PEing again after a 5 week break

Haven’t posted here for a while but I thought I’d give a mini update. 5 weeks of no PE, or rather very little. Just the odd dry jelq session here and there, probably in the region of once or twice a week for 5 mins. Started my new routine on the 15th of March.

warmup in the shower
5-10 stretching, with some V and A stretches
75 slow jelqs (3-4 seconds long)
a few erect squeezes
1 on, 1 off routine

I didn’t lose any gains during my decon, I measured consistently at 7” 4/16th BPEL. After three PE sessions I measured yesterday (20th of March) and I came out at 7” 7/16th which is a jump of 3/16th of an inch! Now before I start shouting from the roof tops about such a big gain in the space of about a week I’ve taken into account that by doing the squeezes at the end of my session it gives me a really big ‘plump’ throughout the day, my tool looked more meatier and heavier than it had ever been. I also wear a cockring for the rest of the day after my session to keep that ‘plump’ as I’m of the belief that the penis could benefit from healing in an extended state. I can’t remember the precise name of the squeeze but it’s the one where you clamp off an erection with your hand, kegel in blood, and then squeeze just below the glans with the other hand for however long you can hold it before the erection start to subside, about 10-30 seconds usually. I’m hoping these are gonna give me substantial girth gains. I’m actually looking for length, but I’m going down the route of length through girth exercises if that makes sense, as so many PEers state that they gained length through girth work alone with only basic stretches. Nonetheless, measuring in at 7,7/16 is the most I’ve ever measured on a measuring tape so even if it was just plump, I’d never measured anywhere near that with any previous post-session plump, so I’m gonna take it as a positive PI. My next goal is to reach 7 and a half inches, which I should hopefully reach within the next two weeks or so.

Measuring for me is also a problem. I suffer a lot from depression which severely effects my EQ some days, and PE is as much a psychological exercise than a physical one, so on good days I make sure I wack out the measuring tape so I can get my maximum measurement. For example yesterday, as previously stated, I measured 7,7/16, this morning I’m back down to 7, 4/16. Today I’m about as horny as a wet lettuce leaf though, so go figure.

I’ve also had very few (if none at all) negative indicators so far on this routine. I’ve had absolutely no turtling since I started this new routine and I always have a nice heavy hang a few hours after my session. Now this could be down to the fact that I’m in a slightly better place mentally, or that I’ve dialled down my routine from 200 jelqs to 75 slow jelqs and I don’t stretch as long….or a combination of both? Who knows what mysterious magical physiological processes are going on in my dick/body/brain?

I’m gonna invest in some clamps today as a possible route to go down if I don’t see substantial gains with this routine, after reading tntjockey’s thread ‘I have reached my goals’ which is an inspiration. I’m gonna do this routine for 3-4 weeks depending on how much I gain, have a few weeks decon and then try some VERY light clamping and take it from there. Or I might just go straight into the clamping and encorporate it into my present routine, depending on what my dick tells me.

Sorry if this post is a bit scattered, I hadn’t posted for a while so had quite a few thoughts that I wanted to address.

Current: 7 1/4" BPEL, 5 1/2" EG

Goal: 7 1/2" BPEL, 6" EG, 7 inches NBPEL, the magic number!