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Rough Road


Rough Road

So I have a unique experience here.

Short version: 7.25x5.25 NBP meg. Got hurt in an accident not PE related. Lost all EQ went to 5.5 x 4.375. Found this site. Started to help lightly and stretch softly. Increased the workout. Now doing a little more than newbie routine. Been 30 days. I’m at 6.5x5 with 70 percent EQ. Hoping to get back to my original with 90-100 EQ. Would love 7.5x5.5 but I just want to be back to normal.

In 2012 I was 7.25x5.25 NBP meg I got hit in Afghanistan and herniated a group of discs in my lower back. This caused a hip impingement nerve damage down both legs and into my pelvic region which has messed up my pelvic floor. I started to have ED and could barely get 50-60 percent hard. I would lose it during sex constantly. I was able to make a full recovery on my back without surgery and get back to daily life. All except for my penis. I went to a urologist who prescribed me viagra which didn’t work. So switch to cialis which again didn’t work. Said it’s the nerve damage but it’s hard enough and big enough to have successful intercourse so no need for anything anything. Well I wasn’t happy but I got over it. With a few too many 12 packs.

My wife finally said something to me on our honeymoon. She didn’t know it prior to injury only after. About it not staying hard inside her and it not feeling as good as a hard penis. It hurt. So I took measurement. 5.5x4.375 and it’s bendable and squishy. There is a ton of loose skin around my penis. Looks like it lost a ton of a fat and need a lipo surgery LOL. I want to fill the skin back out and be rock hard again.

Saw this site a few months ago and did a lot of research. As an engineer I love to research everything prior to attempting anything.

I started to warm up with a wash cloth then get in the shower and start with 15 second stretches in each direction for 5 sets. Which has increased to 3 sets of 40 seconds. Including V and inverted. Then 50 jelqs at 50-70 EQ. I need to stimulate with my hands to get there. I’m trying to ween off that. After 50 jelqs I do a soft squeeze at the base kegel in blood till it feels full and hold for 15 seconds and do that 2x. For a total of 4 sets jelqs. Then I stretch out again for a cool down. It has been 30 days and there is a huge difference. Sex is so much more enjoyable. Also have been taking animal stak for blood flow increase. It helps with recovery by bringing extra blood to muscles. I am currently at
6.5 NBP 7.25 BP
7.3 FSL
And the wife can definitely feel the difference. Sex is so much more enjoyable for both of us now.
I have always been an avid weightlifter and used to compete in powerlifting. So cardio and heavy workouts and recovery has always been on my side. And I think it is showing in my progress.

I now feel like my pelvic floor is very tight and I am targeting that now. It’s easy for me to tell because of the nerve damage I am very sensitive to any pressure change down there. As I feel it daily.

If I reach my goal of back to normal at 7.25x5.25 NBP and MEG I will be a forum donator. Thank you all for the help.

Any input on what to look for and what to do will be greatly appreciated. And yes I have read about 1000 posts on here from all different methods and perspectives.

Hey Scubes,

Quite a story! I’m not sure if the conventional rules apply to nerve damage but… Newbie routine (as light as will give you improvement!), kegels, being in shape, cutting porn, cutting caffeine, cutting general stressors, sleeping and eating well. Any to all of those are classically things that hold people back from having that 101% EQ. Best of luck to you!

Feb 2016: 173 mm BPEL (6.81") 132 mm MEG (5.20")

March 11th '17: 190 mm BPEL (7.48") 135 mm MEG (5.32")

Goal: A sustained 7.7" by 5.8" during intercourse

Since it has happened I have been very focused on not doing anything to make it any worse. Sometimes the caffeine gets to me. I have to keep the urge for that mid day or late day coffee if I want to have Sex that night.

My biggest issue is the inconsistency. 2 days ago I woke up with very good EQ and measured NBP 7 x 5.125. Almost back to good. Then yesterday I woke up with a. Thin erection. And today with about 50-60EQ. The inconsistency really messes with my head.

If I really just want to work on EQ And girth gains what should I do? I feel like my tunica is tighter than the smooth muscle and my CCs are not filling up all the way. I don’t really care to stretch the ligament. My wife has a short vagina and when I peak at 7 it causes some complications.

First and foremost I’m going to recommend you examine your diet, you mentioned being a gym rat and that will certainly help down the road but you need to make sure you are feeding your body well to help it recover from the nerve damage which takes quite a bit of time sadly. The b vitamins are very important in this regard as well as choline, zinc and potassium. Try to get these from your diet if possible and supplement if necesary.

Moving past that, if I were in your position I would consider pumping. Tread lightly and work your way into it but pumping will give you penis the chance to expand the way it should be without needing you to have perfect eq. I believe (although without science to back it up) that getting blood and therefore nutrients back into all of your chambers gives you the best chance of a quicker recovery. If you do decide to pump you should use constant heat and pump at low pressure ( 3hg) to be safe.

Starting Stats: BPEL 8.2 Inches MSEG 5.1 Inches 08/25/2014

Current Stats: BPEL 10.125 Inches MSEG 6.9375 Inches 11/06/2018

It works so do the work.

Thank you for your input. I agree that getting as much nutrients into my blood and moving the blood to my penis will be the best result to recovery. It’s been 5 years since being hurt and I never thought about doing any PE it exercises to help my penis.

My diet is good. After getting hurt I became a nutritionist to help me learn how to use diet to help my recovery to continue my passion of lifting.

