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New guy, never done anything like this before

Ah man totally had forgotten to take starting pics, I did get one with the pump on but just today I realized that I didn’t have one without it, I didn’t get a proper 100% boner (performance anxiety just taking a photo WTF?) and I was almost about to give up, then I just started to do some stretching and I did manage to get a decent one (I don’t understand the logic why it work’s that way, I guess that’s why it’s called a dick and I didn’t put the ruler on top of it that just didn’t work out at all so I had to set it on a table)

I probably won’t post pics I don’t want to lose my privacy, but in case I happen to get some monster gains I guess I need some evidence

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

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Originally Posted by marinera
Oh, I disagree with the opinion of my fellow vets: I think dry jelqs could be a better place to start for a not circumcized guy.

I’m uncut, FWIW, and I like doing dry jelqs. I’m not sure which I prefer yet.

I do read a bit about how wet jelqing may arouse some people, to calm down if you get too erect, etc. For me, the motion of pushing away from the body isn’t arousing, in and of itself. Dry jelqs do a better job of keeping me engorged, because the hand stays in contact with the penis and the foreskin is the “lube”, so to speak. That doesn’t mean I get 100% erect, but it is better if I want or need more engorgement.

05/06/2013: BPEL: 6.250" | MSEG: 5.125" | BPFSL: 6.250" | MSFG: 4.375"

10/15/2013: BPEL: 7.000" | MSEG: 5.375" | BPFSL: 7.563" | MSFG: 4.750"

Goals: BPEL: 7" ACHIEVED New goals: BPEL: 7.5" | MSEG: 5.75" | Brad the Bartender\'s Progress Log and Pics

Just started jelqing a couple of weeks ago so too early for any gains yet. At first I used to get hard very quickly and had to stop all the time so it would go down a bit but now I’m getting more used to the routine this problem doesn’t occur so much, just sometimes. Dry jelqing makes my dick a bit sore as it irritates the skin so I am sticking to lubed but not too much. If you use a water base lube you can keep the action up just by dampening your hands from a wet cloth without having to add more all the time. I’m quite happy with my erect length at 6ins but girth is I want to increase and I have read on a number of forums that jelqing is a good way to increase that- girth gives more pleasure than length - lol.

Month 1 Report

So the first month is now done, for the sake of clarity I will also post all the measurements I’m tracking in the same format, and as I did not post the starting stats in this format yet I will do it now.


Month 0 (Start)

BPEL: 19.9 CM (7.835 Inches)
EG: 13.1 CM (5.157 Inches)
Diameter: 4.7 CM (1.850 Inches)
Diameter x Pi:14.8 CM (5.827 Inches)
FL: 12.5 CM (4.921 Inches)
FG: 11.1 CM (4.370 Inches)

Month 1 (Current)

BPEL: 20.0 CM (7.874 Inches)
EG: 13.8 CM (5.433 Inches)
Diameter: 4.9 CM (1.929 Inches)
Diameter x Pi:15.4 CM (6.063 Inches)
FL: 12.8 CM (5.039 Inches)
FG: 12.2 CM (4.803 Inches)

The Routine:

Jelqing: I jelqed almost every day for the first few week and it slowly faded to less and less as I found it difficult to do (as of right now almost none).

Stretching: I didn’t stretch at the very start but as of a bit more than a week ago I started stretching and I pretty much do it every single day few times a day, 30 second stretches every single direction, if you were looking at the penis straight from the front it would be North, South, East, West, NE, NW, SE and SW.

Hydropumping: I started using the Bathmate 15 minutes per session and lately added stretches to them, basically means as you have the device on you pull it away from the body stretching the internal penis. I do about 2-3 sessions per day, morning and evening sometimes midday.


EQ: Before I started I would rate my EQ about 9 and after the first month I’d say it’s gone to about 9.5

PI’s: Out of all the PI’s I’m currently experiencing:

-Larger flaccid hang lasting all day (Very Noticeable)
-Increased night and morning wood (Slightly, haven’t paid much attention)
-Increased hardness of erections (Noticeable)
-Increase of normal size (Not noticeable to the naked eye but detectable millimeters with a ruler)

-Water retention (From Hydropumping, only temporarily and goes away)
-Increased size temporarily, a few minutes to a couple hours (Again the same cause)

-Discoloration (Not that bad)

Additional Notes: Measurements have been taken 12+ hours from the last Hydropumping session to eliminate any chance of water retention or temporary puffiness distorting the readings

D’oh, totally forgot to add that I also stretch straight out not just on all the sides. With the hydropump I stretch straight out, up and down. Also would it be a good idea to just buy a big pack of lube and do wet jelqs in addition to the current routine?

