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Pumping log 2016


Hey myfacelackseyes,

Great name by the way. Those are some epic gains you got there, when did you measure them (as in, how long after your sessions)? What is your schedule (on and off days per week)?

Progressing great, keep it up!

Feb 2016: 173 mm BPEL (6.81") 132 mm MEG (5.20")

Sep 9th: 190 mm BPEL (7.48") 136 mm MEG (5.35")

Goal: A sustained 8" by 6" during intercourse

Update 18.09.2016

Missed a single session this week, been using the metal cock ring most nights so far it hasn’t caused any irritation, its a lot looser fitting than the silicone one I had before though so I get a bit less engorgement.

BPEL 18.5cm
EG 14cm


Lol, got no explanation for the name, struggled to find something that wasn’t already taken.

I measure just before my session on a Sunday, then post the numbers after I’m done, that gives the longest possible time between a session and a measurement so that I don’t get an inflated reading from the session. I’m don’t schedule any rest days; I try to pump every day but sod’s law has meant that I have done about 6 days/week so far (e.g. This week I missed Saturday). I’ve been keeping an eye on EQ and like I say the spotting caused by the vacuum is usually completely gone by the time I do my next session ~24 hours later if I run into any issues down the road I will introduce scheduled rest days.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Update 02.10.2016

Woops, missed last weeks post. I only missed one session this past fortnight as I was away last Sunday.

Current measurements:

BPEL still at 18.5cm

EG 13cm

Guess that is the last of my newbie gains then, time to settle in for the long haul!

Update 09.10.2016

Had a bit of a hectic week, missed two sessions as a result.

Measurements pretty much the same:
BPEL 18.5cm
EG 13.5cm

I’ve started using a cloth wrap instead of the steel cockring, I’m able to get keep a decent semi all day without discomfort though it might be causing some discolouration, too early to tell. I’m going to try staying wrapped pretty much 24/7 and see how that goes.


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