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Predo's Report

Originally Posted by Predo108

I was suffering from some kind of foreskin discoloration(due to my stretchings) which was really bothering me , and even making me think to stop doing PE, since my unit was starting to look really ugly. But than I dicovered the “Firegoat roll” technique here in this forum and a week later its already looking much better. So, if any one of you guys are having this problem, give the “firegoat roll” a try!

See you soon guys!

Glad that’s working out for you Predo.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Hey Pedro! I’ll be following your progress report. Good luck with your PE and gains.

Goal 7 NBP X 5.5 MEG - the perfect penis size in my opinion.

@FireGoat , man I owe you my penis color coming back to normal (and here is something I never thought I’d say) thank you soo much! Thanks to you I won’t need to stop PEing

@Longjohn27 Ha , thanks man! Good luck to you too. I also follow your tread, a lot of good info. And also , we have some common ground, as similar size and goals, which is nice !

Hey guys, its nice to talk to you again.

I’m okay , still doing the same routine, I’ll be measuring soon (2 weeks or soo)
Last week was definitely the most inconsistent PE week ever, had to skip the night session one day (penis feeling too sore), had to change my schedule ( no more PE on Wednesday, But Friday is not a day off anymore. So my off days are Mondays and Wednesdays), did only half of my morning session on other day. It was just awful. But now I’m coming back to my track!

My unit is not feeling soo well after the morning session, it just fells.. Normal? I don’t know. But after the night session it fells great and I love It! Hope to see really nice gains in two more weeks.

See you guys soon.

Note: firegoat roll is working really well, its saving me from having a half caucasian half afro penis hahahaha

Thanks for sharing. I am going to look up firegoat and see what that is about!

Wow an entire month without a single post.. Sorry .
So, let me update you guys, due to a really important event that will take place in 29 days (a test that will define If I’ll or not be accepted In med school) I don’t have the time to do the exercises properly anymore. I was studying like crazy the whole year but now its the most intense month.
A week after my last post I cuted myroutinee I half, stopped doing my night routine and a week later I stopped everything due to lack of time. So I’ve started a total deconditioning break and I’ll keep it for 6 weeks!
I’m already missing PE, my unit Is already feeling smaller, my flaccid hang definitely is smaller :( I hope I can keep most of my gains. In one month I’ll be back, will take it slowly for 2 months (hopefully with new Newby gains) and than back to my old and good routine!!

-See you guys!
Ooh I almost forgot, I’ve gained some weight either, so that is probably why my unit is already looking smaller :(

Hi guys, long time no see!
So, after a deconditioning break of 4 months (lets hope it is enough as it feels) I’m ready to come back!

This time I won’t make measures to see how I’m starting. I know it would be an important data to have in the forum and that it would help me be in track with my gains but, overall, it wouldn’t be good for me. I fell like I’ve lose half of my gains, and my erections aren’t as powerful as before by far, so I decided not to make any measures for the first 2~3 months, hopefully by then I’ll be where I stopped or at least close to it.

My routine Won’t be divided in two parts for now since I’ll be reconditioning my unit for a while.

The routine will be as following:

-Any time of the day with enough privacy-
-5 minutes warm up on hot water (I always felt like fluid heat is better for me)
-1 minute firegoat rolls (I still have my foreskin discoloration, it got a lil better but not enough)
-3.5 minutes of stretching + 1.5 minutes per week passed until reach 12 minutes. Divided for now in Basic V stretchings (30 seconds repetitions) and Inverted V stretchings (30 seconds repetitions).
-50 Dry Jelqs + 10 per week passed until I reach 12 minutes of stretching
-5 minutes warm down (If possible)
-3 minutes of firegoat rolls

So this will be my routine for a while, when it start to get too long I’ll return to divide it in a morning part (mainly for getting longer) and a night part (mainly to get thicker), when I feel my unit is fully reconditioned I’ll add “A stretchings” and my old especial exercise with the socks.

Now lets make a report on what happened to my unit in the last few months.

-I gained some weight, my fat pad increased making my EL smaller(already losing weight in order to fix this)
-My EQ dropped to the bottom, it isn’t even near to what it was before which is bothering the most
-I feel like I’ve lost most of my gains but I also now that a part of it stayed the same
-Almost no morning erections (which makes me feel old, although I’m still 18)
-Foreskin discoloration persisted which made me realize that it won’t go away unless I do something about it.

