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RapidGrowth's Journey

RapidGrowth's Journey

This is where I will document my routine and progress toward a larger penis. I will use whatever growth I achieve as motivation to stay dedicated toward my lofty goal of 8.5 x 6.

So far I have gained .4” in erect length and .2” in erect girth in just over a month. It’s a not a huge difference, just enough to show me that PE does work and that it’s worth spending my time on.

I am beginning this journey because I’ve always wanted to have a massive unit. I want girls to be in awe when they unzip my pants. I want them to tell me that I am the biggest they’ve ever seen.
I have received compliments on my tool before but they weren’t exactly the compliments I would like to hear. Instead of saying “you are huge/massive” girls will occasionally say “you are long” or once in a blue moon “you are big.”
I am aware that I am well above average in length and on the high side of average in girth. As I understand it, girth is the most important of the two so that’s the main thing I will be working toward.

Age: 22

Start (2/21/15): BPEL 7.6” EG 4.7” BPFL 5.0 FG 4.2”

(3/27/15): BPEL 8.0” EG 4.9” BPFL 5.6 FG 4.6”

Gain: BPEL +0.4” EG +0.2” BPFL +0.6 FG +0.4”

Goal: 8.5 x 6

5 mins - 100% EQ edging, ONLY 5 MINS.
8 mins - Warm up with a HOT washcloth.
5 mins - Stretch for 30 seconds each down, out, up, left, right. Repeat once.
2 mins - Re-warm with a HOT washcloth.
20 mins - Slow but intense downward jelqs at 85% EQ.
5 mins - Five 30 second squeezes with some bends and glans clamps to increase pressure. Jelqs in between.
10 mins - 100% EQ edging, kegel hard to increase pressure, ONLY 10 MINS.
10 mins - Warm down in a hot shower while doing 3 sets of 10 rep towel raises.

Time: 65 mins

I will update this thread with any changes to my routine or any progress in terms of my penis measurements. I plan on adding some before pics, current pics, and will add pics as I make any noticeable progress.

Measurements will be taken once per week because I can’t help myself, even though the gains in a week are very minimal. Hopefully it will show a nice trend and highlight when gains came the quickest.

I look forward to showing you my measured goal size in pics in about one years time. I know this will take a lot of hard work and dedication.

Wish me luck, and good luck to all of you on your journey!


Had sex with my girlfriend for the first time in two weeks and I was doing my routine religiously 3 days on 1 day during our break. As far as I know my measurements had not changed in that time, maybe a fraction of an inch, and I was not expecting her to say anything.
When we were doing the deed she said “that hurts” so I slowed down, stopped going as deep, and tried to arouse her more so that she could take it easier. Then all of the sudden she says for me to go deeper and harder. I was confused because usually bottoming out is our problem.

Afterwords, I questioned her about it and asked her what hurt. She said that I stretched her out near the front of her vagina! That means it’s getting thicker!
As we continue talking she randomly blurts out, “well you have a gigantic dick.” I played it cool but I wanted to dance around when I heard that. I have never heard that before in my life until today and it felt so good.

I think I am addicted to PE now. It’s unreal to me that tugging on my tool for an hour is actually making it grow. The improved EQ is another thing. Having a unit that feels like a lead pipe is just great.

I am looking forward to when I have to force myself into women rather than just sliding on in. So, with that said, I will take the victory in this small battle and continue doing the work required to win the war.

Start (2/21/15): BPEL 7.4" EG 4.7" | (3/27/15): BPEL 7.6" EG 4.9" | Current (1/30/16): BPEL 7.8" EG 5.1" | Gain: BPEL +0.4" EG +0.4" | Goal: 8.5 x 6


I am now 23 years old and measuring in at BPEL 7.8” and EG 5.1” as of 1/30/16. Occasionally my EG does measure around 5.25” but my morning wood is most often near 5.15” and I’d rather round down than up. My BPEL has gone down from 8.0” to 7.8” but in reality my unit has actually gotten longer. I was measuring from the side before which added an extra 1/4” and made measurements inconsistent. My EQ is better than it has ever been. I have morning wood every morning unless its the morning after a PE session. I think cutting out porn and unnecessary masturbation has played a big role in my EQ getting so much better, along with proper diet, exercise, and a good multivitamin. I now only ejaculate with my lover or after a PE session.

I had to take a 6 month break due to school, but I have been graduated for a few months now so I have been able to PE. I have seen the best results doing PE only 2 days a week, usually an hour long session doing slow downward jelqs at high EQ (~85%) with about 5 intense 30 second squeezes mixed in randomly. This is what works for me. I find the more I do, the less I gain, and the more my EQ suffers. Intense hour long sessions with 3 days of rest in between seems to be the the sweet spot.

I’m still surprised that PE works. I want to thank Thunder and all the people who make up this forum for making this place where one can learn about and discuss PE without having products, DVDs, or unrealistic claims pushed on them from all sides. When I get a little extra money I will make sure to support this website. I have some pictures of my unit pre-PE and the difference is very noticeable. Hearing comments about my improved size from long term partners has been a great feeling.

My short term goal is now to reach EG 5.5” and I believe I can do that using my current routine. If my gains plateau once I get there I will begin employing some more advanced techniques such as pumping and clamping. Thanks for reading.

Start (2/21/15): BPEL 7.4" EG 4.7" | (3/27/15): BPEL 7.6" EG 4.9" | Current (1/30/16): BPEL 7.8" EG 5.1" | Gain: BPEL +0.4" EG +0.4" | Goal: 8.5 x 6

Wow good work! That must be a noticeable difference in girth. How long have you been back on the horse since your break?

My progress log and pics

Jan 2016 _ 8" BPEL _ 5 6/16" MEG | Mar 2016 _ 8 1/4" BPEL _ 5 7/16" MEG

Oct 2017 _ 8" BPEL _ 5 1/4" MEG

It seems you and I have both similar starting stats and have had similar experiences before PE and thus have the same reasons for doing PE.

I know I started off at a size most men would be happy to have, but that specific appreciation from the ladies we want have been sporadic at best.

It seems we started off just shy of that jaw-drop inducing size we want to have.

That makes us very lucky since an increase of an inch or so in lenght is far from unheard of!

I had to take a 5-6month break (or maybe it was even longer) because of school but I hope to be able to get back to it, only ~.5” left (to first goal)!
Also because of school taking up literally all my time, I haven’t had time to go to the gym or find a lucky lady to try my new and improved tool on. Hopefully we can reach our goals soon (and I can find a jaw to drop!).

GLHF man!

Start: ~7.5" BPEL, ~5.5" MSEG

Now: 8.5" BPEL, (9" BPFSL), 6" MSEG

Goal: 9.0" BPEL, 8.5" NBPEL, 6.5" MSEG

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