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Starting Stats and Progress

Starting Stats and Progress

Hi all,

Today I did some measurements and have planned to begin PE later this evening.

I will post measurements soon after my PE tonight, and will continue to document results each day with PE 6 days on 1 day off, and will post updates every week (on Sunday) starting today after my exercises.

BPEL: 15.3cm - 6.02” - 6 2/85”
BPFSL: 15.2cm - 5.98” - 5 62/63”
EG - 11.1cm - 4.37” - 4 10/27”
NBPEL: 13.6cm - 5.35” - 5 17/48”
BPFL: 11.1cm - 4.37” - 4 10/27”
NBPFL: 9.4cm - 3.7” - 3 7/10”

The most important to me are BPEL, BPFSL and EG, and I haven’t set myself any goals yet aside from improving EQ.

Like I say, I’ll post updates each week starting from tonight with my routine and measurements afterwards!

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Godspeed bro. You can ask me anything if you want.

Cheers man.

I know it’s a slow process but I”m determined and always have been dedicated so we’ll see if things pan out!

Just did my first session of PE!

Went in the bath with water quite warm.

Soaked a flannel in hot water, wrung it dry and placed on my penis and genitals for over 5 minutes whilst bathing.

Performed Manual Stretches Straight Down and Straight Up for 5 repetitions each of 30 seconds after drying my penis and hands.

Used lotion as a lubricant for Jelqs, performing 200 repetitions at 3 seconds long.

Placed another hot flannel on my area for 5 minutes cooling down.

Performed 50 Kegels of 3 second holds.

I measured as soon as I got out of the bathroom, 10 minutes after ending Jelqs and got:
BPEL: 15.6cm - 6.14” - 6 1/7”
BPFSL: 15.9cm - 6.26” - 6 13/20”
EG - 11cm - 4.33” - 4 1/3”
NBPEL: 14.3cm - 5.63” - 5 17/27”
BPFL: 11.7cm - 4.61” - 4 20/33”
NBPFL: 10.1cm - 3.98” - 3 41/42”

I don’t know how accurate these results are because about 5 minutes after stretching (and getting erect), I feel I lack the energy to be fully aroused and notice the lengths are shortening.

Should I measure straight after PE or wait some time?

Some issues I faced were running out of lubricant during the Jelqing and having to stop every so many reps to apply more lotion, but gosh the vascularity was showing!

On top of that, the Jelqing left me with some throbbing I presume is caused by the trapping of blood, and the Manual Stretches were difficult to not become erect.

No dots on the penis head, but redcoloration.

Other than that, I think it’s a success?

Next session tomorrow!

You can find temporary gains in your bpfsl, and girth expansion right after the session.

Originally Posted by el jeringas
You can find temporary gains in your BPFSL, and girth expansion right after the session.

Oh cool!

I think I’ll document temporary gains after each session, and measure actual gains at the end of each week during my rest day!

Get some coconut oil you’ll throw that lotion in the trash. You can even mix a little olive oil in with.

Right guys so the first week of PE has finished!

I did 4 days on, 3 days off, beginning with a 5 minute warm up with flannel, 10×30s manual stretches SD & SU, 200 jelqs and 50 kegels during my 5 minute cool down.

Measurements are interesting!
BPEL: 16.3cm - 6.42” - 6 5/12”
BPFSL: 16.5cm - 6.5” - 6 1/2”
EG - 11.7cm - 4.61” - 4 20/33”
NBPEL: 14.5cm - 5.71” - 5 17/24”
BPFL: 13.1cm - 5.16” - 5 3/19”
NBPFL: 12.2cm - 4.8” - 4 53/66”

Now I blame the big changes in accuracy during measurements, (which I think I have down now), and intensity of erections.

On top of this, I feel my EQ has improved drastically and always have some good visible vascularity when flaccid or erect.

I will continue to perform this routine and post my weekly measurements until I stop seeing discernible changes, before I increase the intensity of the workouts.

Thanks guys!

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