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Really grateful for this site

Really grateful for this site

I just wanted the express my appreciation for this website and the information contained in it. On Sunday, my wife and I will celebrate our 29th anniversary. We have enjoyed much good and sometimes even great sex. In fact, I don’t think it would be a stretch (no pun intended) to say that, next to our Christian faith, sex has been one of the primary cords that has held our marriage together.

Last August, we decided that she needed to move back to CA to take care of her parents. Shortly after arriving there, on one of our long phone calls, she said something completely out of left field that made me get a ruler out and measure my member. Now, I had not done that since I was 21. And I have no idea how I measured back then. But I do remember that I was frustrated that I was “only” 6.75”. While that was on the high side of “normal”, I still wasn’t officially “big”. And according to the pornography I was regularly reading, I wasn’t really “a man”. I then converted to Christianity while attending UCLA, married my wife 5 years later, got rid of the porn and never really thought about it again…until that phone call!

I pulled out the ruler and measured 7.25” BPEL. (I can’t tell you why I thought to measure that way) “It’s ½” bigger!” I thought that it must have been due to either my wife always pulling on me or…maybe it was those exercises (jelqing & edging) I did for about a month in 2008 to try to train myself to last longer! At the time I didn’t realize that my initial ½” of “growth” was probably due to the BP measurement getting rid of my fat pad! So I started researching…

Why? Because my 55 year old skin isn’t quite as sensitive as it used to be and my wife isn’t as tight as she used to be. And although I bought her a set of jade eggs, I knew I couldn’t depend on her to use them faithfully. So, I took matters into my own hands…and found this website.

I started in earnest after Labor Day. I followed Newbie’s advice and worked out every other day. I used Extend’s DMSO/iodine recipe to promote healing after each session. At the recommendation of Tossed Salad, the following morning I applied wheat germ oil in hopes of promoting growth. When she flew out in October, I was 7.5”. By Christmas, I was 7.75”.

Then in January, I read the thread on the benefits of heat and bought an infrared lamp. I then signed up for this website so I could learn how to make a Captain’s Wench. I read Bib’s double fulcrum thread and started hanging. Then I read “The Physics of Water Pumping” and bought a Bathmate.

So now I use heat and my hands to work out at night (My routine is very similar to Magnum XL’s), followed by either stretching or traction wrapping. I then hang the following morning while I read the Bible, and then finish by using the Bathmate in the shower. I then rest 38 hours until the next cycle. I figure that my routine has only added about three hours per week to my schedule.

Anyway, my wife flew out to visit me for our anniversary. Two days ago she noticed because she can no longer fit it all in her mouth! I am now 8.25” BPEL!

Now she wants to know what I am doing.. But that is MyBigSecret!

Welcome to the site. Most people register to start asking questions but some realise that almost every question is already answered in some form or another here.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Nice story :)

Been awhile since my last post.. But a lot of life has happened since then!

My wife and I decided that it was time to move to the place we want to spend the rest of our lives here on earth. We listed our house in late March at the highest price our realtor thought it could be appraised, thinking that the whole process would take 2-3 months. We had a full price offer in 3 days! An April 1st (not kidding), I notified my employer that I would be leaving at the end of the month. They were stunned! They offered to put me up in a furnished apartment, pay all of my storage fees, cut my hours from 50 to 35 (at the same pay!) and give me an extra week of vacation, so I agreed to stay through the end of June.

I just moved into a condo in our new state 2 weeks ago. My wife will finally be joining me in September.

As a result of all that, my PE has not been consistent. With all of the packing and moving, April and most of May was shot. I probably only had 3 good weeks of PE while I stayed in the apartment. I am just getting back to it now in earnest.

Despite the obstacles, I do have one good story…

My wife and 4 children flew in to help me unload the trailer and move into our new place. We were packed into two hotel rooms so there was no privacy. My wife wanted to go to our storage unit for a little oral action. Instead, we drove around until we found a semi-deserted place. After we got settled in the back seat, she had started getting down to business! Then she backed off, looked at my unit and said, “Wow…its so big…just looking at it makes my juices flow!” This from a woman who has been saying…”It’s big enough…I don’t want it any bigger”. Talk about an ego boost! Do you think that makes me want to continue…

And on a previous visit, since she can no longer fit it all in her mouth, she actually asked me to help her learn how to deep throat. I am proud to say that our first session went pretty well!

