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PE Progress - Using TLC Tugger, Mulondo and more.


PE Progress - Using TLC Tugger, Mulondo and more.



I’ve been part of the Thunder’s place community for about 8 years and I have been on and off with my PE journey. I’ve dabbled in many devices and even went as far as chemical PE (Which was effective but was short lived due to my tolerance to the quad mix). I always read other people’s progress and how keeping a log kept them accountable and stay motivated so that said, I will start my own progress report.


BPEL - 6.2’ - 6.4’
MSEG - 4.4’ - 4.8’


I will be focusing on length since it will be tougher to gain length if I focus on girth. Considering all the things I’ve done up until this point, my gains are going to come a lot tougher since the constant start and stop over the years, I would assume that I have conditioned and toughen my penis (In a bad way) since gains will be harder to come by.

6 - 12 Months
- 1’ gain putting me at BPEL - 7.2’ - 7.4’

12 - 18 Months
- 0.5’ gain putting me at BPEL 7.8’ - 7.10’

18 - 24 Months (Incorporate Pumping)
- 0.5’ gain putting me at BPEL 8.2’ - 8.4’
- 0.5’ gain putting me at MSEG - 4.9’ - 5.2’


I manage my own business so my typical working hours within a week is 80+ hours so I managed to cut time out in the mornings.

Morning Session

Warm Up - 10 - 20 minutes (Electrical heating pad)
Manual Stretches - 10 - 15 minutes (I use a soft small towel to grip the penis glad and I use a metal rod to mimic an A Stretch)
Jelqing - 5 - 10 minutes
Kegels - 50 5 Second pauses

During The Day

I will be using the TLC Tugger to keep my penis from turtling. This was by far the most concerning aspect of my PE journey since my chemical PE days. During that period I was advise to manually stretch every 3 hours for up to 2 minutes which the logic behind that was to mimic an anti turtling effect on ones penis. I understand that the TLC Tugger was meant for stretching the foreskin but I found it that it helped with the anti turtling goal. Obviously this may change as I progress along with my journey.

Evening or Morning

Mulondo Herb powder - 1 Teaspoon in hot water, then strain into a cup. There isn’t much material about this herb online so I thought I would be the one to bite the bullet and be the first to shed some light on this herb. I’m hoping that it works so that I can share my feedback with everyone. The idea of this herb from my supplier is that its a known herb in South Africa where men where known to have multiple female partners and needed that extra help to maintain sexual satisfaction with all their female partners. It is said that the herb itself will force the micro tears within the penis during the nocturnal erections (As if you were in your puberty and nocturnal erections was more frequent) and your penis would repair the micro tears hence making gains.

Will check back in once in a while.. Good Luck to me :)

I wanted to give a quick update since it has been 2 days on and today would be my day off.

Even though I’m not going to measure until a full month but my penis feels heavier? I think? I’m trying not to be excited for any gains so I will just take this positive feeling and push forward.

I’ve made a slight change in my herbal tea drink. I’ve been drinking it twice a day with the same single serve. One in the morning and one at night.

It has proven difficult to wear the TLC tugger all day since I’m constantly going to the washroom. I drink about 4 litres of fluids a day because of my supplements. (I.e. Protein shakes, greens+ shake, capsules, etc.) Since I manage a retail business by myself, its hard to just quickly take a piss. However, I’m still pleased with the TLC as an anti-turtling device for someone with sensitive uncut foreskin.

Well, I can’t be more excited to measure within the first week of March 2017. Will be back then to post!

I am interested in the TLC tugger for several uses in PE. I am uncut and it looks like a great device. I will be following your journey.

Originally Posted by Captain Morgan
I am interested in the TLC tugger for several uses in PE. I am uncut and it looks like a great device. I will be following your journey.

If you are honestly going to make a decision before my journey develops then please make sure to contact the owner that produces the product to confirm your sizing. I had mine idled for 1 year in a drawer and I just took it out and played around with it and viola, I got it to work. The model I have was designed for foreskin restoration but for now I’m testing it to see it if works as an anti-turtling device.

