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Shaun baby Progress Report


Originally Posted by Dave.frenzy
I find a good pump session before clamping really helps my expansion and also helps to stretch the outer skin. I wonder if some of the afterburn lotion you can get for sun burns would help to loosen up the skin and help prevent stretch marks. After I pump and start to clamp the outer skin is extremely tight. Would be nice if it were to loosen up a bit as I believe it would allow more expansion and more girth.

Hi Dave,

I tried it yesterday with alovera gel.

Only issue was the pump donut was then added to by the clamp donut to give 6 inches of girth donut! Well at least I know what 6 inches look like! 5.5 will be fine for now, currently 5.25 at Max erection.

Interestingly I got to 5.75 girth while clamped and super tight skin, but! When I released the clamp I measured 6 inch girth. So I am theorising that the length tightness of the skin is restricting the girth?

Found my old hanger! Currently typing with 5kg, 11lb hanging. Just about to finished 2 x 10 min sessions. May as well go for a third as I now need to research hanging again!

On the third session of hanging I got some pain at 4 mins. So guess what? I took it off straight away. I would like to think I am training with my brain

I’ve been doing 3 x 10 min hanging sessions for the last 2 days with 11lb and no problem. Well one problem.

While hanging I have been searching Thunders’ about hanging.

30min a day doesn’t seem to be recommended as enough. More like 10 hours per week or 2 hours a day with 2 rest days per week.

Is 30min a day on most days going to show any results or should I go back to the pump/jelq/etc?

Not sure if hanging us for me. I seem to have developed a lumpy region just behind the glands. If does go down with massage a bit.

That and the time commitment I think I would be better to add Jelqs.

I’ll shove it in the pump for measurement, but given only one week I doubt I will see anything noticeable.

Actually I think this is the rice feeling M8ter describes occurring behind the glands. I’ve never had it along the entire shaft though. I could feel a mild version on the shaft, but nothing like this.

Decided the lumps behind the glands, that don’t appear to be connected to the tunica are probably swolen lymth glands. And probably cause by the chook choker hanger. So a week off. Bummer.

Ohh well, at least I am refining my routine and have 0.5 cm I. Length and the same in girth. At the 3 month msrk


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