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One More Try


One More Try

I am starting back up with a routine after another layoff. I haven’t done jelqing long enough to see results but I have noticed small changes before. My goal with this thread is to mark my progress and to show others what will and won’t work. I want to keep my routine basic because the basics are where the fundamentals lie. I’m not the most scientific person in the world but I have some knowledge that may help. Currently this is my 2nd week on a modified newbie routine. I’m actually at a point where I enjoy P.E. and see it as a lifetime commitment for penis health.

Before I state my routine I want to shed light on the small changes I have noticed.

I did jelqing before for almost 2 months and stopped. I saw no gains but my penis seemed much harder. Even with the 2 week back on my penis gets an erection at the most random time. I don’t even have to be thinking about sex for It to happen it just does on it’s own. I also noticed that on flaccid my penis wouldn’t shrivel up. It would stay at a nice flaccid length. This is just with a very relaxed approach like 2 days a week.

Also, my penis would go to a jelly like state. The fact that my penis changed to that state alone was enough to make me take it up again. The jelly like state was harmless and painless and never stopped my erections.

My routine as of week 2 is this.

One day on one day off.

200 jelqs at mainly 4-6 seconds.

60-80% erection level.

Also while I jelq I make sure to stretch the penis pretty hard. Enough to feel the tug. I stretch and rotate a bit and then jelq. Even at 60% I stretch. This is because I can feel the tug. Also, at the base where I’m assuming the ligs are, I massage while I stretch it. This is why I do one day on one day off because it is a bit tiring to stretch the next day because I stretch pretty hard while jelqing. This is my modified jelq. A slow jelq of up to 6 seconds while pulling the penis out as far as I can. This is done 200 times within a 30-45 minute time frame. My penis gets too fatigued for any other rotation so I stick to 1 on/1 off.

My starting stats are 6.25(roughly, it’s actually a bit over so I rounded)and right at 5 for girth. I only seek to gain .5 both ways. I do not wish to have a big penis just a bigger one. I won’t measure weekly but I will update weekly with monthly measurements as I feel that my gains will come slow. I don’t expect to gain anything at all until a year and I will stick by that. I rather be shocked than disappointed.

I know I will not get alot of hits here but I’m going to update weekly regardless. I am on a jelqing only routine but my stretches are included with my jelqs. When my penis can handle more I will eventually move to stretching daily because I actually like doing it. But even as a I type I can feel slight soreness in the pubic area.

Sorry for the long post. I know if I keep a diary here I will be motivated to keep going. I believe this works and I believe in no device other than my hands. I will be back next Friday with an update.

Too long for some, this is the summary.

Week 2 of modified newbie routine.
1 on / 1 off.
200 jelqs while stretching as hard as I can without pain.
Will be back next Friday for week 3 updates.
Will post measurements on New year’s Eve

I’ll watch…and so will others.

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
I’ll watch…and so will others.

It’s definitely appreciated!

Today was a day back on. Said I was not going to post until next Friday but today I noticed a slight change.

I don’t know if it is from fatigue or what but I usually jelq at between 70-90%. 90 is a rough estimate. I don’t know how to explain the state but it’s the plumpest flaccid you can get before an erect state. Last time I was able to maintain that state for 200 jelqs. Today, after 150 it went down to maybe 50% at the most which was odd for me because it happened while I was jelqing. There was no pain, I was able to achieve an erection with ease but the fact that my penis “deflated” 3 quarters thru my workout was enough to make me question it.

I contribute it to fatigue. I think my unit is being pushed to new limits and that was it’s way of saying I need rest. I still jelqed to 200 and like I said I felt no pain but I think I need to let it rest for a few days which is fine because it’s championship weekend. I won’t jelq again until Sunday. And I will probably only do 100 then.

