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No progress,please help me

No progress,please help me

Hello everyone, I am an experienced member (did hanging, used pump, did PE, and now extender) with no results, I’m now extending, about 6 hours a day and would like help from anyone, tips or suggestions because I can’t seem to gain whatever I do, I did some extending in the past and I’m giving it another shot, I started last month on the 1st and will measure at the end of this month so after 2 months, no gains so far so I don’t think anything will change in the next 20 days, I can give more info about my routine, just ask,I will also post pictures, sorry if it’s the wrong thread, I’m new here

Hey 6.5x5,

How long have you been PE’ing for?
Do you keep a progress journal / log?
Do you combine the PM with any other training? ( jelks, etc)

I’m unsure of why you have gained nothing after what sounds like a long road of training. Sorry to hear that. Reminds me to appreciate my small gains and improved EQ’s thus far.

I too am experimenting with the techniques and tools you mentioned.
I hope one day to find a combination of volume, variety and intensity that yields solid gains and that I can maintain both safely and enjoyably.

I’ve been doing PE for about 2-3 years, I started with manual exercises, then I bought a pump, after about 3 months I started hanging, I was hanging 5kg for 1 hour in the morning and 1 at night, this was also for about 3 months, then I got back to manual exercises, after some time I bought an extender,I’ve been on and off with it since,

I started a log again last month on the 1st,my stats are NBPEL 14.5-15 cm, BPEL 17-17.5, I am looking to gain 1 inch in lenght,I’m doing 6 hours a day since oct 1st and it’s not looking good,I’m doing 2hours sets

Anyone? Please?

Your all over the place with your routine which I’ve done. You’ll never gain doing this. Focus on one thing and go from there. Don’t just do it for three months and decide it does work because that’s not enough time. Take a break, come back with a real plan, focus on that one plan, give it time, gain.

I will give it time but I’m just asking is it normal to have 0 gains in 2 months so far? As soon as the photos get approved you’ll see I extend past my BPEL

Are u using heat?

No,I am not using heat ; I used a hot towel when I was doing manual exercises, only


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