathroom and I forced myself to get one after some time it wasn’t good but at least it was not for very long tho. This kind of thing happened and in the past when I did my first routine but this time I don’t know if its just a simple ED. I don’t want to think at ALL ABOUT VEIN LEAKAGE I take a rest day yesterday and I hope today I can continue my routine again what do you think of this? And what am I supposed to do? I was very happy that I did 1 month of PE and now this.

All you have is bad EQ caused by overwork and anxiety. I would evaluate in your pants if PE is for me, I wouldn’t like to think that I have permanent ED everytime my penis is tired. Find another hobby.

Well you are right but I want to leave this average state I just want a bigger penis but penis health is my primary purpose. I want to improve myself. People claim that we are born like this we can’t change, but you guys here give as hope for something bigger. I believe you understand I’m not good at English tho. Nevertheless ill give a try to PE today and I will see if my EQ gets worse.

Stuff like this will happen for most.Some of us have huge drops in EQ and some claim they need it to gain. Some never have problems and gain..
Its very subjective.

Its easy to do too much and get injured. If you are injured you have to heal or go to the doc.
PE is about experience and beeing able to tune into your body/penis.
Thats why you start out very slow and low intensity.

As marinera said probably nothing.
What some people do on here will make most docs cringe.
If you want to increase your penis size considerably then its always tied to risk.
Just do the newbie routine and with any problems stop and heal until it gets better, read much, and then start again with more knowledge.

I’m doing linenear routine which is easier than newbie routine and I hate when I get injured and stay out of PE I finished my first month of PE today (25on 6 off) and I was ready for a progress thread damn I may lose what I have achivied this month while I’m resting. Lets recovery for now and will see

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