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New Starter

Hello guys.
I will begin with my little story.

I tried jelqing before and it felt nice but I stopped because you really need time to do it proper , but 3 weeks ago I was like , ok let’s do it proper why not.

My routine. 5 days 2 days off / 2 days on 1 off
5 mins warmed cloth.
5 mins stretching pulling over my hand and helicopters
15 mins jelqing.
Warming down with hot water in a shower.

I’ve gained in 3 weeks 0.2+- inch

I’m not sure 100% about the measurements because I didn’t t had a ruler when I started ,
But now is 6.77” (17.2cm BPEL) before 6.5”

I’m doing some kegels sometimes .

1) I changed a bit my routine so I’m doing 10 mins of proper jelqing instead of 15 mins , and 20-30% erect.
Because I didn’t felt any morning nights woods with 15 mins of jelqing
2) my willy is quite curved to left side
What I m doing is jelqing and pulling with my right hand to the right side and trying to keep it on my underwear on the right side because it was all the time on left side. Is it a good exercise?

3) I stopped to masturbate maybe I’m doing once or twice a week . When I m trying to edging.
Heard some rumors bout the edging like is not really good to do it. Some side effects. Now I think I will stay away from it. What do you think?

But now I can keep it harder for long time and feels stronger .

BPEL 6.5” +-
BPEL 6.77” (17.2cm)

Any tips ,tricks to do ?


hello mIRC! Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

You’re gaining (maybe) so I’d say don’t change your routine. Though many people experience newbie gains I believe the newbie routine is meant to condition the penis to workout conditions.

About the jelqs: 15 minutes may have been too much, do you count them? Some people prefer to time, others prefer to count. I prefer to count, myself. Make sure you use the jelq grips properly at every stroke.

I think the best way to straighten out your unit is by giving it a symmetric workout; the tunica should then stretch more on the short side naturally and straighten itself out. It’s working like that for me, slowly but surely. I don’t think wearing it in the other side of your underwear causes more than mild discomfort.

I haven’t heard anything about edging not being good… Since the age of 14 or so I haven’t heard a single bad thing about it. In fact many guys here swear that it’s helping them gain and recover. I’m not 100% sure about that one but I do know it can help your sexual performance to know exactly where you’re at arousal-wise.

Oh and do kegels. Lots of them.

Have fun!

Feb 2016: 173 mm BPEL (6.81") 132 mm MEG (5.20")

March 11th '17: 190 mm BPEL (7.48") 135 mm MEG (5.32")

Goal: A sustained 7.7" by 5.8" during intercourse

Welcome to Thunder’s mIRC!

Originally Posted by mIRC
Heard some rumors bout the edging like is not really good to do it. Some side effects. Now I think I will stay away from it. What do you think?

Edging is basicly masturbation without ejaculation. With proper execution and common sense, can’t imagine how this could wreck you up.

I believe that edging is not recommended for those with “death grip”.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

Thanks for your answers .
Can you please tell me what is a death grip?

20/07/16 new measurements.
New sesion today.
I’ve done some kegels .
Some stretching before I start my jelq .
And after 100 jelqs. I measured and I got new stats

17.7cm / 6.97” BPEL. I know it never was longer like that.

When I m doing kegels I feel like a tug at the lower back. Is it that what it should feel? And should I squeeze my penis while I’m doing the kegels?

Thank you I had a look a bit but I will read it when I will have more time because I think I m in that situation

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