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Sojelq Shrugged

Afternoon PE…..I probably should’ve skipped this, but got home to an empty house, so took advantage of the alone time

Warmed up (50 Jelqs under IR heat light)
Pumped for 20 min under IR heat light
100 Jelqs

Didn’t reach my target length in cylinder. That tells me tomorrow has to be a rest day.

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")

Rest Day.

From EquineRooster a few years ago:

” Days off as part of a routine are PART of the routine. (This is mentioned many places throughout the forum.) You are actively enlarging your penis on these days off. It is hard not to do a workout on these days, but by actively not doing anything, you are enlarging your penis.”

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")

Thank you Kevin12 for this wisdom:

“you might not feel the negative PI’s the following day but a few days to a week down the road you will.

It seems that PE is always 48 hours to a few days behind schedule depending on what you’re doing. I had some intense sessions a week ago and I started feeling the negative effects three days after them.”

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")

10 minutes: Heating pad to warm my unit
22 minutes pumping (4hg for 10 min; 5hg for 12 minutes); hit my target length and filled the width throughout the session. (it’s a 8” X 1.75” cylinder)
100 jelqs (2-3 seconds each)

Then used my ADS for 6 hours.

Over the past week, my dick definitely feels heavier in my hand. It’s more substantial throughout the shaft. And my EQ is excellent.

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")

Warm up (heating pad for 10 minutes)

100 jelqs (3 seconds each, medium strength grip)

Pumping: 30 minutes with cylinder wrapped in heating pad (5 min at 3hg, 5 min at 4hg, 20 min at 5hg); reached target length while pumped.

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")

Rest day.

Words of wisdom from Xeno in 2006: “Benefit from my costly experiment fellas…deconditioning is where its at. Strain it. Leave it alone. Repeat.”

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")

A persistent, deep “itch” around the base. Not bothersome, even somewhat pleasant. But not a skin related issue. Internal, and it’s a gentle feeling. More of a post-workout feeling of tissue modulation.

Today’s workout:
20 minutes warm up using heating pad
50 light-to-moderate intensity jelqs. More of a stretch-jelq.
20 minutes pumping (under IR heat lamp; first 10 min at 3hg; next 10 min at 4hg)
50 light jelqs
15 minutes pumping (under IR heat lamp; all at 4hg)

I’ve got the ADS on after this work out. Usually keep it on 4-6 hours

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")

Woke up with good hard on at 4am. Love the early morning. I looked at the erect unit carefully — I won’t measure until early August (next scheduled measurement date), but definitely see length and girth improvement since I started PE 4.5 months ago.

Girlfriend was still asleep, so - alas - the hard on was a thing of beauty just to be seen, and not used.

Today’s PE workout:

100 jelqs while the IR heat lamp kept my unit warm. Nice and slow, light-to-medium grip. Somewhere between pleasurable to slightly firm.

No pumping today (did this yesterday and don’t like pumping two days in a row).

Then used my phallosan forte for 2 hours (modified with the strap tied under my foot so that it became a straight down stretch). Light pull, estimated at equivalent of 2-3 pounds.

I’ll wear the phallosan as an all day stretch as well today (although I’ll wear it the normal way, tied around my waist).

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")

Following a good round of naked body wrestling with Mrs. Sojelq last night, got up this morning at 4:30am and…..

Warm up (10 minutes in heating pad)
Pumping 30 minutes (10 min at 3hg; 10 min at 4hg; 10 min at 5hg). Kept the pump wrapped in heating pad the entire time. Filling the cylinder very nicely. Might be getting close to needing to move up to a 2” diameter (I’m using the 1.75” currently). I’ll give it a month of solid packing before deciding.
50 light jelqs

Later, will use the ADS for 6-8 hours

EQ is strong (frequent, easily obtained, hard and full at peak).

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")

This is the only place I could write these words…but ….

I’m just now looking at my dick. That. Is. Not. My. Dick.

My dick hasn’t looked like that since I was 17. More than 3 decades ago.

I won’t measure until August. That’ll be my 6 month anniversary of starting PE. So I don’t know the growth.

But my eyes are telling me its grown. It feels different in my hand. It feels different in my girlfriend. The EQ is great, and the size is bigger.

I’m sold. Donation time to Thunders.

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")

Congrats man, hope your hard work pays off even more until your measurements. I can’t wait to have a post like this of my own, lol.

Indeed, if you’re stealth, this is the only place where you could drop off such a (significantly rewarding) message.

Keep it up!

Feb 2016: 173 mm BPEL (6.81") 132 mm MEG (5.20")

March 11th '17: 190 mm BPEL (7.48") 135 mm MEG (5.32")

Goal: A sustained 7.7" by 5.8" during intercourse

Thanks Crusher.

Today: light work out (should’ve just rested, but this was performed very lightly, and afterwards it felt like a therapeutic session, no stress):

20 Jelqs
1 squeeze (30 seconds)
20 jelqs

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")


Pumping: 20min X 3hg followed by 15 min X 3 hg. Cylinder wrapped in heating pad.
Light jelqs: 50

Not good pumping session. Didn’t hit my target length while in cylinder. Must remember to enter cylinder fully erect. When I enter only partially erect or very flaccid, it takes a bit to get things going, and hitting my target length in the cylinder takes longer and often (like today) isn’t achieved.

Dick is tired today. Felt tender most of the afternoon. No ADS (either Phallosan or PE weights) after my PE. I just let it rest.

Tomorrow: Rest.

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")

My routine currently is comprised of pumping, jelqing and an ADS

One thing I miss from the Newbie routine is manual stretching (I did some light hanging, but gave it up recently due to PI backlash).

For manuals, if I add it back into the program, I must remember the three main things to get better gains:

1. Duration - the longer duration you are stretching, the better it is.

2. Tension - you don’t want too intense of tension because this will create an adverse effect, which will tighten the tissue as opposed to stretch it.

3. Heat - keep the target area warmed up a bit during the stretch.

Perhaps while I use my ADS I can insert a Hot Hands into my shorts (covered by fabric to prevent burning skin). I’ve got the Toe Warmers from the Hot Hands brand which produces just enough heat to keep the dick warm and stretchy without baking it. Maybe this will add to the all day stretch

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")

Yesterday: Rest

Today - good training session:

Stretches (20 min under IR heat lamp, mostly inverted V stretch, but also hit other stretches)
Pumping (20 min in hot whirlpool; 3 to 4 hg)

Stretches felt good. Felt like it relaxed my dick. Hit my goal length in cylinder while pumping.

Oct 2017: 6.875 x 5.5. (Starting stats: Feb 2016: 6.25 x 5")


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