Despite all of the interruptions, I am now somewhere between 8.5-8.75” BPEL.

I am very excited because I will be able to do some focused PE until she gets here in September. My dream goal is 10” BPEL. If I hit that, I will be able to honestly sing that old Aero Smith song, “…she want to s*** on my big 10 inch”!

Wow sounds like it’s working well for you. What does your routine look like day to day?

I just wanted the express my appreciation for this website and the information contained in it. On Sunday, my wife and I will celebrate our 29th anniversary. We have enjoyed much good and sometimes even great sex. In fact, I don’t think it would be a stretch (no pun intended) to say that, next to our Christian faith, sex has been one of the primary cords that has held our marriage together.

Now this is awesome! Hang (pun intended) in there!

If you think you can or think you cant; either way, you are right.

Thanks. It really is true. Although it is an obvious oversimplification, I would say that for the first 20 years of our marriage we were either fighting or f***ing (and having kids, remodeling a house, active in church, etc.). Now it is getting REALLY sweet…almost like a dream!

So far, it has worked well for me. Just this morning, I looked in the mirror and thought, “That is really big.” (for me.. Not compared to anybody else) I got my ruler out and saw 9.125” BPFSL. I just shook my head in amazement. I mean, this is me that I am talking about. This is real. That thing in the mirror is mine! It’s a little unbelievable.

My routine has been very similar to Magnum XL’s (Punctuated PE Theory). I did about 100 jelqs (5x20). I used an infrared lamp for heat before each set. (I wore underwear while under the lamp to protect the family jewels) The number of sets and reps varied according to my body’s feedback. If I became too hard to jelq, I would calm Junior down by either doing ‘slinkies’ or this other exercise that I don’t know what the name is (underhand tourniquet grip at the base with one hand, typical jelq grip with the other hand up against the first, then slowly close the remaining fingers like you are milking a cow). I would cool down with 10-15 minutes of stretching with the Captain’s Wench. The following morning, I would hang (2 sets x 10-15 minutes depending on how it felt) in Bib’s double fulcrum position (BIB Has Spoken… A New Hanging Technique Is Born In 2006!). I then used the BathMate while showering. I would do this every other day, 3 times per week.

I also should add that there has been plenty of time that I did nothing. I took 2 weeks off to visit my wife in CA last Labor Day, 2 weeks off for Thanksgiving, 2 more at Christmas, 3 weeks off when my wife came out to visit me in February and then had all the disruption the last three months.

Evidently size does matter

You know, life can really get in the way of a good PE program. I was just getting back into a really good groove when my life took another abrupt left turn.

As I said in my first post, my wife has been back in CA taking care of her parents since last August. Back in March, I thought her father, a dominant Type A who has achieved pretty much everything that he ever set out to do in life, was becoming a little presumptuous regarding my wife’s care. So she started warning him that she would be leaving to rejoin me in September. Since then, he has continued maintaining a “We’ll make it on our own” stance even though it is painfully obvious that was not possible.

Just a few days after my last post, out of the blue, he told my wife, “I give up. We can’t do it. I want to sell the house (that they have live in since 1965) and move to be near you.” So, for the past 3 weeks, I have been in So Cal since then cleaning out 50 years of their stuff in order to get their house ready to sell.

But, I do have an encouraging little story…

I told you that my wife now knows that I am “exercising”. And her reactions have run the gamut over the course of time…

“Your big enough”…”I don’t want you any bigger.”…”I like you the way you are.”…”Nuh-uh! Your telling me that you are doing stuff to make it grow? That’s not possible. Who ever heard of that?”…”Are you ever going to let me see what you are doing?”

Well, last week, after a pretty generic “make sure I keep my garden watered” session, she said, “Thank you.”

I looked at her with a puzzled look because it was nothing special.

“For making it bigger…It does feel better.”

Pretty cool!

Inside I thought, “Man, when I hit my goal, you’re REALLY going to like me!”

…Now if I can ever get back into a consistent routine!

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