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Predo's Report


Predo's Report

Hi guys, my name is Pedro (yeah, I now the name on forum is Predo, sorry for that haha) I’m from Brazil(sorry in advance for the bad English). I’m new to the forum but not really new to PE. My first experience on PE was 2 years ago (while I was in a relationship with my (now) ex-girlfriend) and had some nice gains in only 2,5 Months doing a Jelq based routine, which I started because I always felt bad about my penis size. I’ve started PE with something around (sorry for not being specific) 16,9 cm(~6,7”) BPEL and 12,5 (~5”) Girth. At the end of these 2,5 months I was measuring 18,5 cm(~7,4”) BPEL and 13,5(~5,4”) Girth. I don’t really know why I stopped with PE and after that I lost most of my gains.

Now I’m back with more information (I read the hell out of this forum haha) and more technique ready for a nice PE journey along with you guys.

I started a new routine a month and a half ago and these were my stats

17 cm(~6,8”) BPEL
13 cm(~5,2”) Girth
13 cm(~5,2”) FL (arithmetical average of 4 different measures)

My routine consisted of

Dry Jelq (200 reps)
Uli’s 3#
Fowfers (nothing really consistent)

My current stats are

17,5 cm(~7”) BPEL (I miss my old 18,5cm :/)
13,5 cm(~5,4”) Girth
16,5 cm(~6,6”) EL
14 cm(~5.6”) FL (arithmetical average of 4 different measures)

My current routine is (after I read a little I found out that for length (my primary objective) stretches are really important I added some stuff)

AM- 5 min warm up
15~20 min of mixed stretches (A stretches , Inverted V stretches, and the old and good ‘pull in every angle known by men’)
5 min warm down (is that correct? Warm down?)
Fowfers every time I’m doing something while sitting (I’m doing them while I’m writing this haha)
PM- 5 min warm up
Dry Jelq (200 reps of 3~4 sec)
Uli’s 3#
5 min warm down.

My Goal is to hit the 20cm(~8”) BPEL and 15cm (~6”) Girth. Hopefully growing as fast as I was growing the last time I did PE (which isn’t happening :( ). I really hope you guys can help me with my journey and I also hope to make good friends here. Again sorry for the bad English.
To those willing to follow up my gains I’ll be posting in this thread in a week basis.

Hey guys, Today is my first day off since I created this thread so I’ll tell you how my week is going. I’ve been doing my routine 3 days onn 1 day off.

So, all days have been like this :

AM-> 5min warming (my shower can be hot as hell so I just put my penis under it (in some temperatures is the only part of my body that can stand it hahaha))
~3 min all angles stretching
5~7 min inverted V stretching
10 min A stretching
5min warming

PM-> 5min warming
10~15 min jelqing (first ten minutes at 50~60% erection level and the last five minutes 80%)
Uli’s 3# (10 reps)
5min warming

I’m really enjoying this routine, for the first time I’m starting to fell my penis tired of the work out, and I fell like I deserve this day off. Besides the fact that some times is difficult to do my whole routine (I’m 18, still live with my parents) everything is just fine. Some times I fell the urge to measure my penis right after the workout, I fell so good and my penis is hanging so low that I just fell like “Hey, maybe I’m bigger already, lets measure!” but then I just forget about it so I won’t be disappointed.
Other thing that is bothering me is the fact that in day 2 I masturbated (with a little edging) 4 hours after the end of my routine, and I just fell like it may have a negative affect on my workout.
So, these were the first 3 days of my routine, If I had to give a grade to it, it would be a 3,5/5

And for those (including me) who want updates of my stats, I’ll be measuring it every 2 weeks and posting the results (hopefully with some gains haha)

Hey Guys it’s me again 2 days later. This is what happened my vacation is over and I had to return to college today. So my routine will now be 1 day off (monday) 3 days onn 1 day off 2 days onn. That’s because I can’t do my routine properly on mondays because I have classes from 7:30 AM to 19:30 PM.

Anyway, I’ll now make a resume about the last two days , I also measured today and have some questions to the veterans.

Today is the 7Th day of my new routine which is the same as I stated in the last post :
AM-> 5min warming
~3 min all angles stretching
5~7 min inverted V stretching
10 min A stretching
5min warming

PM-> 5min warming
10~15 min jelqing (first ten minutes at 50~60% erection level and the last five minutes 80%)
Uli’s 3# (10 reps)
5min warming

But in addition to this I sometimes do a little “mini routine” like this : “I’m bored and I have some time so why not do 100 Jelqs?”. Which lead to my first question to the veterans: Is it ok to do this mini routines or am I over PEing ?