So guys, that’s it. I started the “coming back” routine today and already feel better about my self for starting PE again, I’ll be posting once a week as before, hopefully some of you will remember me and some others will help me to persist in my journey to the 8x6 BPEL and 7.4x6 NBPEL.

See you guys soon

Well, look who is back after almost a year off..

Hi guys, its me again, you are probably wondering what would make me come back after almost a year off PE. Well.. The same reason most guys come back, EQ dropped, my almost 1” in gains (length Wise) are gone and, of course, got a new girlfriend , haha. So last time I was here I was dating this small girl and she was always complimenting my unit (and at the time I was pretty satisfied with my unit and gains as well) and stuff, but now I’m dating this new girl for almost 7 months now, our sex life is awesome, my parents love her and I really enjoy being around her. The thing is, I’m feeling insecure with my current stats and that is starting to bother me. While on my last relationship I’d happily send dick pics when asked for, now I feel insecure and mlst of the times I find some excuses not to send them. No, its not my girl fault that I’m feeling insecure, if all she always talk about how thick my unit feels inside her and how she loves it, the problem is really with me and this is a battle I have to fight against myself.

So, Recently I was accepted as a transfer student to study med in the university of my dreams here in Brazil (was studying in another university that was not as good as the one I’m now) and I’ll try to add as much as possible to thunders with the little knowledge I’ve acquired until now.

So, the reason I’m bringing this post back to life is to see If I can stay focused and really come back to PE for at least a year. My primary objective is to get back to my last PEing stats. The only thing different now is that I’m almost 20 this time (was 18(close to 19) the last time I was here) and a lot fitter than last time (joined the gym almost at the same time I quite PE).

I’m on my second week(almost at the end of it) now and my routine is/will progress as fallowing:

5 min warming up (hot water under the shower)
50 piss pulls (I think thats what it is called, 10 reps each direction)
2,5 minutes of basic stretching (5 reps of 30 segs each changing directions)
2 min A stretch (4 reps of 30 segs each) ~ will increase 1 rep each day off until catching up with old routine
2 min V stretch (same as above)
2 min BTC stretch (2 reps 1 min each)~ don’t know if I’ll increase it or not, would like you guys opinion on that matter

5 min warm up (same as day)
80 jelqs (will add 20 after each day off until 300~400)
5 reps of my special exercise that I explained somewhere in this thread (the one with the socks)

My EQ is already better, I’m starting to get some raging morning wood (not every day tho) and since I stopped masturbating (only do it on off days) I’m a lot hornier, and my GF has noticed it, which some times is not that nice since I try to only have sex on off days or 4~8 hours before/after any PE sessions haha.

So, thats about it. I’ll try to post here on each day off in other to keep you guys tuned on my routine and gains (ooh, I’ll make my first measure in 4 weeks) and to keep the motivation.

See ya soon!

Hey Guys, whats up?

So, this will be my weekly report, I was planning on doing it twice a week(2 off days a week), but my classes started again and the routine is really f***** up.

So, despite skipping 1 post I haven’t missed any work up day, just one night session since 02/02 is my birthday (1/5 of a century now haha) and I had a romantic night with the girlfriend on that day.

So, feeling great, having some doubts about caffeine that I’ll ask later.
Until now I’m trying to maintain 6 hours of sleep per night, which is hard since I have 7 hours of classes a day and still need to study alot, besides going to the gym at least 4 days a week at 5:15 in the morning (having to wake up at 5) and having 2 PE sessions a day.

Noticeable increase in nightly erections (I wake up a lot in the middle of the night), but not really in morning wood ( despite the raging erections on the day after my day off (IMPORTANT POINT, does that mean something? Is that a bad indicator, a good or neutral one)), noticed some thickness gains, not really any length gains, but both are speculations that will only be put into proof after next month, since I’ll only make my first measurement in three weeks and will need a second one another month after that in order to see if I’m gaining anything. Ooh, and the girlfriend said something about my unit feeling thicker, don’t know if thats true or anything but.. Ooh and my erections seem harder, not that much but still!

