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PE log from day one


PE log from day one

I got curious last week and googled “jelq”. Whoops. It got me here and I was stuck! Is it really that easy to gain? And does it work!? Let’s just say that I began lurking quite a lot. This is quite a good forum in my opinion!

PE – “why not”, I thought. I enjoy sex with my partner and so does she, but I can’t help but think that being a bit longer would make it easier. Hitting the spots without going balls deep. I knew that I wanted to keep a detailed progress log from the start. But if it becomes successful, I want at least somebody to know! Because this, my PE friends, will be something I take to the grave with me. So I am writing my journey here.

Here are my current conditions:

- No privacy, serious stealth will be necessary.

- Full time job, early hours.

- Serious relationship currently.

- I am young and still notice growth and development in the rest of my body.

Starting stats:

BPEL: 150mm – 5.9 Inches.

EG: 127mm – 5 inches.

Measurements will be once a month only.

While lurking last week, I began very lightly jelqing, trying the grip and such. That week laid the ground for my stealth routine:

20 minutes before I am done for the day, I hit the showers. I shower. I then raise the water heat and heat up my penis as well as possible. I then keep it hot during the rest of the session. Only going after PI:s as of yet, not counting or timing the session.

Yesterday, on Monday I officially began. Still with work shower stealthing.

- Warm up with hot water

- Manual stretches

- Jelq. (No lube)

- Warm down with some light kegels.

I really enjoyed how it looked afterwards, and it all felt good in general. Afterwards, a slight ache appeared in the very base around the shaft. Might be from stretching, as this was my first stretching ever. I will leave stretching out of the next session. I am not too worried, but I am not sure if this is normal or not. When I take up stretching again I will take it easier. Felt good fatigue after the first session at least. Effects could still be noted during today.

I do not want to risk injury or toughening of my penis. This is why my starting schedule is only three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
I am eagerly awaiting the next measurement date. It will be around the 20th every month.

Until then, I will probably fill in meantime progress here. Feel free to take part in my journey or give your thoughts! Every comment will be motivational.

Just don’t stretch so hard that is probably the issue with the pain. You should get used to it, good luck!

Progressive overload principles,

Goal - 8'' BPEL 6.5'' EG

Thanks, I think you are right.

I am wondering if hornyness is any good? I do not masturbate at all, and have not met my girl in over a week. Does increased erection frequency increase gains? Or should I have sex as often as I want?

If erections are positive, I might consider adding edging to the routine.

Still feeling slight ache in base still, on the third day. But I can feel it being better. As I said before, I will skip stretches today.

Does anyone think PE three times a week is to little? I’m thinking that if I gain from it, I’ll continue until it stops. But I’ve seen people get good newbie gains going quite intense for the first months.

Starting to get a hand on how jelqing is done now. I feel like my sessions are too short as it is now, maybe I’ll have to start doing it at home.

I have had a lot of sex lately which might hinder my gains. If anything, it hinders PE opportunities. It has been great though, but I refuse to think that this is because of possible gains.

I got fed up yesterday with having to stop during intercourse in order to keep going, when I really just want to keep at it. I then told her about edging and its possible benefits. While very skeptical at first, she is now convinced to help me with edging which will mean no real sex for her, for a while at least. Bottom line: I just got my partner to help me PE!

You don’t masturbate? Ever?

No, never. Is it weird? I just don’t enjoy doing it myself. I prefer sex. When I was younger I masturbated, as everyone else, but then I grew tired of it. It then stopped completely since I first started having sex. I am 19 now. Hopefully I’ll find a way to do edging without masturbating.

I wouldn’t say it’s weird. We are all different. I’m an everyday guy myself but it all depends on hormone levels and other things I guess

Today, whilst just beginning to jelq after some real sweet stretches, my boss stepped into the shower booth next to me. He is now back from his vacation.

“Does it feel good?”

He was referring to the showering. So well, I had to cease the routine.

So that’s it. I just made myself a rice sock. It works a lot better than warm water. And so a new phase of my stealth PE begins.

