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Rav0r's PE thread

Rav0r's PE thread

Here I would like to share my progress as the information provided on the internet, but especially on this forum helped me take the right decision.

My penis was just a little over 13 cm BPEL, I have never measured girth. I always knew I was not big, that was proven by sex I had with my ex, she did not orgasm with me, although I last long. I also felt there was a deficit in my penis size with her. She had seen big penises and admitted sex was more fun that way.

I started trying PE a few years ago but I never took it serious and left it that way after a few days.

About 12 days ago, as I had a vacuum pump, I decided to take it all seriously. I have build my own cylinders, the first one was a 50mm PVC pipe with a disc with a hole in the middle, less than 40 mm width in which I inserted my penis in and pumped for about half an hour in the bathroom. It was a little too much for the fist time as I got it out all swollen with little red dots. But the result was amazing, I mad made a temporary gain ‘till 14 cm! That’s 0.5 cm gain, but well, it might even be the fact that I had a stronger erection. I have also seen that I can produce the vacuum with my mouth, so there is not even the need for a pump! Then I have build a 40mm tube, as well as a 30mm tube for the head. The head entered in the place where the other PVC pipe should fit in. I quickly realized the head can sustain more vacuum than the rest of the penis so I had to pull the pipe upwards, which was OK, since the pull was great for length. But since it was circular, the under side of the head got swelled. I can’t imagine 150$ worth vacuum chambers for head have their hole perpendicular to the head, since the head is angled towards the shaft.

So I did a version 2 for my head cylinder, a PVC pipe cut at an angle which I glued to the lid of a jar. I also placed a rubber ring under the shaft and, voila! Almost no more swelling and higher vacuum possibility. I am now at the limit of what I can create with my mouth.

I have an minimum 1 hour routine of pumping, 10 minutes with each cylinder, then 10 minutes jelqs. I have also added circular stretching to that, on high speed, but at first pulling slowly, than increasing the speed. I prefer pumping with hot water as it softens the tissue.

But, of course, I knew that was not enough. So I have experimented with nooses that I could wear throughout the day with an elastic behind my neck. I have failed many times finding a proper material, but, by trial and error, I have found that network cable insulation with a garden wire through it was great. Though, I could wear It only for a few hours as it got painful enough. Using my foreskin did not help as it got blue pretty quick. So I discovered TV cable isolation was better. I even went running with that noose tied by a belt in my back.

So, mostly, I keep a routine of at least one hour of PE training, but in the last days, I rather reached 2 hours, a few hours of hanging, at least 1 hour of sport (running, force training) and a healthy diet.

I now measured it and it’s 14.5 cm long. That’s an unbelievably huge gain, I know, but keep in mind that I spend hours a day PE-ING, and at least 1 hour of sport. As I take it lightly, my penis gets just mildly tired and in the worst case, instead of starting my routine in the morning, I start in the evening.

I have quit ejaculating, quit porn, and it feels awesome, I have more energy than ever and stronger erections than ever. I had a problem at first, as I was getting pretty sensitive, I once came in a tube, but now I started doing reverse kegels which helps a lot. I often do erect kegels and my head gets really pumped, I haven’t even counted those!

After all, I am really happy with the results, given that I have them in just two weeks, and I don’t regret a minute spent for that.

I think my goal could be at least 2.5 cm, but I’d rather say 5 (2 inches).

Welcome man.

For how long are you abstaining from ejaculation?
It is complete abstination: sex and masturbation?

1,5 cm in length gains is alot, congratulations.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

I came a few days ago because of increased sensitivity. I will have sex, but without ejaculating, or, if I do, I will do it rarely.

I’d rather say 1 cm, as probably my first measurement was with a not strong enough erection. Anyway, I expect this gains to get lower in the coming days, as this was just the beginning.

One month has passed. Now it stopped the wonder-enlargement, but overall I have gained massive flaccid size. It’s not particularly useful, sometimes I reach some toilets with the tip, but at least when I go out to pee, I will never ever drop anything on my pants. My flaccid penis is now 10cm long.

Hi! I have cut my goals and in 2 months from the starting of the exercises, I ended my routine. The reason behind that is that I am now 16 cm long and I am already hitting the cervix, so I don, t want to continue anymore as I don’t feel good producing pain to my girl. It took almost 1 month for the erections to recover, but now they are stronger and longer lasting than before. Reverse kegels have helped me last longer, and I also experienced dry orgasms twice, well, not because of PE but because I really enjoy sex with my girlfirend.

What I would like to say is that I probably started with 13.5-14 cm as I probably hadn’t had full erections and I was measuring with a finger behind the ruler which is not correct. Anyway, the 2-2.5 cm gain is impressive and the most impressive thing is that it happened 75% in the fist month and 25% in the last one.

Having a longer flaccid penis is not that bad after all because even if my erection gets weaker, it stills stays inside until it gets stronger again. I really like how my new penis looks and functions and the fact that PE works with dedication. It is too bad that many men that have small penises don’t know natural enlargement is possible and, even more, beneficial.

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