Nembie routine progress.

I posted a thread in december that I was going to do vacextender only, I’m not anymore.
After my last post I again got bruising on my glans that lasted for 3 days and it is too uncomfortable. (Maybe I will start again if I don’t reach my goals otherwise)

Current routine:

5 minutes warmup
1 minute hold stretches, up, forward, down and to the sides.
1 minute BTC stretch
10 minutes of 75% erect jelqing
5 minutes warmdown

Five days a week, with alternating restdays depending on PI’s.

I wanted to try this routine after seeing many people having succes from it.
I thought, why torture myself for hours a day with an extender, when I can do this routine, which is even quite pleasurable most of the times.

Starting stats 18cm BPEL, 12,5cm TEG 13cm MEG 14cm BEG

I don’t measure flaccid, since it will vary to much to make accurate measurements, but I notice the difference. Bigger hang.

Today’s stats 18,5cm BPEL, girth the same all measurements.

I’m really happy about this. This would mean that I can reach my goal of 20cm in august this year! After that I will start focussing on girth.
I already ordered a BM x40, because clamping kind of scares me. I will probably start doing ULI’s, sadsak’s and horse 440 as wel after I reach my length goal and cemented it.

Any thoughts, tips?