I am considering adding perhaps a post-PE wrap, as I am not always satisfied with my hang, but as soon as I pull on it once, it looks ok again.

PS: I am very eager to measure! Two weeks left.

07/2015 - 150x127mm (5.9x5ins)

12/2015 - 160x128mm (6.3x5.04ins)

After one month, I must say I am disappointed! Now measuring at

152mm or 6 inches BPEL. This is a mere 0.1 increase, hard to be sure it is for real.

Well, I guess I should be happy as long as it gets longer!

One thing is for sure though. My erections are very hard!

Hello Sleipner,

I also think I didn’t got any gains in the first month, same as you maybe 2 mm because of improved EQ or measurement variance., of course every gain is great, but the mind (at least mine) remembers all the great (fast) gains and stories on this forum, somewhat selective reading.. I think, and hope, that in the beginning it’s a matter of trying what will work for you. Some are lucky and hit it directly from day one. But there are also allot of threads from members that don’t gain in the beginning and after some months of trying to find the perfect routine and start to gain. I am new also, but that is what my impression is. I hope of course that I ‘only’ have to find the ‘green zone of growth’. I changed my jelqing routine (linear newbie), instead of 3 x 25 jelqs at around 30% erection level —> I now jelq 3 x 35 at a 50-60% level and added some stretching afterwards. Hope you will find the sweet spot and gain in the near future, all the best!


Start stats: 6.75" BPEL; 5.0" EG (MEG) //// First goals: 7.15" BPEL and 5.2" EG (MEG) //// Second goal(s): 7,5" BPEL (for the end of 2016.) //// Final goal: 7,5" NBPEL 5,7" MEG


That is such a helpful and motivational comment! I do completely agree and I hope to find what works. Thank you very much for the opinion.

Still, if gain continues at this pace, I will have gained a full inch after ten months!

But as you say, I think things will go better along the road. I find it hard to believe that one can go from being a total newbie to maximally gaining just in a few days.

It’s too early. I’ve had 0.5 gain in length in about 6 months and 0.3 in girth. It’s too early. What you are describing is how it starts. Rock hard erections.Also, check for flaccid gains. You should be able to see fuller flaccid in about 3-4 weeks.

Commit for a year. It’s nothing. Easy. One year is nothing.Don’t quit.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.

He won’t quit… I think he has seen the light as far as gains are concerned… try and use constant heat if you can… it does improve gains as your tissue is more expandable in this state… also ease slowly into each stretch… and make sure your stretching is 3 minutes straight one angle stretches before you move to a different angle… let’s say you do 3 hrs of stretching this week. In a couple of weeks move it up to 3:30 minutes a week and so on… make those gains bud!

NBPEL 6.5 X EG 5.80

Always open to the best way to get that length!

CHECK out my progress WangZ achievements with PIC


I got really sloppy and almost quit for a couple of weeks. Life has gotten really busy and there is never a chance for me to PE.

Of course, my EQ dropped very fast.

I then without really knowing why started doing piss pulls, very seriously. Because deep down, my mind cannot face a penis that is not longer. I just need to reach a bit deeper..

The piss pulls have gotten a lot better the last two weeks, and the penis will always look longer afterwards a bathroom visit. Starting to see what works. I finish off with some quick jelqing at times, to get that EQ going. Sometimes when there is time in the shower, I do it as well.

Today, when performing piss pulls (in my case this means stretches several times throughout the day), I though to myself that I should measure. I pulled up the ruler that I carry and tried masturbating up to a 100% erection, which is impossible to do in a bathroom just out of the blue.

Anyways, I measured several times and to my surprise I am now (at a non-genuine erection):

BPEL: 155mm or 6.1 inches.

I gained 3mm and I only did piss pulls for a month!? This clearly works.

Two months have given me 5mm, which means one sixth (1/6) of what I think is my goal (7inch BPEL).

Donating to this site as soon I succeed in giving a vaginal orgasm!

Glad you’re seeing some success. Keep putting in time as your schedule allows.

Donate now, lol. Some women can’t have vaginal orgasms. This is a topic of discussion for many couples. You may be trying to achieve what is literally impossible for your partner.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

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