Ok, soo, now lets see how my routine is going as of today


5 min warm up (hot water, same stuff)
2,5 min of the normal stretching ( all the directions, same as before)
3 min A stretching (same rep time as before, 1 min added since last week)
3min V stretching (“)
3 min BTC stretch (“)

5 min warm up (hot water, same as before)
140 Dry jelqs
5 reps of my special exercise, nothing add to that in quantity of reps or time.

And the most important question of the day: Is there any observable down side of “high” caffeine intake in terms of PE gains?
Ok, since last year, when I stopped on PE and started to work out more seriously I started taking around 200~300 mg on caffeine pills per work out day. And, of course, a shrinking of the flaccid length is noticeable, never took the time to see If I had any loss of erect size under caffeine effects. So, what do you guys think? Should I stop taking the caffeine pills or something? I know I should search for it, but this semester is especially busy for a med student, and I’m having really small time to look into the forums these days.
Sorry for anything, nice to talk to you guys again, hope you guys can answer my questions and help me stay motivated!

See ya!

Originally Posted by Predo108
And the most important question of the day: Is there any observable down side of “high” caffeine intake in terms of PE gains?

Before start PE I used to drink alot of coffee (strong, black, without sugar or milk) and used to “turtle” alot. As soon as I bail the coffee, notice my penis hangs a bit lower and “heavier”. Caffeine pills usually comes at higher dosages, never tried them.

Originally Posted by Predo108
So, what do you guys think? Should I stop taking the caffeine pills or something?

Your body don’t need caffeine to keep going, you can live well enough without it. It is up to you buddy.

I had to drop it because I was facing problems to sleep, problems with my teeth (acid mouth) and gum bleeding (while applying floss).

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

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Hi Useless, thanks for your intake on that matter! But I think you may have misunderstood me, I do not take caffeine pills because my body needs it to “keep going” I take it because it helps to burn fat faster at the gym (so I take it as what we call here a : Termogenico ( termogenic in English? ?)) And also, as a nice side effect, it helps me to stay awake at night so I can study, but that is just secondary. If any way you still think I should drop the pills, I will.

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Hey guys, so, just posting here to stay motivated.

Had a really bad week, PE and College were complicated, for the first time since the first semester I thought about maybe medicine isn’t really the right choice for me. But that is a conversation for another forum.
So, the reason why my Week was not good for PE is that I had to take 2 off days in a row, my off days are normally on Wednesday and Sunday, had off days on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. My Friday was really busy, so I didn’t have the necessary time to do my workout session, and yesterday.. Well, had a nice night with my girlfriend so I didn’t have my night session.

Well, there isn’t much more to say now, I could talk about last night since I had lot of positive indicators but it would probably sound like bragging and I don’t really fell like talking about my intimacy with my girl, since I’d be sharing information that belongs to both of us and not myself alone. So, hope things get better, will probably be writing again on Wednesday, see you guys then!

Hey Guys, I’m here again! No, I’ve not stopped peeing after my last post, I just didn’t have the time to post anything, this semester is being really hard and demotivating for me as a med student.
So, I could keep my morning routine, just had to make a two weeks break because of some harder tests and stuff, but my night routine is next to impossible to keep. Since most of my nights go up to 1~3 am studying and I have to wake up at 6:40 am in the next day taking almost 50 minutes of that to dadicate to my night routine is really hard (50 minutes is counting the warm up and all the preparations an transitions of it) and most nights I can’t do it.

Last time I measured was last month, nothing great to report, really demotivating but I’m still going on!

My biggest problem with not doing my night routine is that I really like girth gains, more even than length gains since I’m kinda ok with my length. So, when I skip my girth focused routine I kinda skip the point of peeing for me all together.
And thinking about that, last night I had a Idea that I’d like to discuss with you guys, the idea is the fallowing:
I thought about buying a water pump, like bath mate, and use it as my night routine, since it’d take what? 20 minutes a day to complete the routine? And I’d alternate that with jelquing ninghts, like 1 night I’d use the bathmate and the next night somewhere about 200 jelqs. In that time I’d keep my morning routine as it is. What do you guys think about that ?! I’d really like some answer or alternative soon in order to make the purchase or changing my routine

Did you ever tried air pump?

We never know how your penis will behave under negative pressure from pumping.

Air pump is way cheaper and I believe is where you should start.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

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