Hi Everyone,

I’ve been PEing for 7 months and decided to start a progress log to get input from the experts here.

Start stats: EL 5.6 EG 5.3
Current: EL 6.38 BPEL 6.88 FBPSL 7.4 EG 5.63
Goal: 7.5 EL x 6 EG

My current routine is mon, tues, thurs, fri:
5 min hot wrap and kegels
15 min jelq
5 min hot wrap
10 min stretch
5 min hot wrap

Up until two weeks ago I was doing twice as much jelqing because I started PE with a routine from another site. After looking at all the newbie and PI threads here I probably started way too intense.

I decided to halve my routine to the current length because of a notable decrease in EQ, lack of morning and night wood, and a near-constant worn out feeling in my dick.

I posted a beginners forum thread last week about an itchiness I had around the dick head which has since gone away, but now I have a slight “sensitive” feeling in my dick head most of the time. I’m not sure what that means, but I figure I should probably take a couple of days off at a minimum. I find that the sensitivity has caused me to jelq at a very low intensity for fear of overdoing it if I use my normal grip. I also have relatively bad PIs.

I appreciate any comments on my current situation and advice on my routine.