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Prancer13 Progress Journal

Prancer13 Progress Journal

Hello everyone.

Newer user of Thunder’s Place, but I’ve been on other PE sites before.

I’ve recently started approaching PE like a scientist again, and my first in-depth measurements have been recorded. So, I decided to start a Progress Report to update.

I started PE three years ago and went from six and a half inches in length to approximately seven erect. I was using a beginner’s routine which consisted of kegel pulls, side to side stretches in four directions, and jelqs. I did not record my girth so unfortunately I don’t have anything to go by except foggy memories. After that for about two years I was dormant in PE or did not apply myself to a reasonable degree. After the two year break I did about six months of dedicated routine and ended up at seven and a half inches flaccid, but only gaining an eighth of an inch erect. During this time I noted of my girth at the end of the routine, and I clocked in at seven and an eighth by four and five eights upper base. I was a bit discouraged by this result and gave up with PE for a few more months, probably around six to seven.

Approaching present day, about two months ago, I started a serious routine consisting of the same length work as before in the beginner and a more thorough girth approach of jelqs, Ulis, and squeezes. I injured my penis ligaments two weeks ago and have just started edging, the gains are starting to show.

8/2014: 7x4.8 BPEL/G (measured 0.5 above the connecting skin to testicles as well as pushing the skin back)
2/20/15: 7&3/8 BPEL, 7&5/8 BPSFL, 4.5 UEG (right under head), 5.1 MEG (same spot as before), 5.5 UBEG (Pushing the skin down slightly, id say a half an inch), 5.7 LBEG (HUGE surprise to me! I went as low as possible, and remeasured different days)

It appears the base gains are mostly due to EQ and stretching, and the upper girth possibly due to my new girth routine and EQ. I have measured myself at very low girth slightly below the glans, approximately 4.2 a while back so I’m very excited about those results as well. I have also started a modified nofap, which consists of basically no porn except for edging and no busting. I am trying to get away from porn as much as possible and have started using pictures of real girls in some cases. It still definitely helps my drive and EQ a lot.

I plan on keeping a log of my daily successes and failures in here as I have deleted my twitter account where I would vent most of the time. Don’t worry, it will only be gains related.

Thanks for reading!


I’ve remeasured. 5.2 upper base, slightly over 5.5 lower base

I used a string this time that’s thinner, so this is more accurate

Edging right now, really gotta work on my MEG once my ligs are fully healed.

I’m trying to get rid of my turkey neck.

I have it fairly bad, enough that the thickest part is covered by my balls. I recently shaved so it’s not as bad as with hair, but it’s still kinda eh. I’ve been doing 5 minutes of pulls on the prominent skin.

I’m also trying to get back to a certain feeling of arousal from jelqing.

I haven’t gotten that since my first round of PE. Maybe it’s due to dry jelqs instead of wet.

Approaching 4 hours of edging. Not going to bust.

Just busted. Woops.

I’m going to attempt to edge without any visual stimulation when I restart my real PE routine since the injury. It’s hard, I’ve tried to before, but I think it’s the most sustainable long term.


I’ve just had my first dry orgasm in a few months.

Still waiting out this ligament injury. Looking forward to more girth and length work.

Originally Posted by G263
Good call on waiting for the injury to heal. It’s nice to see guys using their head with PE. Keep up the good work and mindset.

Thanks man!

I stopped masturbating for two weeks in hopes of speeding the healing process. That was about a week and a half ago, and today I’m going back to that. Gonna stop porn all together as well, hoping to start some new good habits involving literature, writing and exercise. I’ve been dry orgasming consistently so I may edge without porn just to keep the strong kegel progress going.


Lig is still healing. Gains haven’t left yet.

I’m back! Light PE, still injured. Mostly edging and bends.

Straight: 18cm
Left side: 19.2cm
Right side: 21.2 cm

Head: 10.5 cm
Uppershaft:11.7 cm
Midshaft: 13.1 cm
Base: 15.3 cm

I have a curve to the left and my girth is allocated oddly. Those are my primary focuses. Drop some ideas if you have ‘em!


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