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Day 7

Hey people, me again :)

Today marks the end of my first week of PE. Woohoo !!

So to celebrate, I did the routine that follows;

10 min shower warm up
10 min dry jelqing (switching hands every 2 and a half minutes)
5 min manual stretches
10 minutes shower warm down

After yesterday’s session I observed that my PI were not as good as on the 18/5/2015. So to combat this I used a slightly stronger grip once again during my dry jelqs. I feel that I get a much better pump out of each dry jelq as compared to when I started with wet jelqs.

However, I read so posts last night that stated wet jelqs are better for length (which is what I’m aiming for) and dry jelqs are better for girth ? Does anyone know how true this is or does it depend on the individual ?

Furthermore, and this may be a silly question, but would it be weird to order lube from Ebay/Amazon ? As I’m living at home and I don’t want to alarm my parents to a package being delivered from the likes of If this isn’t a good idea, could someone link me to a site that uses discrete packaging so none of my family members are suspicious ?

Role on Day 8



P.S. I live in the U.K. So please try not to link me US website for the situation above ^^ Thankyou !

Originally Posted by Steve-O 632
Just thought I’d mention this for any of you guys wanting to jelq in the shower.. DON’T !!

Due to privacy issues in my house and the fact that I haven’t been able to go out and get lube, I needed to find another way to wet jelq. Also, as I warmup in the shower, I thought why not research whether conditioner can be used as lube. I read multiple stories of people who had had success with this so I gave it a shot. Day 1 was not an issue, however after my sessions today (day 4) and day 3, I have felt a mild ache around my urethra. Upon closer inspection today I found the opening to be a little swollen and the surrounding area red. I put this down to a reaction to the conditioner I used.

It has gone away completely after about 2 hours, I just kept my fluid intake high (water, tea etc.) and everything seems okay.

For tomorrow, I will probably change to a shorter period of dry jelqs until I purchase some lube in the near future to continue my wet jelqs.

Just food for thought if anyone has had a similar idea about shampoo/conditioner. I say stay away.



Hey! I think conditioner works great as a lube, but just make sure that it is natural! I won’t recommend it tho, because it tends to be pretty expensive to use it as a jelq lube hehe :D

Day 8

Hey all,

Another day of PE for me,


10 mins shower warm up
10 mins dry jelqing
5 mins stretching
10 min shower warm down

Progress seems really good. My erections seem to last longer and the seem a lot firmer as well. Also, it seems to take me longer to climax whilst watching porn which is a good sign as it means I can focus more on “enjoying” it and I doubt have to worry about cumming to soon - I have never suffered from premature ejaculation, I just mean that since I’ve stared PE I’ve have had way more control over me masturbation.

Changing tomorrow from a rest day to a workout day as I’m now going on a short holiday between the 23 - 25 of May. Due to this being a fishing holiday with my dad, I obviously won’t be able to PE at all.

See you all upon my return,



Hey all.

Boy it’s been a while since I did any PE which is a shame. Due to a short holiday and some penis anxiety (cured now) aha I’ve just not been in the mood.

I’m thinking of restarting tomorrow, my query is this:

Before I stopped, I was at day 10 of my 30 plan/schedule, should I restart from Day 11 or completely do over and go from Day 1 ?

I was thinking Day 1 as I want to try and go without porn - just as a personal goal.

Any thoughts and advice welcome,


Attempt No. 2

Okay so this is Day 1 of my second attempt at PE.

My other short blog obviously marks my progress thus far and reasons why I had to stop - which resulted in a 10ish day break from any PE. However, I am still ever so slightly skeptical as to whether or not this actually works. So without further ado, here’s my routine for the next 30 days.

5 - 10 min shower warm up
5 - 10 min jelqing or 100 2 - 3 second jelqs, whichever comes first. (Starting the first few days dry jelqing until my lube gets delivered in the post around Wednesday)
Some light stretching if I feel like it
5 - 10 min shower warm down

I will be doing this in a 2 on 1 off format.

Starting size = 6.0” BPEL x 5.5” MSEG. ~3.5” FL

One last point, after my session today, I noticed that my urethra is slightly swollen, but doesn’t hurt. Does anyone know what caused this, or have they experienced this at all ? Too much force while jelqing maybe ?



Steve, don’t start multiple threads on training log. I’ve merged the two threads. Please, write your progress here.

Ah okay sorry. I was wondering where it had got to :)

Didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to do that. Apologies again

Day 6 New Schedule

So today I’ve discovered two amazing things:

1) Warm wraps are a MUCH better way of warming up as opposed to a hot shower. They will become my new warm up from now on.

2) My lube arrived last week. Thus, I experimented with wet jelqing and found that it is so much better. However, I have to use a lighter grip due to the pressure being constant and not being “reset” as in dry jelqs.

That’s all for now,




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