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

Pictures: Dude151 Pictures

Stats also at Profile

A tiny update on my current routine. I’ve increased the amount of dry jelqing and I think I’m finally getting the technique right, I can get a whole lot of blood and the glans expand to similar levels as they do when I’ve got a maximum boner. Although the erection level of these jelqs is quite high it’s not 100% but rather somewhere along 90% to 95%. The technique I use is quite similar to jerking off but I turn my wrist a tiny bit closer to the middle of my body. Sometimes it’s a bit fatiguing so I actually add the other hand, not directly on the penis but on top the of other hand to help it put the pressure on, it looks very symmetrical from a middle perspective.

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

Pictures: Dude151 Pictures

Stats also at Profile

Back to Basics

So today I was going around my room and found a small Fleshlube bottle that came as a bonus with the Fleshlight I got some time ago. I knew I had to give a shot at wet jelqing. Oh boy what a workout, it really feels like I’m getting something done and it doesn’t pull on the skin at all. I’m really going to add the basic jelqing to my routine and see where it takes me, but since the dry jelqs really weren’t my thing I decided to invest in some lube. Kind of hoping that I might see a bit more length gains with added jelqing (as purely aesthetical as they would be for me). Although I guess it would also boost girth.

Month 2 Report

Month 2

BPEL: 20.1 Cm (7.913 Inches)
EG: 13.9 Cm (5.472 Inches)
Diameter: 4.9 Cm (1.929 Inches)
Diameter x Pi: 15.4 Cm (6.063 Inches)
FL: 12.9 Cm (5.079 Inches)
FG: 12.4 Cm (4.882 Inches)

The Routine:

Pumping: On average 2 times a day.

Stretching: Dropped it this month because I felt it was ineffective, might try and take it back as a warm up before sessions.

Jelqing: Felt really awkward with lube, going to drop it for now.

Edging: Gave it a go but it doesn’t seem to be very effective.

Temporary pause

I’m taking a temporary pause since 22.09.2013 for 3 reasons.

1) Trying out how resting makes the discoloration fade out.
2) Letting the frenulum heal, it took quite the stretch during expansions.
3) Seeing how much of the gains are mostly permanent.

I will probably get back to PE after a week unless other non-related problems appear.

Also looking forward to adding an extender to the routine.

Back to PE

Continuing today 25.09.2013

Discoloration faded just a bit, didn’t notice any visible changes after the first day off and it’s not a big deal anyhow.

Received the extender today. A bit of a hassle learning on how to use it, a little discomfort but I’m getting used to it.

Routine: Going to either start the day off with a pumping session and rest before extender and then pump again in the evening, or just going straight to extender and pump after. It would be inpossible to use the extender right after pumping since I wouldn’t fit in the base part, it’s quite tight even with these few days completely off.

Month 3 Report

Month 3

BPEL: 20.1 Cm (7.913 Inches)
EG: 13.9 Cm (5.472 Inches)
Diameter: 4.8 Cm (1.889 Inches)
Diameter x Pi: 15.1 Cm (5.944 Inches)
FL: 13.0 Cm (5.118 Inches)
FG: 12.2 Cm (4.803 Inches)

Routine: Pumping twice a day, a little inconsistent this month but the gains seem to be very cemented now.

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

Pictures: Dude151 Pictures

Stats also at Profile

Month 4 Report

Month 4

BPEL: 20.2 Cm (7.953 Inches)
EG: 14.0 Cm (5.512 Inches)
Diameter: 4.8 Cm (1.889 Inches)
Diameter x Pi: 15.1 Cm (5.944 Inches)
FL: 12.9 Cm (5.079 Inches)
FG: 12.3 Cm (4.843 Inches)

(PS: Could someone edit the last month, I apparently put in the wrong number at Month 3 14.09.2013 When it should have been Month 3 14.10.2013)

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

Pictures: Dude151 Pictures

Stats also at Profile

Great girth gains!

Then, 6.1 x 4.5 Now, 7.25 x 5.25

check out big girtha for tips on girth. he sports a monster

(dd/mm/yyyy) 10/05/2013 BPEL 15cm (5.9 inches) ...22/11/2013 BPEL 19.5cm (7.68 inches)... 29/11/2014 BPEL 20.6cm (8.11 inches)

Short Term: 8 BPEL Long term: 8 NBPEL Long Long Term: 9 NBPEL

Hanging progress.......... Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week.


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