Progress Timeline

Just started PE exercises two weeks ago. Like others, getting a fix on flaccid measurement is not easy but basically around 2.5-2.75 at start, often with turtle head effect. I was circumcised as an adult and a Tara clamp (I think) was used by my doc. Anyway, the cut is very precise and aligns perfectly with the ridge of my dick head, unlike many I’ve seen. Flaccid and worse case, the remaining skin (a fairly loose cut) would just cover the ridge of my dick head. Other times when my dick hangs a bit more loosely, the circumcision cut will stretch out a bit. Now, I never see the skin covering the ridge as before. It’s about 1/16-1/8” behind the ridge. So, in two weeks the PE exercises seem to be working a bit. I did a head tip to pelvic bone measurement today with a full boner and I’m not quite 6.25” in length whereas before I was barely making 6.maybe 5.9-5.95, and that seems to indicate some gain. I haven’t checked my girth increase as I’m not too concerned. I’m already 6 around just behind the head and about 6.5 mid shaft and much thicker at the base. I’ve tried wearing a cock ring every day since I started and I also noticed what someone else posted, I seem to be getting thicker at the base, which I don’t like, so I’m not wearing the ring at this point. To be honest, 6-6.5” circumference doesn’t seem that thick to me but it does make my 6” length seem stubby.

I’ve also noticed that while my worse case flaccid length seems to have not changed more than 1/16-1/8 of an inch, when I do a few tugs to stretch it out, my dick hangs longer than it use to. That would seem to indicate the PE exercises are creating some elasticity in the shaft. I also notice that the turtle effect seems most noticeable when I’m finished exercising or doing a brisk walk but when I stand naked at my sink after showering and while I shave, my dick starts relaxing and stretching out to a flaccid length that is definitely longer than two weeks ago.

Is it reasonable to expect I can gain half an inch in real flaccid length in six months? I guess I’m one of those guys who would rather be more of shower than a grower. If I had a dick that hung 3.5-4.5” flaccid in the locker room, that would be ego boosting than an erect length gain, although I’ll take that too. :-)