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Started again with a new mindset

Started again with a new mindset

It’s been awhile since I posted anything, mainly because I got frustrated and stopped altogether. I took a many months off from my initial start March 2014. Saw a length gain of 5/8” in the first month, a little in girth too. I stopped around this time last year out of frustration that I didn’t see any gains since May of 2014. I decided to do more research on here before I started up again, to make sure I wasn’t going to go down the same path or make mistakes any others made. My findings were quite simple so I changed my approach and wow I’m glad I took the time.

First, I mentioned I had gains when I initially started in 2014, but found I stopped gaining simply because I didn’t keep adding more jelqs - I would hit 100-150 and call it a day. After reading a bunch of posts here, it dawned on me that most people, including myself, just aren’t pushing hard enough. Your dick gets acclimated to a normal routine, just like weight lifting, if you don’t add more stress you plateau. I took that thought process and started using it Oct. 1, 2015, and so far so good as you will soon read.

My current routine is as follows - warm up with heat lamp, rice sock, or in shower, 5 minutes stretching (30 seconds down, up, sides, angled down like 4:30 and 7:30, and 2, 30 second twirls as fist as humanly possible), started at 100 jelqs and now up to 225 (slow, 4 seconds per) with a hard kegel right before I clamp my hand to start a jelq, occasional 30 second squeezes at around the 100 - 130 jelq point. I do about 15 jelqs before my dick starts to get too flaccid, so I massage him up to 70% or so before I continue. This adds time to my sessions but the technique is so important to do right or you are just wasting your time. Occasionally I use a heat lamp throughout my session, the sweat makes it feel like a real workout, and then I massage and roll it with my hands for a minute or two and heat him up again to finish. The entire session lasts about 30 minutes. I have been doing this 5 days on 1 off, some days doing a morning session and an evening shorter session if I feel the morning wasn’t strong enough or I feel I can handle it.

I plan to do this until I stop seeing gains. Proof that it’s working I found out yesterday.

I was at 6 1/2” BPEL on Oct 1. I’m at BPEL 7 1/8” as of yesterday right before my session, which was a huge surprise as I haven’t measured since Oct. 1! EG was just over 5” too, I know I have gains there too just by the feel in my hand - and my wife making a few more grunts as I enter her lately. Still waking up with hard on’s like steel so I know I’m not overdoing it.

I’ll make sure to post more often as my addiction to this has been revived.


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