New recruit

Hi guys, I’m just getting active on here and wanted to jump in and have some fun, meet some pals and have a chat, as they say. I first discovered PE over on the PE Gym forum and managed to gain an inch a couple of years ago, solely jelqing. As many of you may identify with, one thing or another has kept me from maintaining a steady routine, so it’s only recently that I’m back at it. I finally bought a Bib Hanger and an AutoXsleeve and have gotten things situated so that I’m using them both in tandem. The hanging is alright, I’ve been using gentle weight as I understand you don’t need heavy weight to gain - consistency and using an ADS device are preferable. The one concern I do have is that my glans does get cold while hanging, and nothing I do seems to remedy this. I can keep everything so loose it barely stays on and still it gets chilly. I have read that it is expected that the blood supply will be cut off while hanging, which is why 20 minutes is the maximum, and it is less than warm in my PE designated area (an outbuilding). So unless anyone says anything, I’m not overly worried about a bit of room temp chill in my dickhead, it always warms back up when I break in between sets and give it the ol’ slap-around. Sometimes I’ll even get hard in between sets just to reinvigorate blood flow, but always make sure I’m fully flaccid before re-wrapping and hanging more. Hanging gives a gentle ache and isn’t really fun, but I feel that over time this will produce the gains in length I’m looking for, before I start any girth and glans work.

What is fun is wearing the AutoXsleeve!! This thing feels great and keeps me plump and gently stretched all day, whereas previously I would usually turtle up while doing physical activities and such. For some reason my dick started turtling up and reducing in size over more recent years, at l;east that’s the way it seems to me, as far as my memory goes. It never used to be that way, and there are no other factors really except that I just don’t have a lot of sex. My functions are all intact and I’m very healthy in every other department, but I guess there may be something to the phrase ‘Use it or lose it’. At any rate the AutoXsleeve is great because I don’t turtle up anymore and even when I take it off now my dick has a nice plump and dangle & doesn’t want to turtle up anymore. Feels much better, more natural, and it’s a whole lot of fun having a fat dong in my jeans wearing the sleeve around town. It gives me a bulge that looks good, and even though it’s not really mine, maybe it will be someday if I just keep at it.

Hoping to have a good before and after photo to share in the future, and I definitely enjoy learning more and reading everyone’s shared experiences. Thanks guys.