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New guy, never done anything like this before

Yeah getting a grip can be difficult at times. The best grip I seem to get is when in the shower. Wet hands in wet dick seem to work the best and slightly bend the head upwards to whatever degree needed to keep the grip.

I have gotten all of my gains with nothing else but my hands (jelqing and edging) and a small clamp (cable cuff). Like you, I really wanted girth and still am working towards more (7”).


Beginning stats 3/2010: BPEL: 6" Flaccid: 3.5" Erect Girth: 5.25

Stats as of 4/2018: BPEL: 8" Flaccid: 6 1/2" Flaccid Girth: 5.25 Erect Girth: 6 5/8"

Wow your gains seem so insane, although the time span is big (what almost 9 years?) I also do edging but I would consider clamping kind of risky and I’m a little hesitant about it

So I got my Bathmate today and I couldn’t help but to give it a trial run to see and understand how it works, I could feel how the suction affected the whole penis even a little bit inside the body, is it somehow similar to how jelqing, stretching or any other exercises should feel like?

Okay as of now I’ve been doing the jelqing daily, trying to do about 15 minutes at a time few times a day, I’m not really sure if I have any PI signs there at all it feels like nothing is happening, although in theory I can understand how you could increase your length with jelqing. But I really don’t understand how it (jelqing) would help my main goal (girth), since as far as I know it (jelqing) is just pulling the penis and some blood with it out of the body extending it’s length, not girth?

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

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Oil based lubes have clean up issues that water based lubes don’t. That’s all. If it’s working for you, carry on.

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Basically, you are expanding the CC’s and CS’s as you jelq. Lots of guys do get girth from jelqing.

Also many report harder erections from doing jelqs. A harder dick is a bigger dick.

Personally I did not start gaining girth until I added pumping after 3 months of newbie.

After trying the pump I’ve decided to try it some more and I really don’t think it’s going to do any harm, I certainly don’t feel like it does. Even with the jelqing sessions with it I just don’t feel like I’m doing too much or that I’m tearing it apart or anything like that. I think that it’s quite possible that I’m by being very active, very resistant as is, like even with the jelqing I don’t feel any negative signs what so ever even if I’ve done it for a long time in one go.

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

Pictures: Dude151 Pictures

Stats also at Profile

You shouldn’t tear apart anything, actually. Nor you should feel any pain. PE is not bodybuilding. Instead than on the feeling you should focus on how your penis looks. When you jelq, you push blood; after a while your penis will start looking bigger, more powerful; the session should be stopped when this fuller state is still there. If you stop after this point, you have done too much.

Oh, I disagree with the opinion of my fellow vets: I think dry jelqs could be a better place to start for a not circumcized guy.

Originally Posted by marinera

Oh, I disagree with the opinion of my fellow vets: I think dry jelqs could be a better place to start for a not circumcized guy.

Yeah I’m really starting to like doing these jelqs (dry) and I’m getting so used to doing it

Hi again, so it’s been a few weeks since I started and I’ve read stuff all around, especially kept an eye on PI’s

I’ve noticed that out of the positive signs I do have:
-Larger flaccid hang lasting all day
-Increased night and morning wood
-Increased hardness of erections
-Increase of normal size

And neutral ones:

I’m a little unsure as to what extent should you allow these since “-discoloration” is categorized as negative, although I don’t even know what discoloration vs. Redness really mean in this context, I have noticed that after sessions it’s slightly more reddish/darker and it’s not exactly evenly consistent (that’s why I’d classify it as “spotting”?)

So I guess the final point is should I take it easier to reduce / eliminate the “redness” and “spotting” or should I just keep going?
I certainly feel like my dick can take more and I don’t feel like I’m overdoing it physically
Oh and my routine, well I do PE every day 2-3 times a day no rest days (I don’t feel like there is any need for them, unless it would be for the coloring)

Hmm looks like this was moved to the new public progress reports by someone, not that I mind, anyone can read my progress no problem, I will be posting the first results a month from start and every month thereafter (as long as I’m doing it)


I have a bathmate and as many people here have said, on its own it may not be enough for rapid progress but it is so good for warming up (as hot water as you can stand). I use it at quite a low pressure while warming up just to get a bit engorged and to soften everything up for the manual stuff. I found that when I did it at too high pressures I got fluid and my EQ suffered. And its great for supersets e.g. DLD GirthBlasters TM to consolidate the exercise and to re-heat the Colonel.

Just my 10 Euro cents. Everyone responds differently of course.

Cheers dudes!


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