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Hi all and congratulations on such a wonderful site. I am starting this thread to help record my PE progress and routines. Why PE for me? Well I am a pretty average guy in most respects including my cock size 6.43” BPEL and 5.I8 ” MS EG; BP FL 3.85” and the MS FG 3.85” as well. I have always been a grower and not a shower so I have always felt self conscious about that. I am 17 years into a wonderful marriage with a wife that is completely satisfied with my proportions. Sex has been great except for a period of PTSD when I came home from Afghanistan after a bad IED blast that left me with a head injury amongst other injuries. My wife is a very sensual women and has always been vaginally orientated and she achieves orgasm very easily during intercourse; some times multiple times if I can stay hard longer. Staying hard long enough has started to raise its ugly head; another good reason for starting PE.

My first marriage lasted six years to a young lady that was the opposite to my current wife in that she only ever came from direct clitoral stimulation; apparently 2 thirds of women are like this so no problem right? Wrong! Duo to problems in our marriage she decided to leave me for a guy she was having an affair with. I rebounded into a relationship of my own. 4 months down the track the guy moves on to his next sexual conquest after putting a wrecking ball through my marriage. Due to Kids ect I foolishly left my girlfriend and took my wife back. I soon learned from her that boyfriend had a well hung 8” cock that apparently had her cumming all over it; going on to tell me I just would never measure up. She kept in contact with him and continued to have sex with him regularly behind my back until I came home early one day and caught them having sex. To see her getting off and cumming so easily with him shook me to the bone. She left me feeling inadequate; destroying my self esteem and trust in women for years. Needless to say I kicked her out; moved back on to base and stayed well clear of women for 5 years. It was soul destroying and at the time I was convinced most other guys were hung better with longer thicker cocks, I was inadequate to pleasure women properly. This all changed when I met and fell in love with my current wife so there was a happy ending.

I have stated PE because I still feel scarred from my first marriage; I want a healthier, thicker and longer cock, and a cock that hangs better flaccid. This is all for my own reasons, not my wife as she is happy with me as I am, though she does tease me in jest on a cold night about how small my flaccid member looks. She knows the past marital saga well. It is light hearted and not intended to injure my pride but it does get at me.

I commenced the Newbie Routine 2 weeks ago and am gradually increasing my stretching and Jelqing times as stated in the PE Manual. I have also been expanding my PE knowledge base and am considering trying stretching with a bib starter hanger next year once I am conditioned. I think my EG is adequate for now so will concentrate on length gains until I have reached a BPEL of 7.5 to 8 inches. Hopefully I am an easy gainer. I feel I have the motivation, dedication and time available for PE.

Hi and welcome tknick140,

Insecurity is a terrible thing. I hope it doesn’t infect your current marriage. It’s worth remembering that people in relationships do things to hurt their partners and woman to man that often means attacking the basis of what we consider makes us a man. It doesn’t necessarily have any base in reality.

Technique is as important, if not more important than size and you are already actually above average in size. So, while you are working on increasing your penis size, also read up, watch videos, read threads on sexual kung-fu and probably most importantly, listen to your partner.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the warm welcome memento. You are right women in relationships attacking what makes us men - they know it hurts and gets to us.

Messed up story and btw most women are bad at estimating size..

I wish you luck.

Originally Posted by tknick140
Thanks for the warm welcome memento. You are right women in relationships attacking what makes us men - they know it hurts and gets to us.

Only women identify men as men and not as individuals. I’ve yet to meet a man who introduces himself as “I am man”. Yet women seem to drag in the Borg consensus and their womanhood into a conversation.

Anyway, you’re above average. Stick to the newbie routine and pull, push and squeeze away.

Only into my third week and have seen improvements in erectile quality. The erection feels firmer and heavy. Won’t measure until completed one month; however when flaccid I seem to be hanging much better with improved girth.

Great to hear tknick140. :)

A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

A well PE'd Penis gives girls the "Wow Eyes"

I :surf: therefore I am

One month on

Just completed my first measure up after 1 month newbie routine. I increased BPEL by 5mm (just shy of 0.2 inch). EG also increased by 0.1 inches. Flaccid gains more pronounced at 0.350 inches length and 0.75 inches. Though flaccid measurements are usually very temp dependent over the last week I have seemed to be constantly hung at that flaccid size unless right after heavy exercise. Evan the Wife noticed how better hung I look; she doesn’t know about my PE yet. Very happy with progress so far. Only issue I have is many red spots and slight bruising around the foreskin. Thought at first this was from jelqing but the damage seems to happen during stretching; even though I grab my penis behind the glans. Today I will try retracting the penis first as advised elsewhere on this wonderful site.

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