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New here looking for some gains

New here looking for some gains

Hey everyone, I’m new to PE and just recently found out about it. I just completed my first day of the “newbie routine” and plan on doing that for the next six weeks. I’m not looking drastic gains but +1” in length and 0.5” in girth is what I am aiming for. Since I’m a small framed guy I don’t want to gain to much, but just a little will help with my confidence

Now if I stick to the two days doing the newbie routine and one day off. And I do that for the six weeks will I notice any gains? If so if I continue doing the newbie routine past the six weeks and use that as my only routine would the measurements stay with me?

My current measurements

EL: 5.25”
BPEL: 5.5”
EG: 4.57

Essentially my goal is to reach 6.00” at least in EL, maybe 6.25” and a 5” in EG.


You could easily get to atleast 7 in EL, I started at 5.0 x 4.5 and just extending for the past 2 years I gained 1.75 and got to 6.75 and begin adding clamping and hanging to my routine and have been hanging for the past 6 months and and at 7.4 EL and 5.20 girth.

I would def add an extender to my routine if I were you, whatever you stretch past eventually becomes your erect length, for example, in my extender I can stretch to 8.4 flaccid, but erect I’m 7.4, and my goal is to stretch to 9.0 so erect I’m be 8.0. So you could easily stretch to 6 inches and maybe a little more and that in itself will give you an example of how your penis will look at that length and you’ll reach it and then continue to add more tension and stretch further.

I got my extender on ebay for like 30 bucks too lol

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Welcome to Thunders Boston. Hope you find all the info you need here and trust you will enjoy the success many of us have.

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