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PE Progress - Using TLC Tugger, Mulondo and more.

PE Progress - Using TLC Tugger, Mulondo and more.



I’ve been part of the Thunder’s place community for about 8 years and I have been on and off with my PE journey. I’ve dabbled in many devices and even went as far as chemical PE (Which was effective but was short lived due to my tolerance to the quad mix). I always read other people’s progress and how keeping a log kept them accountable and stay motivated so that said, I will start my own progress report.


BPEL - 6.2’ - 6.4’
MSEG - 4.4’ - 4.8’


I will be focusing on length since it will be tougher to gain length if I focus on girth. Considering all the things I’ve done up until this point, my gains are going to come a lot tougher since the constant start and stop over the years, I would assume that I have conditioned and toughen my penis (In a bad way) since gains will be harder to come by.

6 - 12 Months
- 1’ gain putting me at BPEL - 7.2’ - 7.4’

12 - 18 Months
- 0.5’ gain putting me at BPEL 7.8’ - 7.10’

18 - 24 Months (Incorporate Pumping)
- 0.5’ gain putting me at BPEL 8.2’ - 8.4’
- 0.5’ gain putting me at MSEG - 4.9’ - 5.2’


I manage my own business so my typical working hours within a week is 80+ hours so I managed to cut time out in the mornings.

Morning Session

Warm Up - 10 - 20 minutes (Electrical heating pad)
Manual Stretches - 10 - 15 minutes (I use a soft small towel to grip the penis glad and I use a metal rod to mimic an A Stretch)
Jelqing - 5 - 10 minutes
Kegels - 50 5 Second pauses

During The Day

I will be using the TLC Tugger to keep my penis from turtling. This was by far the most concerning aspect of my PE journey since my chemical PE days. During that period I was advise to manually stretch every 3 hours for up to 2 minutes which the logic behind that was to mimic an anti turtling effect on ones penis. I understand that the TLC Tugger was meant for stretching the foreskin but I found it that it helped with the anti turtling goal. Obviously this may change as I progress along with my journey.

Evening or Morning

Mulondo Herb powder - 1 Teaspoon in hot water, then strain into a cup. There isn’t much material about this herb online so I thought I would be the one to bite the bullet and be the first to shed some light on this herb. I’m hoping that it works so that I can share my feedback with everyone. The idea of this herb from my supplier is that its a known herb in South Africa where men where known to have multiple female partners and needed that extra help to maintain sexual satisfaction with all their female partners. It is said that the herb itself will force the micro tears within the penis during the nocturnal erections (As if you were in your puberty and nocturnal erections was more frequent) and your penis would repair the micro tears hence making gains.

Will check back in once in a while.. Good Luck to me :)

I wanted to give a quick update since it has been 2 days on and today would be my day off.

Even though I’m not going to measure until a full month but my penis feels heavier? I think? I’m trying not to be excited for any gains so I will just take this positive feeling and push forward.

I’ve made a slight change in my herbal tea drink. I’ve been drinking it twice a day with the same single serve. One in the morning and one at night.

It has proven difficult to wear the TLC tugger all day since I’m constantly going to the washroom. I drink about 4 litres of fluids a day because of my supplements. (I.e. Protein shakes, greens+ shake, capsules, etc.) Since I manage a retail business by myself, its hard to just quickly take a piss. However, I’m still pleased with the TLC as an anti-turtling device for someone with sensitive uncut foreskin.

Well, I can’t be more excited to measure within the first week of March 2017. Will be back then to post!

I am interested in the TLC tugger for several uses in PE. I am uncut and it looks like a great device. I will be following your journey.

Originally Posted by Captain Morgan
I am interested in the TLC tugger for several uses in PE. I am uncut and it looks like a great device. I will be following your journey.

If you are honestly going to make a decision before my journey develops then please make sure to contact the owner that produces the product to confirm your sizing. I had mine idled for 1 year in a drawer and I just took it out and played around with it and viola, I got it to work. The model I have was designed for foreskin restoration but for now I’m testing it to see it if works as an anti-turtling device.

Day 9

Been using the TLC tugger now for 8 hours a day roughly, some days I go to 12 hours. The thing with the TLC tugger is that you will get small blisters around the foreskin since its the area that is being tugged. Its weird but I truly feel that the TLC is giving me a tug on my ligaments but again I don’t know if its skin or my ligaments. Only time will tell

I’ve upped the dosage of the herbal tea to 2 teaspoons a day now. My morning wood feels a bit bigger in my hands versus throughout the day. So I will continue with this until my second measure in.

Well, March is just around the corner, I will send in my measurements in the second week of March.


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