Day 9

Been using the TLC tugger now for 8 hours a day roughly, some days I go to 12 hours. The thing with the TLC tugger is that you will get small blisters around the foreskin since its the area that is being tugged. Its weird but I truly feel that the TLC is giving me a tug on my ligaments but again I don’t know if its skin or my ligaments. Only time will tell

I’ve upped the dosage of the herbal tea to 2 teaspoons a day now. My morning wood feels a bit bigger in my hands versus throughout the day. So I will continue with this until my second measure in.

Well, March is just around the corner, I will send in my measurements in the second week of March.

Day 18

Wanted to give an update since I’m approaching my first measurement day after the first day measurement.

- Feel the need to stretch more but been resisting to keep it at the current routine
- During the 10 min stretching, I do all kinds of stretching depending on how I feel. Different angles, different grips, etc. As long as I get my full 10 mins of stretching.

- On active days I jelq for 5 mins at almost 80% - 90% erection
- On rest days I jelq for 10 mins at 50% - 70% and sometimes 90% depending on how my unit feels

- 50 reps at 5 sec hold didn’t feel as challenge at first
- I’ve changed it to 25 reps at 10 sec hold which left me feeling more ‘sore’ with my prostate

TLC Tugger
- Had to take a rest for a few days since it caused blisters at the skin where it comes in contact with the cone
- Been averaging about 8 - 10 hours of wear
- I need more then at least 5 mins when taking pee breaks in order to properly take off and put back on the device

Herbal Tea
- I’m at the point that my libido could be cause by the herbal tea which boost my EQ but this whole journey is making me excited so not sure what is causing what
- Will continue to finish off my batch of this herbal tea
- I’ve upped it to 2 teaspoons a day - I would make one tea with the 2 teaspoons and drink the fluids only, leaving the herbal powder on the bottom. Then I would got more hot water to finish the rest in the evening.


My unit does feel bigger in girth and in length but I could be just anticipating this. I have not measured to confirm my observation. I will wait until the day 30 mark to measure in. I feel tempted to use my bathmate but length is my priority right now. Well, until next time.

I’ve also been researching the Mulondo and Entengo herbal product for months and I’ve been curious, yet skeptical. After reading your progress, I’m considering purchasing one of these herbs soon to include it to my PE. Out of curiosity, where did you purchase the Mulondo herb?

Originally Posted by dude45
I’ve also been researching the Mulondo and Entengo herbal product for months and I’ve been curious, yet skeptical. After reading your progress, I’m considering purchasing one of these herbs soon to include it to my PE. Out of curiosity, where did you purchase the Mulondo herb?

Hey dude45,

I’m glad you posted this first before purchasing. Today would be marked my 29 day of using the product. This is my conclusion so far.

Mulondo Herb Conclusion
- Makes me horny (I can feel the urge to have sex multiple times throughout the day)
- Can’t tell if its the herb or the excitement of the fact that I’m doing something to increase size
- I’ve only tested 2 teaspoons of the herb and consuming it by boiling water in the morning and just drinking the fluid and then boiling water again in the evening and consuming everything that is left in the bottle. (Which means the herb itself at the bottom of the bottle)
- There were quite a bit of nights where the night erections causes some numbness in the morning to my penis. Not sure if it was the herb or what I’ve been doing

So basically if you are looking for something that gets you aroused/horny all the time, then take this herb but for PE its pretty much useless as I will be reporting my results today.

Day 29


I would like to post this as I can’t wait 1 more day to post this.


