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Thought I would weigh in on this one.

Interesting thread with apparently two sides taking quite different views on what is, and what is not possible.

I suppose I am a big gainer, I’ve been at PE for around 40 years in some form or another, and never used camps as such, and pumped for a couple of weeks once but didn’t really feel it was the way to go (for me.) I remember measuring when I was a teenager and being about 5 3/4. I remember measuring when I was approx 40 and recall approx 7.75, and since being on my own for the last ten years (still mostly in relationships) I have devoted more than a healthy amount of time to PE and now get “flash measurements” of 9.5” (sometimes more.) My smallest flaccid is around 4.5 and the largest about 5.5 (not often.) I was always blessed with reasonable girth but it had slowly grown to around 5.8- 6”. In the last six months I have got that up to 6.6+ BG at 90% erection.

I have some theories, and I think many other big gainers will attest these are vitally important to know and understand.

Mental attitude and conviction PE works- it does.
Dedication. Yes, like succeeding at anything in life, one has to be completely focused and dedicated to the point of obsession. I sometimes put two hours a day into uninterrupted PE, spread over the course of the whole day.
Penis conditioning- vitally important.
Self understanding from a physiological point of view. This is far more important than most realise.

Before I say more, I would like to point out I only have one penis and body combination. Therefore I cannot sensibly comment on other’s different physiological responses to PE, and their ultimate results. With regard to my penis, I have a deep one, not a “beaver tail” such as the likes of Mr Diesel. This may or may not make a difference to the effectiveness of PE- I don’t know.

A couple of observations I have made over the years, and particularly over the last few years- before I understood these things progress was a lot slower. I know I will only get bigger, I also know what I need to understand to trigger growth. In no particular order;

Relaxing into it- you MUST give yourself free time which will be uninterrupted, this gives the correct mental conditioning before a good workout. This actually starts the night before when I go to bed and my head hits the pillow- I tell myself I have a big **** and visualise what it is going to become. This is vitally important- don’t believe me…?

Timing- it does not matter what you measure, but it does matter when you “work out’ and how the measurements you take compare- I cannot stress this enough. You will have times of the day when you feel most “vital” and you should structure your sessions around these times. Also blood sugar levels have a huge effect on your best friend, low and tired - forget it. Vital, and forty minutes after a decent sandwich- go for it- the difference is huge- literally.

Edging- you better believe it. I can only conclude that edging (and in fact all PE) leaves a build up of all sorts of “things” inside the penis and surrounding tissues, which predispose it to stimulation. The more the build up, the more the readiness of the penis to do it’s thing. Also, this build up of hormones and substances (or whatever the active ingredients are) masks just how much stress you can enter into your penis, when fully edged the penis can take far more abuse- or more accurately, your brain doesn’t receive the same signals as they are masked by the altered condition of the penis.

Blood in- blood out. It’s vitally important to let the penis and genitals cycle. In my experience, my erection goes through three or four cycles in each workout session.
This is your **** doing what it should, it’s flushing the system, getting old blood out, and new blood in. Who knows what bio is put into the bloodstream by the main body during the sexual stimulation you give yourself to aid PE. Letting him blow down and expel waste also allows him to breath in a fresh supply. Blood also brings heat with it- which is useful.

Manipulation at full erection- mostly pointless until you have been through 2-3 blow down cycles when every tiny nano fibre of the penis is warm and full. at that point then go as hard as you dare. This is the conditioning that newbies ignore. The pressure your penis can take when conditioned is really quite astonishing.

Targeting- you have to know what you want to target, and also just how you do that. Length and Girth- huh? Just what does that mean- you need to analyse how length and girth get to be what they are, at different stages in the erection cycle, and at different phases of your workout, make a mental picture and desperately try to understand what is going on- to teach this I would virtually need to take a penis yoga class!

Zipping up- yep, zip up when done, walk away switch off, don’t blow your load, hold it, your next session will be a revelation.

I hope this means something to somebody as it took ages to type :)

Originally Posted by Relaxo
I hope this means something to somebody as it took ages to type :)

Means a lot, thanks for sharing with us. Not the best place for this post, but is ok.

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