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Star45 newbies progress

Star45 newbies progress

(Firstly apologies I posted this on one of my other threads by mistake hope this is okay)

So thought it was about time to report in with my progress so far. It will be two months since I started on the newbie routine on Sunday 14 ironic as its Valentine’s Day my routine which has been consistent is as follows;

5/7 min warm up with a cup and as hot a water as I can stand.
10/12 mins of stretching: L,R, Down, straight out, Up, crank X 20 to the left and then to the right, V stretch x2 inverted V stretch x2 and BTC.
Each stretch is held for 30 sec.

Wet Jelq using Ky; now at 25 mins each at 3/5 secs and mix it up with over hand normal Ok grip and inverted V jelq.

50 Kegels if I remember and then 5/7 min warm down with cup hot water.

So this is where I am not to sure if I have gained I have measured my BPEL and at times it can be a good 6.5 in at times and my NBPEL a good 6 3/8 in it can vary
My flaccid changes all the time but will often settle at 4.5 in; however, it can equally st right where it was when I started.

Now as for EQ again changeable I have had some epic erections when having sex to the point where it felt like it was going to burst but have also had occasions when masturbating when it’s been hard to maintain and not so hard. I do get regular morning wood and night wood though.

So I am not to sure where I am as yet maybe it’s to early to tell; I have been researching different extenders with a view to getting myself one any vets input would be appreciated.

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