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Should I Keep Going?

Should I Keep Going?

Good afternoon gents(ladies too if you are in here). I have done PE off and on for many years. I have recently gone back into it full swing and have seen great results. The reason I ask if I should keep going is that I am currently unable to use my whole cock during sex. My wife and I were both virgins when we got married and as such she has always been very tight. I have never been able to go more than about 3/4 of my length without hitting the cervix. I am not concerned about the length as I was past functional length naturally, I am however concerned about girth. I want to get thicker to even out the look (9.1x5.5) but we already have to use lube no matter how arroused she is. I enjoy PE as a hobby and for the personal time I get but don’t want to get to the point that she is unwilling ha. Any input is greatly appreciated.

P.S: I recently started pumping and the temporary girth gains are tremendous. I would love to be that size permanently but am scared to make it harder on her.

Leave it alone!!

It just seems so thin though. I guess it’s because of my length but still I’d like to be more proportionate.

Proportionate? How the f*ck 9 inches couldn’t be proportional? You got the magic stick dude

Difficult one. It seems you have the perfect set up in your love life. Sexually confident aroused women can always find room for more if they are on the verge of something special in their head, and translate this feeling into complete relaxation and swelling, (the vagina actually expands a little like an inflated balloon.) and after some work it is possible to plant it all.

For you it’s a nice feeling/ego boost to have slightly too much, for her, she sounds pretty cool with what she has, so keep it sweet for now. Maybe sometime up the road go for another half inch girth.. :)

Absolutely perfect setup at home. Best wife ever, I think she could take more girth and she will never take full length that’s an anatomy thing ha. And as far as the proportion thing, my cock looks freakishly long on my body but also looks thin. I just want to even it out some.

I gained about 3/4” girth by pumping. Be consistent and it should work. Keep the vacuum low.

Try a cock ring for temporary girth. I get a good girth increase after pumping by putting on a silicone rubber cock ring.

They are easy to put on and off, and don’t squeeze too hard.


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