BPEL - 6.5’ (Not much) +0.1
MSEG - 4.6’ (Sad)

Now keep in mind that I’ve measured on a day where I had a hard time keeping my erection up after my session. My living condition is not optimal as well since my bedroom is cold as hell. (You can see you breath in the room if temperatures drop to -20 degrees C)

TLC Tugger Update
- Cause blisters on the foreskin
- It did however keep him elongated throughout the day
- It popped loose when I was helping a customer at my store (Luckily I was wear baggy enough pants to not notice)
- Will not continue with this as an ADS

Mulondo Herb
- Makes me aroused/horny most of the time
- Night time erections caused some numbness in the morning (Can’t tell if its my routine or the herb itself)
- I ‘feel’ bigger in the morning but after today’s measure in, I’m not convinced that the Herb is worth the investment
- After consuming 2 teaspoons everyday without fail, I will no longer continuing consuming this herb

- I notice that I stretching to the point where its hard for me to get an erection, so I will be cutting back on the time under tension
- Behind the butt stretch gives me the best feel in the ligaments being stretched so I will continue with that stretch until the feeling is different
- Left side/ Right side stretching is where I also feel the best stretching
- I will be incorporating baby powder to see if my grip is better

- Since I will be reducing my time under tension in stretching, I will be upping my jelq session
- I do overhand ‘O’ grip and regular ‘O’ grip
- I will be increasing to 7 mins jelq

- Be slacking on the last 3 days so I may be just discontinuing this altogether
- I will probably do kegels throughout the day instead

Warm Up
- I use an electric heater but on some days its hot and others not so much
- I try to warm up for about 10 - 20 mins

What I will be adding
- Infrared Heater
- Rice sock for better warm up
- Will get a microwave for the bedroom for back to back rice sock warm ups

So after a small increase in length, these 30 days has proven to be tougher then I thought and I need to be more in tuned of my erection quality. I will continue to play around with the time under tension when stretching but I believe its my warm up and bedroom setting that is causing some of the delay gains. I can’t for the warmer days to come.

I will be back in the next 30 days to measure in again. It will be tough for me to stay motivated after all this effort that I’ve put in with my 80+ hours work week.

Wanted to get someone’s advice on how to get rid of in-grown hair that is on shaft of the penis. It is so deep within the skin that I can’t see the hair itself.

So because of this, I can’t jelq but I can only manually stretch. I will wait for some suggestions hopefully soon.

Current: BPEL - [6].*7*).8.9.10[7].[8].[9]

Current: MSEG - [4].*8*).9.10[5].[6].[7]

Goal: 9x6

Day 49

I’ve lost quite a bit of motivation to continue since I’m not able to Jelq with this stupid ingrown/bump on the back of my shaft. I’ve managed to squeeze the puss out now so hopefully the hair that is underneath will come out.

During this set up I still kept up with the 5 minutes of stretching. Got a microwave and will be using a rice sock to apply heat throughout my stretch.

Update on Mulondo
- I will start to go back on this herb once I’m able to jelq again because I believe that my EQ was not as hard compared to when I was on the herb. I will experiment with this again.

Day 62

I did somewhat measured, nothing new to report in that regard since the last 2 - 3 weeks has been terrible.

Issues that I’m overcoming right now
- Ingrown hair behind the shaft of the penis (Finally dug out the hair with a needle 3 nights ago). It took almost the 3 weeks for the puss and swelling to come down before I can even get a chance to hack at it.
- Red spots on the gland from manual stretches (not sure if its the baby powder or my tension with my grip that is causing the spots)

- Mulondo Herb is really a great way to make you horny, that’s it. After going back on the herb during my break, I can safely conclude that the herb is only used as a way to boost libido. I will finish my current batch of herbs and will no longer re-order.
- TLC has really stretched out my skin, like wow. (So for anyone trying to restore foreskin, this is a good product since my intentions were to use it as an ADS)

I have finally ordered my LG Hanger since I believe that my current schedule, I want to take advantage of the time I have to my penis. So the goal is to hang for at least 10 hours per week. I can manage 5 hours but the 10 hours is going to push it which will force me to do late night sessions.

Will update once the device arrives.


