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Newb, with a year goal


My flaccid is tiny now that the removal from porn is taking its affects. What does a cock ring do. Sack and shaft for blood? What do you guys recommend? I also heard of a book that completely explains the ins and outs of the penis. For knowledge on how to gain can someone refer me to this?

Just a lil update though! From 6 1/8 to 6 5/8th so far! Only at 70 jelqs and 2 rounds of 30 second (l,r,you,d, and out). I found out the other day that I have been POWER jelqing though.. Have no idea about girth, but I’m sure a lil gain is there. Linear routineeeeeeee!

NEW routine

Had a ruptured vessel from compression with my hands after 70jelqs. Took a week off. Then started at 100jelqs after two rounds of 30 second stretches with my downward motion is now a BTC stretch. Then a light 15 edge session, no porn.

My flaccid has been around 2.5 to 3.5 these pass couple of days so I assume/hope that gains are to come..

I warm up until I feel warmed up and same with my warm downs. But I wrap a rubber band after my edging then go into my heat pad. Then I take it off. It takes me roughly 38 minutes to stretch and jelq to 100 and I do them slooow. Maybe 7 seconds. So I guess I didn’t finish the linear it start the newb routine.

Plan on hanging after 6 months and I’m at roughly 10 days shy of 4 months.. I can’t tell if I gained because I have ed like a mofo right now. At 120 somethin days in my reboot. And I haven’t orgasmed or had a wet dream I don’t think. But I think I shouldn’t edge because I think of old porn I watched and it reinforces the neurological pathways.
So let me know what you guys think if you don’t mind.. I do want to order some viagra to see but that’s kind of weird to me since dick works fine just waiting for my brain to let go of all the old shit.
And I have realized that I would be very pleased with a long term goal of 9bpel x 5.5meg
BiB did it with lots of time and I got lots of time before work. If I wake up @ 4am be done by 7:30 to go to work 😀. I am lucky that I live alone in a nice house so this is possible. Any advice for my current routine or criticism is welcome. I do 3days on 1 off. I think I’m going to to give the warm water in a cup method a shot halfway through my jelqs.


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