The second question to the vets is: Is it ok to use fowfers as warmings? Some times I don’t have the privacy to use heat as a form of warming for PE, and I read somewhere that some people use fowfers as a form of warming.

And now the measurement..

So today is my day off and I couldn’t resist to measure my unit. I really wanted to test my new routine for at least 2 weeks before measuring but I just couldn’t wait. I know that these are still probably just temporary and I shouldn’t get all happy and excited about it but I had some nice gains (probably because I’ve never done stretches before and now I do 20 mins of them 5 times a week)

My previously stats were:

17,5 cm(~7”) BPEL
13,5 cm(~5,4”) Girth
16,5 cm(~6,6”) EL
14 cm(~5.6”) FL

My current stats (not official yet, I’ll officialese them in 2 or 3 weeks)

BPEL: I couldn’t get (and mantain) a nice erection but I measured some times and all of them were between 17,8 and 18,3 cms
Girth: 13,8 cms (mid shaft)
NBPEL: I couldn’t get (and mantain) a nice erection but I measured some times and all of them were between 16,8 and 17 cms
FL: 14 cms (no gains)

So I’m pretty happy with the way things are going especially because here in Brazil 18 Cms is considered a really nice length. I’m really hoping to continue growing with this routine and achieve 19 cms(BPEL) in 2 months or so. It would be awesome to achieve my first goal (around 20 cms BPEL and 15 cm Girth) in a matter of 4 months or so but I highly doubt It.

Nice to keep in touch with you guys (no homo haha (9gag joke)) see you in 3 days! Hoping for some answers and advice if I’m making some mistakes or something.

Hey guys, Its nice to talk to you again.
I know I should have posted here yesterday but I wasn’t able to (Brazil’s game + girlfriend coming over)

Well I had some great workouts in the last 3 days, still fallowing the same routine as stated above since I can fell it working out for me. I’ll measure again on Monday so I can confirm my gains from this routine.

I’m still waiting for the answers to the questions I made in the post before this because I’m still afraid of overdoing the Jelqs (The ‘mini’ routines I talked about on the same post). I don’t experience any sort of pain and my penis fells just great after the last Jelq of the day (minimum of 300 a day (200 50~60% erect 100 80% erect) maximum of 500 (300 50~60% erect 200 80% erect). And I think I just got the right way of jelqing, my penis look great while I’m jelqing and the head is starting to become bigger.

Another thing, I’ve been taking pictures of my penis in weekly basis since I came back to PE (always compering it to a ‘rexona men active’ or my hand) and its really nice to see with my own eyes the difference between my penis now and then. I’m planning on keep a photo log and post it here when I get closer to my goal.

That is my report, I’d say these last 3 days were a 4/5, really nice workouts but some times is difficult to maintain the erection levels while jelqing. Any tips regarding this matter?

Hey Guys I’m here again and with some good news o/

So, today is Monday and a day off. As I promised I measured today to confirm my gains from last week and they are confirmed !

The stats I measured today were (as always I’m having a certain problem to keep the erection levels, I’m considering taking viagra or something like that to do my measures, I have no problem to keep good erection levels when having sex or masturbating but as soon as my penis sense the ruler it starts to “get shy”)

The stats o/ :
BPEL: since my erection levels fluctuated a little I measured between 18,00 and 18,5 cms (haha, getting back to my old measurements)
Girth: 13,9 cms (mid shaft)
NBPEL: this time my measures were between 17,0 and 17,2 cms
FL: 13,5 ( I lost some here, maybe because stopped doing fowfers, I’ll take them seriously again)

So, that’s It, I’ll keep measuring my unit every two weeks to keep you guys updated.

Now, I’m a little afraid I won’t be gaining as good from this routine anymore since I’m not being able to use heat properly on my warm ups but I’m working on that.

Bye guys, see you in 3 days.

(Still waiting for some advice on the matters I posted before)

Hey guys, nice to see you again.
I had some problems last week what made me unable to post here but nothing that could stop me from doing my routine.
These last days were awesome I’d grade it 4,5/5.
The only downside its that I don’t know why but my penis is turtling a lot If I don’t do fowfers (which I can’t do often anymore since some days I have 12 hours of classes) or keep touching it. Any way even when it turtles my unit looks bigger than before ( his turtled state is somewhere 12,5cm (~5” length)).

