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About a year ago I started using a stretcher with a noose. Having had very low expectations I was amazed with the results. I had not seen my girlfriend for a few weeks and when we made love she came just from penetration which is a blue moon thing with her. I asked her what had triggered it and she just said I had been really focused. The next night she said ‘alright what have you done to it?’
What a happy story! I mean, isn’t that why we all do PE?

Bear in mind that this was after 5-6 weeks of PE.

I was jelqing, edging a bit, and then stretching. Pretty soon I was stretching beyond my erect length. I was trying to do 4 hours a day on and off.

I then experienced ED and got scared. Thank God erection came back fine but I was too scared to stretch any more and not only did I lose gains but I have shrunk a bit.

I would really like to get going again but safely, but is it possible given what I did? I am not looking for reassurance just the solid facts. If I have permanently shrunk that is not good but if there is nothing I can do then I will accept it.

I am smallish for my body size (six feet tall and five and a half inches) and would dearly love to be just in proportion.

Feedback greatly appreciated.

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I wonder what you consider to be proportionate for 6 feet tall? Also, are your measurements bone pressed? PE certainly works. I went from being 6.25x5.00 to 7x5.5. At the moment I am pushing for 7.5x6.0! The guys on here all all great, and have helped me quite a bit. You can check out my log for info about what I have done so far, but do a search for the newbie routine. That should be your focus for the next 3-4 months :)

Great I will try the thunder way, though I think I get that there is no one single way. I guess my question was: does minor damage / shrinkage mean continuing PE is a bad idea? Stats to follow.

I think your main problem was going overboard. Too much force and too much time, trying to rush your results.

This program takes a lot of time and patience, so when you start again, take it easy, use moderation for both your force and time and remember to include rest days.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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