Newbie6969 Progress Log with pictures

Hi All,

Brand new to the forum and PE. I have known about PE for a number of years now, but always thought it was not real. After having seen some progress pictures of other members on this forum, I’ve decided to give it a try.

What’s prompted me to start is a bit of a personal fetish for fucking girls with a bigger cock. That and I know my current girlfriend is always asking me to “put it deeper”.. I’ve got enough to keep her satisfied (better than average length and girth) but I just want more, enough to really make her moan and cum with more ease.

My current stats are 22/11/2018:
6 3/16” NBPEL
5 5/8” BEG
5 1/2” MEG

My dream cock is (girlfriends favourite dildo):
7 1/2” NBPEL
6 1/4” MEG

I’m currently following The Newbie Routine, 2 on, 1 off. I will be sticking religiously to it for the next 3 months, so fingers crossed I see some gains. Current pictures attached.

Let me guys know what you think. What is my size like, opinions? Is my dream cock achievable with hot wraps, manual stretching and jelqing? Would love to hear thoughts.

Look forward to sharing progress and being part of the forum.