My next BPEL measurement will be on 07/21/2014 I’m very anxious to it my unit looks nice when fully erect and the head looks bigger than before so I’m hoping for maybe another 1/8 of a inch(keep in mind that probably I’m still having newbie gains despite my “intense(?)” routine).

See you guys soon

Hey guys, I’m posting here really quick just to say that today was measure day and oh boy oh boy I’m happy. First, let me post my old stats of a month ago
17,5 cm(~7”) BPEL
13,5 cm(~5,4”) Girth
16,5 cm(~6,6”) EL
14 cm(~5.6”) FL (arithmetical average of 4 different measures)

Now, the stats from 2 weeks ago :
BPEL: since my erection levels fluctuated a little I measured between 18,00 and 18,5 cms (haha, getting back to my old measurements)
Girth: 13,9 cms (mid shaft)
NBPEL: this time my measures were between 17,0 and 17,2 cms
FL: 13,5

Now today’s measure stats :

BPEL: all my measures were between 18,7 and 18,9 cm
Girth: 13,9 cms (no gains)
NBPEL: 17,5cm
FL: 13,7 cm

So, these measures says that I’ve gained in a period of a month 0.55” in length(BPEL) and 0,15” in girth (mid shaft), which for me is simply amazing I’m really happy about the way things are going. I know that maybe 50% of these gains may be due to a better EQ, maybe other 25% due to some natural growth I may still have (since I’m still 18) but at least 25% are due to my new routine! I’ll keep it for another month if I keep gaining like this I’ll be very happy.

My routine is the same as in a month ago, sometimes with 3 more minutes of stretching, sometimes with 3 minutes less.. Some days I have the time and energy for 500 Jelqs, other days just for 200~500 but always the same order of exercises.

Funny thing, I masturbated after the measures (since today is a day off) and automatically after I finished, I lost 1,3 cm BPEL (went from around 18,9 to around 17,6) is this something normal?

Originally Posted by Predo108
Funny thing, I masturbated after the measures (since today is a day off) and automatically after I finished, I lost 1,3 cm BPEL (went from around 18,9 to around 17,6) is this something normal?

Are you saying that you measured immediately before and immediately after ejaculating? If so, then yes, it is perfectly normal to lose some hardness immediately after finishing.

Also, I’ve noticed that as I get closer to finishing, my length will decrease a bit and my girth will increase a bit.

163 x 122 (6.42" x 4.80") - May 2012

181 x 142 (7.13" x 5.59") - September 2014

204 x 153 (8.00" x 5.75") - Goal

Yes, exactly what I was saying, thanks dude! Never noticed the girth thing just before finishing. I’ll try to pay more attention to it!

Hey guys, It’s me again.

Last week was not a good week for PE after all.. I did all my workout as always (1 day off 3 days on 1 off and 2 on) but my penis just didn’t felt the same. Maybe I over worked a little (I used to do an average of 16 minutes of stretches (the less would be 14 and the max 18~20 min) and last week I jumped to an average of 20 minutes) I just don’t really know what happened. I’m still having my morning woods but my unit is turtling a lot more than usual and that annoys me a lot! Even when I’m jelqing or edging my erect penis don’t look as big and healthy as I tough it looked before.

Can any of you guys give me any advice on that subject ?

I would shorten your workouts, do less lig work, maybe focus more on the tunica with V stretches and fulcrum stretches, and take longer breaks between PE sessions. I’ve made that change recently and it’s worked for me. I never do PE until fully rested now, even if my breaks are 3 or 4 days off 1 on, etc.

Hey guys, I’m posting from my phone so sorry for any mistakes.

Today was measuring day, and it was a hard day. I just couldn’t get a nice erection level, so my measures were really difficult to make precisely. Sorry for that.
Here they go:

BPEL: best measure was 19,2cm the worst was 18,2 (I wouldn’t categorize it as a erection it was more than a semi but less than a erection)
Girth: NO DATA (I couldn’t find my measuring tape, sorry guys, I’ll post my girth next week)
FL: 13,5
EL: 17,6

So, the fact that I couldn’t maintain a nice erection really bothered me, but than I realized that, even with a bad erection, I measured 18,2 CM , what is almost half an inch bigger than what I had some months ago with a good erection and thats just awesome!

