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Snoopycooter : 3 Months And 1 Inch


Snoopycooter : 3 Months And 1 Inch

Well I have finished my first three months of PE. So far I have been more than happy with my results, and remain dedicated to continuing this for years to come.
I am really kicking myself in the butt for not having taken starting pictures. But honestly I did not expect for this to work the way that it did. I started casually enough, after reading how much time people spent doing PE (for example up to two hours a day) I began to think The results would not be obtainable with a more casual amount of time. So the first month was spent only doing stretches in the shower and occasionally in bed. I never spent more than a few minutes a day stretching. After one month of this I had gained roughly half an inch in length.
I began to experience EQ problems around the beginning of the second month so the second month was spent doing primarily jelqing only. Averaging 20-30 min sessions 3x a week. During the second month I was getting red dots very seriously. During the third month I began taking my warm-up seriously and those have almost all but subsided.
The third month was a combination of stretching, jelqing , and towards the end I added uli and horse squeezes. I discovered that if I did a warm-up and some jelqs before I stretched and then did my girth work and finished with some edging that this prevented EQ loss for me. At the end of the third month I am proud to say that I have added one inch to my BPEL and half an inch to my mseg.

BPEL - 6in
Mseg - 4.5

BPEL - 7in
Mseg - 5.1in

Good day Snoopycooter and welcome to PE.

Glad to see that you have seen results and that you are gaining well.
Just a word of caution, don’t go for the squeezes and girth exercises too soon. I made that mistake and now I’m struggling a bit with my length gains, but I might just have found a way to increase size faster for me. Too early to tell, but by the looks of it, I added 0.3 of an inch in only a week, but could also be some other factors.

But please, first stick to your length exercises before going for girth.
And always remember to enjoy it.

Roger that , I had originally only begun doing some girth work in an attempt to get my EQ back to normal. I think I will take the next three months and focus only on length work and continue Jelqing before hand to prevent EQ issues. I took some progress pictures last night and have decided not to take any more measurements for another three months and at that time take more pictures to document progress

Hey man, congrats.

Same initial gains as me.

Don’t wanna jinx it but you should soon hit a plateau. Gains will slow dramatically.

Don’t make the mistake of upping intensity, rather go for decon breaks.

You will learn that cycling is key.


Then: 6.5 BPEL | 5.5 NBPEL x 5.5 MSEG | 5.0 BEG

Now: 8.11 BPEL | 7.24 NBPEL x 5.5 MSEG | 5.0 BEG

Aiming for: 20cm+ BPEL with low EQ (= still usable for sex EQ), 6.0 MSEG & BEG!, so the goal is: 8.1'' | 7.2'' x 6.0! || My journal

What’s the basic idea behind the breaks ?

Mar-2016 Jul-2016

BPEL - 6. BPEL - 7

Mseg - 4.5. Mseg - 5

The Idea from what I have read is to re-weaken your tunica, so that you may “restart the gains if you will”. Since you start strengthen certain areas in your penis from the exercises you do. Starting from beginning once again.

I will look into them .. Makes good sense to me

Mar-2016 Jul-2016

BPEL - 6. BPEL - 7

Mseg - 4.5. Mseg - 5

Snoopycooter what kind of routine did you use?

I’m just starting PE and I’m curious your beginning time, frequencies etc. So I assume you warmed up (maybe 5 min or more) with hot water maybe? Then just a couple minutes of Jelq to prepare for how much stretching and what directions/exercises? Then Jelq for how long after stretching? As for edging, did you just edge for like 5 min or so after?

What kind of measurement increases did you have each month, and how many days a week split did you do?

I’m trying to figure out right now If I’m overtraining.. Curious other beginners’ rest and active day splits..

Thanks Man

Make sure you are using constant heat.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Titleist what do you mean by constant heat?

Like keep taking breaks during workout and heating up with warm water, or using something like warm water simultaneously like when using a bathmate?

He means something along the lines of air heater.

But I think reheating by other means every 5m should also work.

Then: 6.5 BPEL | 5.5 NBPEL x 5.5 MSEG | 5.0 BEG

Now: 8.11 BPEL | 7.24 NBPEL x 5.5 MSEG | 5.0 BEG

Aiming for: 20cm+ BPEL with low EQ (= still usable for sex EQ), 6.0 MSEG & BEG!, so the goal is: 8.1'' | 7.2'' x 6.0! || My journal

Sorry it took so long for my response. As I said the first month I only stretch when I was in the shower and no sort of warm-up to speak of other than being in a hot shower. The second month I didn’t do a warm-up either other than occasionally would put a warm rag around it. During the second month my workouts would often be as little as 10 minutes but typically 20 or 30 and consisted only of jelqing and edging. I would jelq until erection would go away and then edge for five minutes or so until I was strong again and then I would stand up and let it get back down to 70% .. The third month is when I became more serious about a warm-up. I also discovered during this time that edging helped me fight off bad EQ and allowed me to begin stretching again. I would warm up in a cup of water as hot as my faucet could produce. And I would do this for 5 to 8 minutes filling the cup up with freshly hot water every three or four. I would then stretch in all five directions for 15 to 30 seconds holds per set and usually do each direction 2 times. I would then edge for 5-10 min. Followed by another 10 minutes of jelqing and then some edging and then squeezes and I would finish with edging.. Basically everything I would do I would throw some edging in between it. This helps me fight off EQ issues and also I just like it ha ha and I have to be honest I wasn’t committed to any one thing for each month I would try different things intermittently but for the most part what I did during those months I have just outlined for you.

Get a sock a put some rice in it for heat. Works very well. Put it in microwave for 30sec-1min get a cloth and wrap it around the sock because it will be hot and then wrap around your penis. Works like a charm!

Well the month of June provided an 1/8 inch increase. Not much but on the positive side now I don’t have to kegel to get my BPEL to 7 inches lol.. I have begun stretching on the ride home from work, in the shower , on the couch. Basically whenever I can. Also measured 5.25 girth after my workout today

1/8 inch BPEL increase **


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