Starting over and getting what I want.


I have been a on and off PE’er for a few years now. Getting some gains here and there, but not the ones I want so here I am; Off to a new start.

I have been doing a routine consisting of:

- Heat 5 min
- 20 min vacuum hanging with 2 kgs (about 4,5 lbs)
- Heat 5 min
- 10 min jelqing
- Heat 5 min
- Kegels
- AutoXleeve for a minimum of 3 hours a day. Tend to use it about 6-8 hours.

Im doing a 6 days on and 1 or 2 days off schedule.

I have been doing this routine the last week now, and since I restarted PE I have made some gains already. Though it could be the effects of higher EQ as well.
Following the 30 days off masturbation routine, and limiting my coffee intake to the minimum. No porn as well.

I will follow this routine and increase the workload every month or so.

I’m setting my goal to 9 inch BPEL x 6 inch Mid Eg.

Stats 26/8-14:

Sitting BPEL: 7,48
Standing BPEL: 7,28
Standing NBPEL: 6,5
Base Girth: 5.25
Mid Girth: 4,75
Tip Girth (Just below the head): 4,52

Stats: 4/9-14:

Sitting BPEL: 7,55
Standing BPEL: 7,36
Standing NBPEL: 6,6
Base Girth: 5.35
Mid Girth: 4,8
Tip Girth (Just below the head): 4,7

I’ll keep doing this routine and adding measurements here every week or so.