Still, I don’t know why , I was expecting a lil more than 19,2 (I think it felt a little bigger than that). Any way, I’ll maintain the same routine for two more weeks since it already gave me 1,7 cms in BPEL gains. After that I’ll make some alterations, maybe take the jelqs away and do two sections of stretches (tunica in the morning and ligs in the evening). What do you guys think about that Idea?

Hey guys its me again. No I didnt stop PEing and I’m still fallowing my routine consistently I’ve just been busy these days and wasn’t able to post anything.

So I measured after 2 and a half weeks and unfortunatly for the first time I felt like I hadn’t gain anything. I was able to measure 19,5 cms but I felt like I was pressing the ruler too much onto the bone (not to the point in which the ruler would bend but anyway.)so I won’t count this as gains. On the plus side I noticed that my max~min measurements are getting closer to each other . Its like that: last time my max measurement was 19,2cms and my min was 18,2cms while this time my max was 19,2 and my min was 18,5 (by min I mean a erection of something around 85%(not that hard but still a erection) and by max I mean a 95% erection (its really hard for me to get a 100% erection despite my age)) maybe I’ve reached my first plateo.

I don’t know If I should continue with my routine for some more time, change things right now or even if I should take a Deconditioning break.

I’ve been Peing for 3~maybe 4 months, what do you guys think I should do? I would really like an answer from any veterans about this matter so I can decide my next step.

Thanks guys , see you later

Hey, your gains are great, Pedro!

Let me ask, how do you feel after stretching? I never stretched so far but am planning doing so in a near future, when jelqs start slowing the growth rhythm. Still not sure if I’ll stretch or try something else. I just don’t want to play with pumps because I’d be very frustrated due to the size fluctuation.

Anyway, I’ll follow your topic!

@Alzadig Hmm its kinda hard to explain that in English since the “felling” is something very subjective and it varies from person to person. For me, when I’m in the middle of my stretching routine my penis just fell very loose and I start feeling my ligs better, Its a great feeling actually. I’m going to complement that with some portuguese explaining since you are also a Brazilian (sorry for all the non portuguese speakers, I’m just trying to help a friend). (Starting the portuguese now) Cara, isso também varia muito a partir do tipo de stretching, tendo em vista que cada um deles tem um alvo diferente, a gente pode sentir bem na tunica ou nos ligamentos, e as vezes acontece algo muito legal , os seus ligamentos meio que fazem um “pop” é uma sensação bacana. (Now I’m going back to English mode, sorry for that guys)

It has been 8 days since my last post, no measures (going to wait 3 more weeks to see If a experiment I’m doing will give any results, If not, I’m going to take a Break)

My new routine which I’ll be doing for 1 month to see If it gives any results will be:

5 min warming up with hot water in shower (really hot, sometimes I can’t even put my hand)
5 min “normal V stretches” (doing a normal V with my dick) - 10 reps 30 secs each
10 min A stretches (my favorite stretching so far) - 20 reps 30 secs each
10 min inverted V stretches (I think that’s how we call it here, if you guys don’t know how it is done here is a link Inverted V-Stretch Video)
5 min worm down

5 min warming up
300 hundred Dry Jelqs
And 5 reps of this exercise I’m experiencing with, that I’ll explain for you guys later
5 min warming down

Still doing 5 days on and 2 off ( 1 off ; 3 onn ; 1 off ; 2 onn)

The exercise is done as fallowing:
I’ll use two socks, one for protect the base of my penis (I’ll just wrap it around the base) and then with the other sock I’ll make a tourniquet in order to stop the blood from “going out” the penis. (I think these steps fallow the same principle of clamping, but not as hard)
After the preparatives are ready I’ll wait 5 min in order to build up pressure inside my unit.
Than I’ll proceed doing this exercise: (sorry for the link from other site, I don’t know if its against the rules to post it here)…e-erect-squeeze
I’ll do only 5 reps and then finish my routine.

My penis is reacting really well to this, It seems to affect the head in a really great way, making it HUGE , and also my girth and lenght seems to be worked in this exercise!

Lets see how this will work for me!

And also, I’d like to make a final note:

I was suffering from some kind of foreskin discoloration(due to my stretchings) which was really bothering me , and even making me think to stop doing PE, since my unit was starting to look really ugly. But than I dicovered the “Firegoat roll” technique here in this forum and a week later its already looking much better. So, if any one of you guys are having this problem, give the “firegoat roll” a try!

See you soon guys!


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