I am doing the soft clamps with my hand to help keep blood In the penis as well as kegel in more to try and not only expand the tissue but add oxygen and nutrients through blood transfer. My wife isn’t too keen on pumping. She doesn’t care for increased size as much as she does for increased hardness. She wants me to try whatever way possible before pumping and use that as a last resort. Over the 2 months so far I have seen great progress.
Are there other techniques I have over looked that can benefit. Using strictly manual exercises?
I tend to do this stuff in the shower and use the water and steam to maintain heat. But when I get out the air is so cold. Will that affect my cooldown?

This might not be useful everyday but since you lift it will be on some: After a heavy leg day, the type where your legs feel heavy from being so full of blood, go home and sit in a hot bath with your legs elevated so that you are in a semi V position. Try jelqing while kegeling like this. I know it sounds odd but I get my best pump sessions like this so it may work for manuals. Keep in mind I am spitballing here trying to help you find more effective ways so it may not work as anticipated but is worth a try. As far as pumping goes doing it at very low pressure won’t result in gains or swelling if you are careful. If you do consider it start with a tube that will just barely accommodate your full size, perhaps 1.75 inch diameter, and pump for short periods like 10 minutes at 3 hg which should be enough to get you to full mast but not enough to cause swelling. I really believe you would benefit from pumping and she may be more on board once you explain it won’t make you bigger with this approach just healthier.

Starting Stats: BPEL 8.2 Inches MSEG 5.1 Inches 08/25/2014

Current Stats: BPEL 10.125 Inches MSEG 6.9375 Inches 11/06/2018

It works so do the work.

Thickambitions, it’s funny that you say that. After a hard leg day I like to take a hot bath with my feet elevated up on the tub. It is really soothing to my sciatica and lower back pain. The last 2 times I did that I also did my PE routine like that and peaked in size afterwards with a large flaccid that lasted all night. She even commented on how big it was soft. From my personal experience this has worked. And there’s a bro rumor in the body building community that sex after a hard leg day increases your orgasm feeling because your legs are your largest muscle and release the most testosterone and hormones when lifting.

I do want to try pumping. But I’m only 2 months in and want to give it to the end of the year before trying that. I’m not in the biggest rush to make progress as long as there PIs are showing positive.

You have the right mindset. Take your time as long as things are going a positive direction stay the course, if progress slows then mix it up it’s just like lifting.

Starting Stats: BPEL 8.2 Inches MSEG 5.1 Inches 08/25/2014

Current Stats: BPEL 10.125 Inches MSEG 6.9375 Inches 11/06/2018

It works so do the work.

I have been waking up with rock hard erections. And that is always the best way to start the day. I used to get depressed waking up when I didn’t have an erection cause it just reminded me of my issues. But now that I have been each day has been better and better.

Upping a little intensity in my routine and seeing how that affects my morning erections.

Keeping track of how much erection I have upon waking up. Or the moments after without any physical or visual stimulation has really helped me benefit from knowing how my penis is taking the PE. Also feeling it in my hand helps me know whether it’s full or not. And how heavy feels. It’s helping me identify how I did the night prior during my session. I just can’t wait for the end of the month to measure again.
Heat then
7-10 minutes stretching.
3 bundles stretches of 45 seconds each
3 V stretches of 45 seconds each
3 fulcrum stretches of 45 seconds each
Stretch down 2x 30 seconds each
Stretch straight out 2x 30 seconds each
This stretching really helps me feel loose. I will continue with light stretches beyond this if I don’t feel like I am hanging all the way.

Then 60 jelqs with 2 20 second squeezes after. Squeezing the base kegeling in blood til the head is solid and holding. Followed by 15 one handed helps with the other hand holding the skin back. For 3 sets. Using physical stimulation to maintain a 70 percent erection. Then 5-10 minutes of edging and ballooning with kegels to keep the blood in. I feel like this really helps because I am letting myself come to no erection then working back up. Recirculating the blood in and out.

This has worked for me. I started with a lot lower intensity and time for the first month.

Hey Scubes welcome to Thunder’s!

I know what it’s like to have a spinal injury and afterwards lose size and pretty lose your mind. I wish you all the best keep on keeping on!


Thank you. It can be a rough road but it makes you appreciate any little progress that you see anywhere in life and keep persistent to any negative feedback.
Sometimes I wish I found this place 5 years ago. But I was young and dumb and would have gotten hurt out of anger and haste. But I am glad I found it now and how much it has helped with my marriage and my mental health as well as my penis.

Welcome Bud

Thanks for the story Scubes and best of luck to you and your wife! Posting on here and pursuing this PE game can be a bit selfish and obviously solitary. To read your tale makes one realise that there’s plenty of fellas out there that have sacrificed a lot and most able-bodied blokes really shouldn’t worry too much about the “small” stuff. You Go For It man!

Start 9th May 2018. 6.00” BPEL. 5.75 “ MEG. end-newbies: 19th Aug 2018. 6.75” BPEL 6.00” MEG. 20th Sept 6.9” BPEL 6.00” MEG.

Target: An extra inch in length. No fancy car, just an extra inch in length.

Impressed. Thank you for the kind words. Since beginning of October when starting my EQ is back to 80-100 consistently. There has been a total change in my marriage. My wife was self conscious I wasn’t getting hard because of her and I was using the injury as an excuse. Sometimes I would lose it during foreplay which is why she assumed that. I was hurt that she said she misses a hard penis penetrating (which she said in nicer words I guess).
We now have sex daily again and it’s fully satisfying. Still going to chase the little bit of size I want back.

Edging and ballooning seem to work the best for me. Jelqing and stretching is just for an added fun :)


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