I am starting to get addicted to this. It’s becoming routine to jelq while I shower. I want to stretch everyday because I feel like it will be effective but my body just isn’t ready quite yet. I’m in no rush. I only want half an inch on both girth and length. I dont feel like I need a big penis to be happy and I’m not knocking you guys but it’s just ive finally gotten past my hang ups. It’s more about who I am and how I use it. Besides there will always be a guy with a bigger dick than me so I’m doing this solely for me. I state that to help anyone who wants to give up. This is a lifetime commitment for me. Jelqing is like weightlifting and boxing to me and the more I do it the more I enjoy it.

I am a day without cigs too so let’s see how that affects things.

Summary: penis went softer during workout likely due to fatigue. Taking two days off to rest and the first day back will be light. I don’t expect gains until the one year mark. Still doing 200 jelqs at 4-6 seconds while pulling and massaging ligs. Was still able to achieve erection

Also I wanna say that the harder my penis gets while jelqing the lighter my grip is. I do it just enough to feel a slight milk. I be careful because it’s already engorged and any extra pressure my break it but I usually just let the erection subside

Day 1 week 3

Was doing the usual, 200 jelqs at 4-6 seconds. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain on the left side of the shaft on the end closer to the head(I’m guessing that is the glans). This happened on my 95th jelq. I would have kept going but it was too alarming. I tried one more jelq and when I noticed it was still there I stopped my workout completely.

Never have I ever been hurt doing this before so I’m going to hold off until Wednesday and adjust some kind of way. My penis was in pain in some form so I’m over doing it. I took Friday/Saturday/Sunday off to let it heal but I’m going to wait til Wednesday and go light even then. I don’t want to do major harm to myself.

These last two updates I only did before the week ended because I feel like it is important to document these Changes. Even now I feel a very minor yet dull pain close to my glans. Gonna let it rest this week

Nothing this week. The pain is gone but Im still going the side of caution this week. No P.E. this week or next week when I know it’s truly healed.

I’ll post again New year’s Eve. I got some doubts about this but then again it’s only been 2 weeks

Started back today. Pain is completely gone. Started out with 100 jelqs. Still within the 4-6 second range yet this time my grip is lighter. I’m guessing my grip before was far too tight. No pain tho.

For what it’s worth my measurements haven’t changed much if any at all. But my penis has began to look more full and this is even with the 10 day layoff.

I’m trying to use minimal updates as possible but it’s important to know how about injuries and the correct length of healing time

No change in measurement. Erections are pretty solid tho. I took some time off and started again this week. Stretches everyday and 100 jelqs every other day. I’ll return after my 12 week mark in April

Keep up the good work. I’m sure results will come in time.

Start: 1/2/2019 - BPEL 6 7/8" x MEG 4 7/8" - BPFSL - 7 1/4"

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Originally Posted by OhioPaul
Keep up the good work. I’m sure results will come in time.

Thanks!! I know it will be a while I’m down tho.

So apparently, you can actually tire the penis streching it also. I didn’t know that.

I had stretched 3 consecutive days, for 15 minutes each day. This is while jelqing twice that week. All of a sudden Friday, while jelqing, I finally felt a sudden dull pain at the base in what feels like my ligs. I stopped immediately but what was weird was the dull pain in the same spot during an erection. I haven’t lost any EQ whatsoever. Even today it’s still pretty much the same, actually better since I’ve started PE. But the dull ache was there during an erection again yesterday, but only after I tried to jelq. So this week, unfortunately Im taking off again to let my penis heal. I honestly didn’t know how hard I was pulling. Don’t underestimate your hands I can say that

This is my second injury in 2 months doing PE. Both times I stop doing PE completely and they seemed to heal pretty fast. I just want to make note of how important it is to be careful and if something does happen to stop right then and there.

I will start back this weekend but for now Im going to let it heal and return to my workout.

And thanks for whoever has read it this far. It’s motivating to know that some ppl are watching

When you start again, use less intensity.

Started 7.75x5.75

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Originally Posted by Titleist
When you start again, use less intensity.

Got ya


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