Challenges with current routine
- Hand grip will give out before the completion of each rep (30 second hold)
- The pressure would diminish as my grip strength stamina dies down
- I did not feel the ligament fatigue that some are claiming

Changes/Update to routine going forward
- Started with LG Hanger as I believe hanging will provide a more consistent pressure/stress to the ligament
- An ADS will be optional depending on how I feel that day. My ADS options are the TLC Tugger or an 1 Inch silicone sleeve on the base of the penis

LG Hanger Review (2 day of usage as of now)
- The quality of the vacuum cap is of amazing quality. It feels more like glass then plastic compared to my cylinder pump.
- I’m at 6 LB and impressed using the pump to suck out any air from the cone cap makes a world of a difference compared to auto extend.
- It was definitely expensive but the trade off was that the hand pump convenience trade off was worth it for me after receiving the product.

Routine for the next 90 days

Rice sock Warm Up - 5 - 20 Mins (depends on how I feel)
Sitting Hang 1 - 1.5 Hours - 20 Min, 40 Min, 20-30 Min (It all depends on how my penis feels, if it feels good then I will longer per set, as long as I hit my 1.5 hour hang time)
Between sets I will use rice sock
ADS - Optional, depends on how I feel

Rice Sock Warm Up
Sitting Hang 20 - 40 Mins - 1 or 2 sets of 20 Mins or 1 40 Mins set

Goal - 10+ hours hang per week without rest days

Positive outcome so far after 2 days - Ligaments feels fatigued for the first time

Will measure on June 15 2017.

Day 5

Quick Update

So after experimenting with using the LG Hanger and doing standing hangs, on the chair BTC hangs at 6 LBs for 50 mins - 1.8 hours (split sessions morning/evening) I was really horny today so I thought I should just measure. After being discourage of the slow progress with my manual routine prior to this of 0.1 gain in BPEL I did not have much confidence in this new routine until I measured today.

Now, it could be amazing EQ or the angle I measured but I will take it since I never could have got this extra length gain before. I’ve gained 0.2 inches giving me a total now at 6.7’ in BPEL. So I will continue with the 6 LBs hang until the 30 day mark.

If I manage to hit 6.8’ - 6.9’ with my lousy schedule, then I can safely say that I recommend this device but for now I can’t give a fair assessment yet. Will be back by the 30 day.

Question for anyone who is currently hanging with BIB or and LG, can you shed some light of the Ligament fatigue? When I do the BTC, I don’t feel it but when I bend over like a doggy style pose but standing up giving me the inverted straight out pull, I get a different feeling of a ligament pull (I feel it more in this angle). Should I continue to find different angle’s of ligament pulls and change it up often or keep it slow and steady? I appreciate anyone weighting in on this thanks!

Day 15

- Needed to wrap as after 2 sets of 20 minute hang at 6 LB would make my glands swell.
- I’m planning up the weight to another 1 LB since I’m averaging about 1.5 hours per day
- Needed to take rest days as hanging everyday effects my EQ so will be resting for at least 1 - 2 days per week.
- I feel like I’ve made some gains for length but won’t know until 15 days from now. I’ve been trying to maintain at least 10 hours per week
- I’ve noticed that my glands will hurt with light weights which tells me that I might be over training so now I’ve taken that as a sign to rest which I’ve done and the pain has subsided

Update on Lg Hanger
- After hanging session, normally I would use my hands for manual stretches but I’ve been leaving the cap on and just tugged with the unit cap on. I was able to apply more force without slippage. I use to use baby powder but noticed that the baby powder caused a lot of the red spots on my glands.
- Its not as easy to take off the cap once it is on, still takes probably up to 30 seconds to take off
- Sometimes my glands would block the valve making it look like I’m pumping past 5 HG so I have to pre tug the hanger to keep my gland from blocking the valve

Current: BPEL - [6].*7*).8.9.10[7].[8].[9]

Current: MSEG - [4].*8*).9.10[5].[6].[7]

Goal: 9x6


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