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Progress - Manual exercises only

Progress - Manual exercises only

Hey everybody, I am new to this forum, so this will be my first post.

First off, my story:
I have been doing PE exercises on and off for about ~2yrs now. I am not that new to PE, but the techniques I use are just the basic ones and I keep the intensity level pretty low, so I wouldn’t consider myself a “pro”. I originally started PE to try to correct unwanted curvature but long story short: gained ~.5” with no change to curvature, had corrective surgery (now straight as an arrow), lost ~.5” in length due to surgery (very typical), and with things pretty well healed have picked up PE again to gain back lost length. I have now just gained back the .5” I lost and have been contemplating on whether or not I want to keep going. — I think I’m going to keep going! :D

I am not looking to make any serious gains, and the basics have been working pretty well for me, so I think I am going to stick with a solely manual approach. It seems like there are always questions amongst the newbies on how effective manual exercises are, how fast (if any) are the gains, etc.. So I figured I would track the progress of a simple, non-balls-to-the-wall approach.

Current Stats and Goal:
I am currently at BPEL 7.5” and MEG 5.875” which on a fairly slender 6’0” frame already looks pretty good. I think my goal is going to be the magic 8” x 6”. I keep going back and forth on whether to continue because I prefer more slender women and don’t want to end up with anything that is unbearable. My last GF was ~5’3” 110lb asian and she handled things no problem after a few sessions so I think I’m ok? Not sure if this was a fluke though.

Anyways, as I said before my routine as of now is very simple. I may step things up if gains begin to slow, but have no intention of going to any devices:

Twice per day (morning/night):
- Manual stretching: 30sec stretch, 30sec rest, for ~15-30min.

I pull hard enough to have minor soreness after each session, generally going a bit more intense (pulling harder and exercising longer) on the evening sessions as sleep gives my body more time to recover.
I make sure to eat a diet high in protein and make sure to get a lot of sleep (I also lift weights so this is pretty easy/worthwhile)
I may start incorporating jelqueing into my routine as I get closer to my length goal. I really don’t want to overshoot on girth.

Oh, and I guess I will post progress as of now:
Mar 30 2015: BPEL 7.0”, MEG 5.875
May 27 2015: BPEL 7.5”, MEG 5.875

*I made some relatively fast gains which may be associated with getting back into PE and stretching out “retracted” length from surgery, so I don’t expect progress to continue at this rate.

Its been a bit over two months now, so I figured I’d post an update.

Progress has slowed significantly. I’ve noticed with exercising every day, or even every other day, my penis was starting to get very “strong”. Basically it had become conditioned to the force I was applying to the point where it stopped getting sore, and stopped increasing in length (probably the end to the easy gains and probably where the devices start to help.) It has taken me a little bit of time to experiment, but what I think I found worked was to take a bit of time off (~3 weeks) to where I was able to become sore again after my usual exercise, and then now only exercise about once a week. My routine now is to stretch sat and sun 2x/day till I am nice and sore, then take the rest of the week off. That routine seems to keep my penis responsive to the exercising, but obviously now the gains are coming slower.

Also, I am not sure if others experience this, but my BPSL has continued to improve steadily so I am now at a BPSL of 8.25”, but my erect length which used to lag my stretched length by ~.25-.5” or so, is now closer to .75” behind. Is there any trick at helping erect length keep up, or is this just how things go?

Mar 30 2015: BPEL 7.0”, MEG 5.875
May 27 2015: BPEL 7.5”, MEG 5.875
Aug 9 2015: BPEL 7.625”, MEG 5.875

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