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Project Bes Freyr

Project Bes Freyr

Like many guys here, I have a sob story as to why I’m wanting start PE. I’m not going to go into because there’s really no point in looking to the past. What I want to look to, is the future. Yes, I know I’m already a bit above average in length, but I am a little on the thin side. To that end I’ve decided to embark upon the PE journey. I’ve set a goal for myself and I’m currently working on the newbie routine.

I’ve also developed a few more steps for this project to be become a sex god.. Project Bes Freyr. My technique is actually pretty good. It’s how I’ve gotten away with being so thin for so long. So I’ve decided to work on other aspects. I’m working on the all concurrently and it does take up quite a bit of time everyday, but I think it’ll be well worth it in the end.

Part I - PE. Start: BPEL 6.13 EG 4.44 Goal: BPEL 9.5 EG 7.0
Part II - Kegels. I’ve found a kegel program that is more than just doing kegel crunches. It’s about developing strength, endurance and control.
Part III - Tongue. I’ve created a program to develop strength, endurance, flexibility and control, as well as increase the length.
Part IV - Physical Fitness. I’m starting the P90X program. I intend to do 2 - 4 cycles and then use CrossFit for maintenance.

I’ll be keeping a log on in a private document, but I’ll post here if there is any interest.

Originally Posted by BesFreyr

I’ll be keeping a log on in a private document, but I’ll post here if there is any interest.

Hi BesFreyr.

Welcome to Thunders Place, by all means post your log here and I’ll move this thread to the progress reports section for you. :)

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